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Bromance 愛上哥們 Show Biz Episode 10 Behind the Scenes Translation

Ahhh, I'm getting so greedy. I wanna translate all the Megan and Baron videos I find. But I don't have time (Sorry for those still waiting on the SPOP translations. I will finish those. All of that video. Soon.) I just wanna do some of this video first though. Why? Because Megan and Baron are just too cute. Even in real life. I find the chemistry to be amazing....I'm only going to translate the parts that interest me though to save time (Cutting out a lot of the SPOP commentary because they often gets too wordy. Also cutting out dialogue between Yang Ming Wei and Katie Chen etc.), so please look to the marked times to know where it is in the video :)

Man...why are these two so damn cute?! One of my favourite moments...

Show Biz Episode 10 BTS 

1. Baron and Megan doing the test run for the kissing without actually kissing...until that last shot? [1:05-2:36]
Baron, as Zifeng: What are you guys doing?
Johnny, as Ah Chao: We're taking a selfie.
Johnny, as Ah Chao, and Amanda, as Xiaojing, make a 'Cheese!' sound.
Director laughs.
Megan, joking: You guys are really very devious
Director: Ok. Deep Love Time. ---He's telling Baron and Megan to do the deeply in love expressions leading into the kiss scene---

Megan starts covering her mouth and laughing.
Baron [Purple caption]: What, are you pregnant? ---Going on from the on-going joke that Baron can impregnate people with his gaze. Also probably because Megan was covering her mouth...---

Megan, shaking her head and laughing and touching Baron on the shoulder: No, I'm sneaking a laugh!

-Cuts to the director instructing Megan and Baron on the kiss-
Director to Megan: Correct. So his face, you need to grab it
For some reason, Baron just puts his hands on Megan's arms briefly and lets go.

Megan then practices the scene by reaching up and pushes Baron's face towards hers.
Director: Good. Correct!

Amanda, Bii, Katie and Johnny are all cheering loudly.
Director to those guys: I'm telling you can't make a sound
Director: If you guys are like this, you'll disrupt them...
Megan, with her hand still on Baron's neck and face, is nodding, with a smirk ---Like yes, we need to make out in peace!---

Katie does a gasp instead.
Director: Correct! (Make) This sound!

Bii [Green caption with Bii's face]: What should I do?

Johnny [Red and white caption]: You're disappointed! You make a disappointed face!
Megan and Baron, who had held their faces really close together in practice for the kiss scene, break apart from laughing. Everyone, including the director is laughing. ---For those who haven't been keeping up with the Men's Talk, there's a long-running behind the scenes joke with the cast that Bii, or rather Qingyang, is Baron, or Zifeng's, jealous first wife!---

-Cuts to where Bii is standing also laughing-
Camera person: Haha, disappointed!
Bii, laughing and waving his hand: No, no, can't do that...
Camera person: (His) Eye rims are red (from crying)
[Red and white caption pointing to Baron: Being Possessed by Bii]

Baron, pretending to be Bii: No problems...I'll just take a taxi back home. It's fine.
---Baron, repeats a line said by Bii in a previous episode. It's one of Qingyang's lines in the story which is meant to show that he's supporting Zifeng's endeavour to pursue Yanuo...but has been turned into a joke by the cast about Qingyang being jealous of Yanuo after Zifeng picks her up at the airport. It's in one of the past Show Biz BTS.---
Megan laughs and camera pans to Bii.
Bii: If I ride the taxi home by you have 200 TWD (Taiwanese Dollars/Yuan)?
Megan: Still needs to borrow 200 TWD!
Megan: This is the might be a bit further (than a 200 TWD ride)
Megan: He might need to borrow a bit more
Bii: 200 TWD might not be enough...
Bii: 500 TWD...Lend me?

-Cuts to Baron, as Zifeng, is holding Megan, as Yanuo, with both hands on her shoulders, preparing to do kiss scene practice-

Director: Closer still. Good.
Director: When you start, it's got to be passive. Come now.
Baron is slowly leaning forward, awkwardly, passively, as instructed. 
Director: Move away
Baron moves his head away, but seeing everyone starts laughing. Megan has started grabbing his face, but she starts laughing too.
Baron to everyone: Don't be impatient and rush me!

