Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fan Meet announced for Bromance 愛上哥們

Bromance fan meet with Megan Lai, Baron Chen and presumably Bii and Sean Lee, who are the main cast for this drama. If you're in Taipei and interested in going, the details are as follows:

Date: Friday, 23rd October, 2015
Time: 1:00pm
Time when you get your number: 10:45am (For a 1:00pm fan meet, you should honestly start queuing at 7:00am if you want a decent seat)
Address: 三立電視文創劇場(台北市內湖區舊宗路一段159) Sanlih Cultural and Creative Theatre, Neihu Section. Jiu Zhong Lu / Old Zhong Road, Section 1, No. 159
Limit: First 100 people


  1. I feel that Megan Lai has a strong character, but somehow, Baron Chen manages to give a more commanding aura.
    I really love their new drama together. Fighting Bromance!!!

    1. I agree - Baron Chen is cool and he does have a steady gaze. Personally, I'm still watching this for Megan Lai, who I feel has pulled off the most belivable "girl-gone-guy" performance I've seen to date! I've only seen episode 1, but I'm already charmed. The drama did really well for it's first pushed over a 2 in ratings! So hopefully it continues to do well :)