Thursday, 30 April 2015

Puff Kuo 郭雪芙 for the April issue of Vivi Taiwan 昕薇

Sometimes I love magazine scans, but other times I feel like the pictures released directly by the magazine company do more justice to the the photo shoot. This is the case with Puff's April 2015 Vivi photo shoot. If you're after the magazine scans you can find the ones done by Puff's management here...otherwise, look below for some beautiful pictures :) 

Magazine Scans: Puff Kuo 郭雪芙 for the April issue of Vivi Taiwan 昕薇

This is hands down one of the prettiest photo shoots I've seen for Puff Kuo. I also love the little video that the magazine editor made, but it seems a shame that there's no behind the scenes video or interview. If you know of one, please link me! And if you want to see the beautiful original pictures released from this shoot on Weibo by Vivi, just look here...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Fault in Our Stars takes out all the best awards at the MTV Awards 2015

The MTV Awards took place a few nights ago and The Fault in our Stars did very well. The film took out the award for Movie of the Year. Shailene Woodley also received an award for the best female performance for her role as Hazel Grace in the film and both Shailene and Ansel scored best kiss for The Fault in our Stars. Congrats to the cast and crew, especially to the film's two amazing leads!

Unfortunately, Ansel couldn't make it to the Award Ceremony because he was filming November Criminals with Chloe Grace Moretz (But he did not miss out on the on to see his Instagram love and support for Shai.) But yes, Shailene and Nat (Issac from The Fault in our Stars and soon to be Q in John Green's next book-to-movie adaptation, Paper Towns) were both there, as was John Green himself. So were a number of other young up-and-coming stars including Cara Delevingne (The it girl and super model of our times, soon to be Margo Roth Spiegelman in Paper Towns) and Miles Teller (The lead of Whiplash. He's also Peter in Divergent, so he knows both Shailene and Ansel. And to top it off, he and Shailene acted as love interests in The Spectacular Now.) Here's a picture of Miles presenting Shailene with one of the awards...

Not only is she a wise owl and a great actress, but just look at Shai's legs. They just keep going on! While I'm not a great fan of this outfit, you have to admit, Shailene Woodley can pretty much pull off anything with her bright smile, intelligence and long legs!

Here are members of The Fault in our Stars crew, present at the Awards, collecting their win.

While Ansel couldn't make the actual awards, he did watch the ceremony in support of his friends and Tweet and Instagram his love from his filming location. This picture below is Ansel's expression when he heard that Shai and him had won the award for Best Kiss. Aw, isn't it cute? His caption was in caps lock, so he made it sounded like he was pretty pleased!

This is a cute and silly picture where Ansel said that Shailene was 'looking at him' when they picked up the golden popcorn for their Best Kiss. He sure knows how to set fangirls' hearts on fire...

And he has an Instagram video of him cheering when The Fault in our stars won Movie of the Year. He films himself going hyper in his own room, but he also shows the screen where Nat and Shai are hugging after hearing the news. You can view the video here

Aren't you just a little bit in love with his cast and crew too? I love how much these guys still care about each other and hope to see them all working on future projects together, as well as running into each other at Award Shows...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Instagram Updates: Happy Birthday Jolin! Instagram shows a Pleasantly surprised 喜歡·一個人 reunion with cast

It was Jolin's birthday the other day and he had a great celebration with his Pleasantly Surprised cast buddies! Jolin still regularly hangs out with a number of his Pleasantly Surprised friends as he's in a band with Yorke and Deyn called 4Eva and he's in a new drama with Verna called 'Murphy's Law of Love'....which I might check out! (Don't hold me to it though.) But yes, it's definately so nice to know that the cast still hang out even half a year after filming has ended! Shows how close they've always been since they started filming together. The first photos came out on Jolin's, Stanley's and Verna's Instagram accounts with Jolin, Ba Yu, Deyn, Yorke, Puff, Zooey, Verna and Stanley.

Jasper was absent in that first photo, so alot of fan were questioning where he was. It's true that Jasper hasn't been in many of the past reunion photos (The only one being one where Pleasantly Surprised cast members went to see one of his Morning Call concerts), so I guess fans felt disappointed about his lack of catching up. To be fair, he's a very busy up and coming lead star, model and muscian. So he doesn't seem to have a lot of time (But then, Puff is a major star and she still makes it to a lot of gatherings!) Also, Lene (who played LeXuan) is rarely seen in these regular catch-ups either. Sean (Head chef) and Vic (Ah Jie's brother, ZiXiang) who have been seen at other events, weren't here either. But fans recovered from their diappointment soon enough because just the other night, another photo surfaced from a friend of Jolin's (not in the cast), which shows that Jasper was at Jolin's event. Yay, so he's not always absent! Looks like they were having a crazy time at Karoke.

And if you want, here are other times that the crew has caught up. They mentioned making a vow to catch up at least once a month. Some months they've caught up 1-2 times!...Don't you find you love a show more when the crew are truely friends and hang out off-screen?!