-Cuts to the next practice of the kissing scene-
Baron, as Zifeng, is really close to Megan, as Yanuo
Director, instructing on lip action: Bite a bit

Director: Good
Director: Ok, everyone open their mouths in shock
Katie, Amanda, Johnny are looking visibly shocked.
Bii [Yellow and blue caption]: Do I have to too?
People laugh at this statement. Bii then does a wide-eyed gasp, which is pretty funny.
Director to Baron and Megan: You're not kissing...
To which Baron and Megan do, by the looks of things.

-Cuts to camera person talking to Bii-
Camera person: Have you thought about how you're going to do your expression (for the kiss scene)?
Bii: It'll be a type of sweet, pleasant expression
Camera person laughing: A sweet, pleasant expression?!
Bii: When seeing these two kiss, it'll be like (this)...

Bii makes a silly, dreamy sigh

And then tops it off with a cutesy, girly glance.

[White and pink heart caption: Sweet!]

2. A moment between Bii and Baron! [3:00-3:06]
They're doing the practice scene where they're playing the card game and they're all trying to remember what numbers they're meant to be.
Bii to Baron: You're number 3
Baron to the camera, hand on heart: It's still good that Bii really notices me

Baron: He helps me to remember that I'm number 3
Baron nods and then does a fist pump.
Baron [White and red heart caption]: A small happiness (Or A Small fortune)!

3. Baron flicking Megan's forehead and kissing it [3:15-4:20]
Director [Red, green and orange caption]: In a moment, there'll really be a flick (on your head)
Baron: Ohhh...
-Cuts to Megan and Baron doing the test run for the scene-
Megan, as Yanuo, pretends to flick Baron, as Zifeng, on the head.
Baron, as Zifeng, yells out angrily while Megan, as Yanuo, runs away.
-Cuts to Megan kneeling in front of Baron, laughing-
Baron is suggesting that he be allowed to flick Megan on the forehead.
Baron: No. I have to find the feeling (for the scene)! I have to find the feeling (for the scene)!

Megan, laughs: I knew you were going to act this way!
Baron: I want to give you the (flicking) feeling first. Anyway, you have bangs (to protect you).
Megan is brushing her fringe away to allow Baron to flick her on the forehead.
Baron: You don't have to do that...stay that way, stay that way!
He's thinking the fringe will protect her, while he shows her how the flicking should be done.
Baron: Your fringe is so thick.
-Cuts to Baron kneeling in front of Megan-
Baron: Relax...
He flicks her 'gently' on the forehead and her fringe bounces.
Baron and Katie are laughing
Megan: What is the meaning of this?!

-Cuts to Baron flicking her on the forehead a second time-
This time it's the real deal!
Megan screams: Ahhh, That hurts!!!
Baron quickly hugs her: Sorry!
Megan: It hurts!
-Cuts to a repeat of the scene-
Megan screams: Ahhh, That hurts!!!
Baron quickly hugs her: Sorry!
Megan: It hurts!

Katie: So much strength was used!
Megan, partly in pain and partly laughing: I know now (what you mean by feeling). I know now!!!
Baron, laughs: I'm sorry!
Director [Red caption]: When performing the action, he did it with so much strength
Baron: Hey, it was just done very lightly!
Katie: Director, you heard the screaming too?
Crew member: It was very loud!
Another Crew member: Good thing her bangs were still covering her forehead!

-Cuts to Baron still apologizing-
Baron, going back to lean down in front of Megan: Sorry!
Crew member: He's said it 5-6 times, you see? ---I think the Chinese subs are wrong here?---
Baron: Let me kiss it a bit

Baron kisses her on the forehead a few times.

Megan, faux sobbing: It's not important anymore!
Baron, laughing: Give me some alcohol
-Cuts to Baron sitting back down again, still talking to Megan and everyone-
Baron [Red, yellow and green caption]: I've found the feeling...In that moment that I flicked you, I understood that feeling myself!
Megan bursts out laughing, as does everyone else.
Baron: I will act out that scene very well now

4. Megan practicing flicking Baron on the forehead [4:30-4:48]
Megan to the camera: The first time I do it (flick him), it's light, right?
Director, in the background: Right
Megan: And then the second time I do it, it's (going to be)...NEGHHHH! (She does a fake flick, but makes a sound indicating it's going to be hard going, Baron!)
Baron is just sitting there, pretending to look tense.
Baron: Sorry...
Baron: Shao Lin martial arts will be ok.
---Shao Lin is a monastery and martial arts school in China. It's a real place, but also the stuff of legends---
Director: Megan Lai
Megan turns to look: Yep?

Director [Blue and red caption]: You have to flick so that it makes a 'Dong' sound!
Baron is looking grave.

Camera person: Like the same as how he flicked you just then
Megan grabs Baron's hand and flicks hard.

Megan: Does it hurt like this?
She flicks her own hand to try.
Baron [Blue and purple caption]: Can we use/add an accompanying sound effect?
Camera person: Nooo
Baron: Then I'll add it myself
Baron pretends to be flicked at and moves back in fake pain.
Baron: Dong! Ahhhh!

5. The Real kiss shots between Megan and Baron [5:00-8:32]
The guys who are meant to be observing the kiss, Amanda, Johnny, Katie and Bii, have their phones out and will have to say the selfie line.
Baron jokingly to those guys : Can you focus over here?
Baron, using English jokingly: Just 'do' it here --He means, aren't you meant to be taking a photos of us here? Just 'do' it here---
Megan: Just suddenly take a photo of the scene this way afterwards
She tilts up her hand, pretending it has a phone in it, going from selfie to photo-taking.
Baron, still joking around in faux outrage: They're all just taking selfies!
Baron, in English, waving his hand at them: Do us, ok? You can only take photos of us!
Johnny: Ok, ok, ok!

-Cuts to Baron and Megan doing the first kiss take-

Baron, as Zifeng, gets real close, their lips touch...

And then he turns his head. Megan, as Yanuo, pushes his head back and kisses him.

Director: Good. Now, for close up of you two, half body shot.

-Cuts to Baron and Megan talking to the camera-
Baron: She didn't align (our lips) correctly, I discovered.
Baron: The second time, she didn't get us aligned
Baron: The first time was aligned
Baron: That scared me
Megan: Because I wanted to say the hand was a bit...
Megan: So it'd be ok
Baron, making a face: Is it really?
Camera person: How should the sensation feel?
Baron: It has to be clear.
To demonstrate a 'clear' kiss, Baron grabs an unaware-Megan by both shoulders, and then puts his hands to her face, and pulls her towards him, tilting his head really close to her's in a way that makes it look like they're making out passionately.

 ---My God. There's a line Baron and you've just crossed it. Now you're killing all your fans who will ship you two hard.---

Megan is laughing sheepishly, shrugging off Baron shyly...though not flinching in the least...
Baron: Right. Like this type (of kiss)!

-Cuts to Megan talking to Baron-
Megan, in an almost flirty way [red and yellow caption]: Don't provoke/arouse me, ok?
Baron takes this as a challenge and starts teasing her, also in a flirty way.

Baron, smirking, points down [red caption]: You suck.

Megan is holding back a grin.
Baron, still teasing in English: You suck
Megan, grinning and letting him tease: Yeah, I do ---She says, "Yes I am", but I changed it to make it sound more correct for English speakers---

-Cuts to Baron getting really into it-
Baron is still teasing and spelling out the word suck with his hands

Baron: S

Baron: U

Baron is looking so amused here.

Baron: C

Baron, changing fingers several times to try to make the letter K: K

Baron, grinning, in English: Suck!

Megan, still grinning and letting him tease: Yeah, I do
Baron: Come on. Suck. ---Haha, It's meant to sound like, "Come on, do better! Coz you suck"....but due to this disjointed English, it's sounding...a bit wrong. Or maybe I just have a gutter mind. Who's fault is this that I think this way, Baron and Megan, huh?!---
Baron, still in English: Do it
Megan can't help herself and laughs, slapping Baron on the arm.
He's laughing with her too.

-Cuts to Megan and Baron kissing as their characters-

Baron, as Zifeng, turns away just before they're about to kiss.

Megan, as Yanuo, pushes him back and kisses him.

This time it's in sync and aligned and it's the pretty kiss of the scene.

They hold this kiss for a very long time until the director yells cut.
Director: Cut! Let's re-do it again, a bit higher

Megan draws away from baron, very slowly, sliding her hands from his face and neck, down his chest, as she pushes away.
They have to get closer together for another take though.
Megan is laughing and Baron looks dazed.

Baron: I just got scared/ shocked
Megan: Exciting, eh? ---I think that's what she says, it's not Chinese subbed and I can't hear clearly, but it sounds like that.---
Megan teasing [Red and green caption]: I was aligned (with you this time), right?

Baron: Errr
Megan: You say, does it count?
Baron, making a silly embarrassed voice: I'm embarrassed to say... ---Haha, he's embarrassed for giving her so much teasing, when she could do the kiss almost perfectly well in the next take. Seems like he motivated her though. Haha, their teasing interactions are always so flirty---
Megan laughs, patting him on the arm.

Commentator: Ah Baron. Didn't Megan already say not to provoke her?

Commentator:  You were on the side ferociously provoking. But you've been scared now (by what she can do), right? Let's see what you'll do next.

-Cuts to Megan and Baron, their lips about to touch for the kiss scene, with Megan's hand on Baron's head-

Director: When your lips touch, I think we'll have more lighting.

Baron nuzzles his face into Megan's so their lips are touching and he moves his mouth forward just a bit in a kissing motion.

Director: Correct. Good.
Baron proceeds kissing a bit.
Director: Good. Ok,

Director: Ok.

Director: Come now

Baron moves his mouth forward onto Megan's mouth a few times, looking like he's kissing her continuously in a lovingly pecking way.

Megan grins and pulls away to speak.
Megan teasing: What are you looking for? Still looking?!

Baron [Blue and white caption]: Looking for the part where your incisor teeth are...

-Cuts to Baron and Megan standing together, Baron talking randomly-
Baron: She keeps blowing her nose.
Baron: Wait a moment, and she'll give me her snot.
---Haha...Not that he seems grossed out by this at all. He's still in his jovial teasing mode---

Baron, indicating the space between his nose and Megan's: When we move apart, then there'll be a string...

Megan: So we can't turn (when kissing)...
Megan: If we turn, then we'll...
Megan is making a motion under her nose to show what she means.
Baron, laughing: Turn?!...
Baron, still looking like he's considering it.
Baron: ...Turn?...
---Haha, his tone of voice here. Sounds like he wants a turning kiss now...---

-Cuts to a little further in the same conversation- 
Megan, explaining patiently to Baron: I'm afraid of you (accidentally) eating it (the snot)
Baron, now into the idea: You want to turn? Turning is alright too...

Baron, puts his arms on Megan's and turns her slowly, while looking into her face and speaking: We haven't researched it today...just orbital rotation...

He ends up turning by himself though, because that's what orbiting is, right?
Camera person: Turning by yourself?
Baron: Turning by myself
Baron turns slowly round Megan, one arm loosely around her, singing a turning song to what sounds like a Christmas carol tune...
Baron singing [Orange caption]: I wind around you to turn...
Baron, still singing [Blue and green caption]: In circles, in circles, I do orbital rotations.

Megan, jokingly sarcastic: You're thinking of transforming into a singer, aren't you?
Baron: Nope!
Megan: Recently, you keep singing

Baron, laughing: I haven't!

---Megan is right though...if you watch the Men's Talk Behind the Scenes, he's been singing a lot. Silly Christmas carols, old songs, made up songs....---
Megan, nodding: But you haaave...

-Cuts to Megan and Baron in the same standing position, legs apart, the same distance each-
Camera person to Baron: What are you doing?
Baron: Firstly, I'm researching/examining her (Megan's) position
Camera person: You need to put your feet further apart

-Cuts to Megan and Baron standing facing each other waiting for instructions-

Male crew person teasing [Pink and blue caption]: The cutest height difference
---Hahaha, they use to say that about Jet Chao and Zooey Tseng from When I See You Again...for a very different height difference---
Megan, upon hearing this comment starts smiling.

Megan: Is this height very good?
She's slowly leaning closer and almost up against Baron

Megan, in a teasing voice: And then, just have to pretend, tip-toeing a bit...
She's leaned pretty close to Baron, who has just starting looking down and seeing her move so close, sway back just a little...
Megan's smiling and she makes a cheeky little grin at the camera and sways her shoulders a little from side-to-side.
---Haha, Megan's so cute, especially when she initiates the teasing!---

-Cuts to Megan and Baron kissing as their characters again-

Director: Sorry! Sorry! The position is not good!
Baron breaks off the kissing and turns to say  something to the camera, hands on lips.
Baron [Yellow wink caption]: I was closing my eyes!
Baron, as Zifeng, is meant to have his eyes open, looking at Megan, as Yanuo, surprised that she initiates the kiss in the end.
Megan starts laughing.
Camera person: Really absorbed (in it)!
Baron: It's like I was just enjoying it....wrong, wrong, wrong...
---Haha, don't deny, you probably were enjoying it!---

-Cuts to the filming of the kissing scene with Baron and Megan until Uncle Du's carer comes home and interrupts them-

Actress who plays the carer yells out: I'm home!
Baron, suddenly breaks away from Megan abruptly: Sorry!
Baron: Sorry! My eyes were closed! Sorry!
Baron, waving an apology to the directors: Didn't mean it, sorry!
---Haha, naturally, just enjoying the moment too much---
Baron: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Megan, laughing: Actually, we are out of focus now (in the scene)...

-Cuts to in between re-filming where Baron and Megan are doing THE CUTEST thing-
Megan is kinda looking away absently...

When Baron takes her face in his hands and turns her head, so that she's looking directly into his face an he's looking directly into her's.

He holds her face in his hands like that for awhile, leaning forward a little towards her.

His head flops down...

His expression a little tired from filming all day.

Megan reaches up to his neck and pats him sympathetically. 

-Cuts to Megan, as Yanuo and Baron, as Zifeng, kissing once again-

Megan and Baron hold the kissing pose, her hand ever just slowly caressing his neck.

Director: Ok, good!

She breaks away from him slowly, smiling, sliding her hands down his chest.

6. Megan drops her heat-pack and they pretend it's a baby [8:34-8:57]
Megan, sounding distressed and making a faux cry: My heat pack has dropped down

Baron, coming over to help: I'll help you to get it, I'll help you to get it, where is it?
Awkwardly enough... it turns out it's dropped...into her pants.
Camera person: Wait a moment, first you... first you...
Another camera person: Just was originally here, and then it just slid down...
---How did it get into her pants though?!? Through her fly? I'm so confused but I'm not going to question it. ---
Camera person: Yes. I just saw it move.
Another camera person: It's moving!
Megan is shaking her pants leg sleeve.
Baron, laughing: It's a child. A child being born.
Camera person laughing.
Megan fishes it out and then puts it in her arms pretending to rock it like a baby making Baron and the camera people laugh.

-Cuts to Baron sniffing this heat pack?!-
Baron, taking the heat pack from her.
Baron: Let's sniff it to see what scent it is

Baron puts it to his face, pretends to sniff and drops it, Megan snatches it back laughing.
Camera person: What's the scent?!
Megan sniffs it and yelps: It's still good!
---Haha, seems weird to be sniffing someone's heat pack...but I'm guessing since it's pink...that it's scented---

7. Dirty jokes between Megan and Baron as Yanuo must 'aggressively' get Zifeng to sleep in the same room [9:57-10:26]
Director: You have to use a strong (aggressive) approach
Megan, laughing: OK
Megan: But I can't
Megan [Purple and yellow caption]: I still have to be a bit reserved
Baron has a go at saying her lines jokingly. As Yanuo has to tell Zifeng to take off his coat in the scene, it sounds a bit dirty.
Baron, in a jokingly aggressive voice: No, don't (go)! Take that off!

Baron: I don't want that thing (on you)!
The director is laughing at Baron's version of the lines and Megan is grinning too.

[Red and white caption: Has been provoked (to act in the same way)]
Megan, has a go at the lines aggressively: Then let's...let's sleep together!!!
Megan, aggressively, pointing to the mattress: Come here and lay down on that mattress!!!
The director and Baron are grinning.

-Cuts to Megan saying her lines jokingly to Baron-
Megan to Baron, in a manly way: Can you do it a bit faster?

---She means can he take off his clothes a bit more quickly---

Baron in a small voice [Blue caption]: Don't I have to shower first?

Megan [Red, yellow, orange and blue captions]: No need to. No need to, I want it urgently!
---Also can be translated as: I'm in a hurry/ I want it get the idea right?---

Baron and the camera people are laughing at this dirty joke.
Camera person: I want it urgently?!

Baron goes behind Megan and pretends to guide her to their bed.

Megan laughs when she realises what he's doing and playfully nudges him off her.

8. Megan and Baron filming the turning scene in bed [10:27-10:47]
Megan and Baron are laying in the bed, facing outwards.
Director: Come now...5,4,3,2...Turn
Baron: Ok, turning over...
Him and Megan turn to face each other for their scene.
Megan, laughing: This bed is too small!
Megan laughing: This is too close!

-Cuts to second take on the same turning scene-
Director: Come now...5,4,3,2...go!
They run again, but it seems super close, almost bumping into each other and not synchronized.
Megan: Oh!
-Cuts to a third take-
They turn and it's close
Director: Cut!
Director: Ok, solo shot with Megan.
Megan laughing and muttering: The whole thing is too close!

9. Megan talking to the reporters and getting a mini heater [10:48-11:14]
Megan Lai is standing in the door frame talking to the reporters
Reporter: Are you both extremely afraid of the cold?
Megan: I'm extremely afraid of the cold
Reporter: Even when sleeping you have to wear an outer layer?
Megan looks down at her clothes laughing.

Megan, laughs: What do you want to do?
Reporter: We want to give you a portable heater.
The reporters go forth and give Megan a tiny little heater. Not sure if it's a toy or the real deal, but miniature. Megan is looking and laughing over it
Megan: So warm! Thank you!
She puts it close to her face pretending to huddle in the warmth.

Reporter: Do you want to go warmth up first?

Megan, smiling as she turns it over: Err, does this has a charger?
Reporter: It's battery-operated
Megan, smiling, holding it up: So it's battery-operated, is it?

10. Baron running through his lines and actions as Zifeng, when he has to stroke and kiss a sleeping Yanuo [11:15-13:46]
Baron, as Zifeng, gets up and turns towards a sleeping Megan, as Yanuo.

Director: Correct. Lean over (to her)
He kisses Megan, as Yanuo, on the forehead. A couple of times

---He really likes kissing her more than once when he has to do it...---
Megan is sleeping, but grinning.
Baron: Should change (that part) just then
Baron [Pink caption]: Should kiss her ear
Crew member: Kiss the tip of her nose
Baron goes to kiss Megan's ear.

Baron to the camera: She doesn't feel anything.

He leans over Megan again, his arm rest on her body, as he goes in to kiss her ear again.

She squeals and shoves him playfully off her.
They're still deciding where it's best to place the kiss.
Megan: But you still have to say 'Good Night'

Camera person: Kiss the tip of the nose
Camera person: What have you eaten? ---Presumably why he doesn't want to kiss her on the nose---
Baron [ Orange, white and green caption]: It (my breath) has the smell of potatoes.

-Cuts to Baron just talking to the cameras-
Baron: Her ears aren't sensitive
Baron: I've helped to uncover that for you guys
Megan reaches over and playfully punch - OR wait, is she nipple crippling Baron- in the chest.
Baron tries to stop her, laughs and covers up where she got him.
Baron [red caption]: Got hit!

Megan is still acting her sleeping character, but laughing.
Baron: Three months of mutual understanding,,,so good (is our understanding) that when she grabs, she gets it in one shot.
---So that was a nipple cripple?!?!---

Megan is smirking under the covers.
Camera person: Did you actually kiss her (ear) just then?
Baron: Huh?
Camera person: Did you really kiss her ear just then?
Baron [Blue, green and red caption]: Yep. Yes, I do things for real.
Baron fiddles with the clip.

Baron to the camera: They should have changed it just then to...
Camera person: Putting it on her ear?!
Baron: Putting it on her ear and then kissing...
Baron: Should we try it out?
Megan is waving her hand, in a way that looks like she objects!

-Cuts to Director instructing Baron on the way the scene will play out-
Baron is playing with the clip and Megan's fringe while he answers.
Director: Baron?
Baron: Yeh?
Director: Is it possible to kiss her in a spot where there's no hair?
Baron: Where there's no hair? Yep, it's fine, it's fine.
Director: So you place the clip...
Baron:... Higher up
Director: Correct. Like that one...
Director: And then, I can see your lips kissing on top of her forehead
Director: It will look more beautiful
Baron is making kissy lips and placing them on Megan's forehead

---He really doesn't mind kissing her so often even when he doesn't have to...Hahaha, but really I feel everyone would want to kiss Megan Lai if they could...---
Director: The position that you choose to kiss on her forehead, don't kiss any position that has her hair on it.
Baron: I understand

Baron [Yellow and green strawberry caption]: Make a strawberry on her forehead.
Director: Right, right, right!
Camera people are laughing.

-Cuts to Baron leaning over Megan-
Director [red and blue caption]: Must use a lot of effort to breath/inhale
Director: Come now

Commentator: The Du-Pi pairing, sleeping together, have very many tricks. Simply just any 'cut' (of the film) is too sweet. But just as the quilting was getting warmer, the mobile rang...

-Cuts to Baron crawling out the the bed to answer his mobile phone-
Baron is talking on his phone in a very secretive manner, curled over, talking just above his jacket.
Camera person: Who are you talking to?
Baron, jolts up nervously, grinning: Ahh...

Then he goes back to talking...The next part, I'm not sure if it's Baron's voice or someone else pretending to create some speech for him? I'll put it as Baron though.
Baron: Ok, Thank you.
Baron: I'll accompany you tomorrow.
Baron: Go to sleep quickly
---EDIT: This part of the video was confusing and had me, as well as anyone else who understood Chinese wondering whether or not he had a girlfriend or something like that. I'm not the only one who wanted to know. A few fans asked about it on the Show Biz Facebook and they confirmed it was all one big joke. So fear not, fans, Baron and Megan are still valid :D---
Camera person: Who are you talking to on the phone?
Baron, quickly crawling back to the bed: No one, that is the company's boss, briefing on some very important matters.

Commentator: This secretive little telephone incident, we'll not pay attention to it first.

Commentator: Following the fact that the night is getting deeper and deeper, and more and more cold, the originally sick Megan Lai seems to have her condition of illness increase.

-Cuts to Megan coughing under the blankets-
Baron sees her coughing and reaches out his arm to pat her, under the sheets.

He seems to be holding her...

And saying something to her. Perhaps some encouragement?

Commentator: The Du-Pi two person pairing getting in bed together, sharing a pillow, taking care of each other mutually, giving a loving hug to the other to give encouragement.

Commentator: We believe this illness will definitely get better very quickly.

11. Finishing with Megan Lai eating chocolate under the covers and saying good bye like Du Zifeng [14:02-14:56]
The camera people said they promised viewers some real behind the scenes, exclusive footage so they go looking for it under the blankets and find Megan!

Camera person whispering: What are you doing?!

Megan, looking guilty and cute and whispering: I'm I'm eating some chocolate
Camera person: Where is Du Zifeng?
Megan is whispering and laughing, but pretending to be sad.
Megan: Du Zifeng, he's already gone home

Megan, mock crying: He left me here, all by myself!
Megan, with more faux crying: I can only eat chocolate by myself!
Megan, faux sobbing: Du Zifengggg!!!
Camera person: When you've finished eating, do you want to say good night to our viewer friends at Show Biz?
Megan: Using Du Zifeng's method?
Camera person, breaks into laughter: Using Pi Yanuo's (method)
Megan: No, I want to use Du Zifeng's method
Camera person: You can play the part of two roles
Megan: Ok, using Du Zifeng's method
Megan crawls up real close to camera and whispers

Megan [Yellow caption with hearts]: Good Night!
Megan: Du Zifeng's (method) is (being) very, very close.

End of Translation. Why are these two so devastatingly good-looking and so damn natural as a couple even off-screen? Such an awesome on-screen and off-screen couple. So shipworthy!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for translating this wonderful video ^^
    You're the best <3

    1. You're Welcome! Merry Christmas...haha, count this as my present to you all.

  2. Thanks for the translation Jen. I really appreciate and enjoy it.
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    1. You're most welcome ^^ Glad you enjoyed this Bromance-y christmas present!

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    1. Thank youuu! You have a good holidays too!!!

  4. I've lost count of how many times I've replayed all the episodes and bts videos lol. They are too cute. The 完娛 reporter on fb said that the cell phone part was just one of Baron's 4D acting scenes, so it wasn't a real phone call haha.

  5. Thank you so much for helping with our obsession <3

    As for that phone call, if you go to the NewShowBiz fb page and scroll to this video, you'll find comments related to it, you won't need to expand too much, the first comment with like 25 replies (and I think there was more later on too, but can't remember anymore). There's a picture of the official response or something too. From what I could gather from fb and online translators, it was a joke they played (and it was her idea?), that's why she's using that funny/cutesy tone of voice in the scene.
    And yeah, I really don't think he'd be behaving the way he does if he had a gf.

    1. Ahhh, You are the best!!! I'll go look that up and put in an edit. Hehe, I'm not one to obsessively ship actors and read all the gossip articles or anything like that, but I guess if they have such an awesome chemistry off-screen, I'd prefer to live the dream and have them both single at least to made the flirting valid, if they're not actually together. You're right, I totally don't think he's act that way if he was attached. He'd probably be wayyy more reserved even if he was having fun with her.

    2. I'm not either. Like, at all. They're just really so incredibly awesome together, like they were made for each other. Watching the BTS is like watching another drama :) I agree with everything you've said! I just hope I didn't misunderstand, online translators are really bad and making sense is sometimes hard, and sadly I've started learning mandarin only recently :(

      p.s. I just looove how in this video his jokes totally backfire on him cause she doesn't shy away or back down, even with the dirty jokes. Like he becomes slightly embarrassed, even looking...almost shy or something, I can't tell really, but he definitely loses the upper hand. I love that about her, way to go girl, that's how it's done! :)

    3. I agree! In all my years of drama watching I've never seen another couple so touchy-feely in real life...and on both sides. Usually someone shys away...but not here! That's ok...I had a look and it turns out it's all a joke...mind you, some fans were really going crazy over it. Haha! Yes, Megan is totally awesome. She plays all his games and does him one better...Hehe, I don't know if Baron's the only shy one though. They both seem to have moments where they're a little shy depending on what the other one has done to them...but it's a nice balance! :)

    4. Oh absolutely. But when taking all the videos into account (the ones I have seen at least), he's the more "aggressive" one usually and she has (or had hehe :)) the shy moments much more often. I kinda got used to it, so seeing her getting the upper hand and him getting a little shy/embarrassed in this video several times was such a blast. I was like "muarghahaha" :)

      Yay so I got it right. Yeah, it seemed like some fans got all pissed. Anyway thanks for confirming it! :)

      p.s. it's Tyrea , I'm just lazy/reluctant to use a google account and don't have the others ^^;

  6. Hi there! Mumuchan from Soompi forum! Just wanted to tell you how amazing a job you're doing with the BTS. Thanks for taking from your time this Christmas to bring this amazing video, you're the best^^ I can't imagine how sad and destitute I'll feel when this madness will be over *shudders* Thanks again!

    1. Hello, hello! Thanks for the kind words! Let's not think about the end yet...I can't imagine going back to being normal. I also can't think about how I'm going to get cut off from my Baron and Megan fix *shudders*

  7. hello!have you watch the latest bts from ep 11?Baron seriously loves kissing her!!Thanks for your translations again!You're awesome!!Love from Malaysia!!

    1. Hello! Not yet! Oh my. I'm need to prepare my heart before I watch this. If I die from a heart attack there will be no more BTS translations...

  8. Megan and Baron are such an awesome couple onscreen and offscreen! Love watching their skinship and interactions in this drama!

    1. I know, right? I feel like they enjoy killing their fans with skinship too!

  9. I've got this really pleasant and content feeling when I was watching them in real and unreal life. It's so hard to let it go now. I will yarn for something like this to experience by myself. This drama is also the greatest reminder of what we don't have

  10. Hi^^ know where I can watch this with eng sub ?

  11. waits for the time where River and Megan speaks the true language of their hearts . They are meant for each other but they just don't know that ... time will make his way for them to realized they are perfect for each other .. LOVE LOVE LOVE will be my happiness and will keep the smile on my lips ,, pray that true love will guide them... as I have been monitoring every events after seeing the BROMANCE in Drama Fever for almost 5 times ,. again and again , trying to understand the language through their body movement especially River how he cared tenderly Megan , the way he look Megan, holding her hands ,, relaying their emotions , no words needed , i can see their hearts and soul is already entwined ......