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Instagram Updates: Simon Lian 連晨翔 as captured by fans at the Lost Romance 浪漫输给你 Fan Meet

Lost Romance held it's first open fan meet over the weekend and of course fans flocked to capture their favourite stars live. I'm totally jelly that there's no way I could go, but the silver lining is seeing the pretty photos taken by dedicated fans who lined up early (some from 3am apparently!) Those Qing Feng fans are the real MVPs - not only did they wait for hours to secure front row viewing, but they did a great job capturing all Simon's adorable expressions, so this is a post to appreciate that. These photos are all so beautiful. None of these photos are mine, so please visit the following instagram accounts to find the original posters and thank them for their pretty photos: 

Pictures & Translation: Lost Romance 浪漫输给你 First Fan Meet with Vivian Sung 宋芸樺, Marcus Chang 張立昂, Simon Lian 連晨翔 & cast

Middle of Summer in Taiwan, but the fans of Lost Romance gathered in full force to see all their actors in an open-air fan meet. It was a full cast meeting, including side characters, but focused centrally of course on Vivian Sung, Marcus Chang, Simon Lien and Snowbaby. It was also streamed live by NewShowBiz below.

There were a lots of funny moments some of which I'll casually translate here.

Jian-An (the Sanlih event host and MC of the event) mentioned that Marcus had a little surprise for fans and asked if he was nervous, to which Marcus replied jokingly, "Why are you making this sound like I'm going to take off my clothes?" This was met with a lot of fan girl screaming. There were lots of microphones going around because half of them didn't seem to be working...Marcus passed one to Simon, when it was his turn to talk, and it got close to his face so Jian-An joked that since Simon has caused Marcus to feel jealous, he wanted to sock Simon in the face with a microphone. This motivates Simon to put an arm around Marcus and reply that everyone has the wrong idea - he's not fighting to be the main guy to get Xiao En's attention, he's fighting to be the main girl to get the CEO's attention. Simon then proceeds to wedge himself in between Vivian and Marcus as a joke. Marcus laughs and says if Simon keeps doing that he'll give him the microphone that doesn't work so that he can't talk anymore, which Simon jokingly pretends to accept and talk into.

This bromance continues again a little later on when Jian-An asks what their on-screen and off-screen relationships are like and Marcus puts his arm around Simon and says, "I hope you guys will give me and Qing Feng your blessings" and Simon pulls him close to his side too. Talk about Bromance!

This time Vivian 'jealously' wedges her way back between them both, saying "Excuse me, I think this is my position!" Marcus goes on to compliment Qing Feng's character as being the 'warm, friendly' type of guy. Vivian makes a joke to say that it's a PK (competition) of who can say the best things. When Marcus finishes, Simon says he'll continue to  'warm' up the screen in the episodes ahead, causing Qing Feng fans to squeal and Marcus and Vivian to laugh. He jokes that he'll continue to have flames on his back, so much so, that he'll be glowing. This causes fans to cheer and Marcus to say that it sounds a little dangerous. Simon laughs and says he's just joking, so don't expect that to happen.

Jian-An, being the mischievous host, asks Vivian who's chest was it better to be held close to, Qing Feng's or CEO Aoran's? This causes Vivian to start grinning and Jian-An laughs that it'll cause Chu Chu to be unhappy. Simon asks Chu Chu, what's the matter? But Snowbaby says she's fine. Simon also tells Vivian: Don't let the CEO hear you say it was Qing Feng! Vivian jokes she's forgotten in the moment and asks if they should re-enact this for the fans, but Marcus jokingly stops it. Vivian then says Aoran and Qing Feng are two very different type of guys and she asks everyone who they think Xiao En should pick. The fans start shouting 'CEO' and 'Qing Feng.' Marcus jokingly joins in, but calls out 'Tian Jian' (the character of his brother, played by Jason Hsu) and Simon jokes that Deyn's chest (Deyn is the actor who plays Ming Li's personal assistant) would actually be the broadest chest to lean against. Marcus then shares a story - apparently Vivian sometimes calls him by the wrong character name accidentally - She calls him Situ Moran instead of Situ Aoran (Situ Moran the brother character of Situ Aoran and the alternate storybook version of Tian Jian, also played by Jason Hsu.) Vivian laughs and says that sometimes when she has romantic scenes with Marcus, she would look into his eyes and say "I love you Situ Moran," thereby declaring her love to the wrong person.

Jian-An ushers Marcus off to prepare for his singing performance and Simon says Marcus is just ducking off stage to go to the gym. Jian-An jokes that while Aoran is away, Qing Feng and Xiao En can play. He asks Jason Hsu what they should do and Jason says they've done it all through filming - there's nothing they're afraid of doing. They say that maybe Vivian should just pretend to touch Simon's chest and Vivian and Simon jokingly enact that briefly. 

Jian-An says maybe they should touch Deyn's chest and Simon believes he's out of that competition, so he jokes that maybe he should just leave the stage too. A little after this Simon asks if anyone is going to attend Jason Hsu's concert later that month. And Jason tells everyone that since both him and Marcus have concerts around a similar time at the end of August, they've been practising late at night in their hotel rooms, so he feels sorry for the people next to their hotel rooms who are probably wondering why people are singing so late at night. When Marcus comes back his top button is undone and Simon says, "Bro!" and jokingly reaches out, pretending to undo the rest of his buttons. After Marcus comes out and performs his song, 'Lose to You' the closing theme song for Lost Romance, Jian-An asks if it was a good performance? Simon says loudly that it was super good and says Encore! which sends the fans to cheer for an encore. Marcus jokes that they should hear 'Crazy Love' instead (which is Simon's song).

They play a game of Romantic gesture PK (competitions) between the stars. Because earlier in the fan meet at some point, Snowbaby said that her true crush was Xiao En/Vivian, and she wanted to stand next to her the most, they get the two of them up to enact a romantic gesture. They shock everyone by actually kissing on stage. Jian-An gives out actions for each pair to do: Kelly Liao aggressively grabs her on-screen little brother's face, Kiki and Sean brush each other's hair, Deyn and Pii do a 'back hug,' Simon and Snowbaby have a head-patting gesture (Simon pretends to get shy after doing it and runs to hide against the wall) and Vivian and Marcus pretend to have that sexual tension before a kiss (Simon pretends to come in to interrupt them, but both Vivian and Marcus block him with their hands, haha!) Their pose is pretty awkward, so Marcus just goes ahead and kisses Vivian on the cheek, killing a bunch of fan girls with his cute action. The fans chant encore on this because they didn't get a photo so Jian-An gets them both to do it again and Marcus kisses Vivian on the cheek a second time.

Jian-An points out a sign that was made for Qing Feng by his fans (There was a massive banner in the crowd). In some of their last remarks, Vivian says it's hard for her to choose between Qing Feng and Aoran and laughs that Chu Chu is in her heart. A fan calls out "Simon Lian!" to try to get him to look their way for a photo and Vivian asks, "You think I should pick Simon, the actual person?" Which is kind of funny. Jason suggests picking Tian Xing in the real world and Qing Feng in the story world, so that Xiao En could have both men (The dream ending!) Vivian does her signature meow goodbye to the crowd and Marcus, in a cute move, taps her on the shoulder and says, "I also want a meow (from you)." Since this was from a cute scene between Vivian's Xiao En and Simon's Qing Feng in the show, Marcus as Aoran missed out on the affection and is 'jealous.' So Vivian meows at Marcus and then woofs at Simon. Simon laughs and says they should both go back to their cat fighting. Vivian asks if everyone has seen the pretend cat fighting she and Simon did in the behind the scenes videos and Marcus tells everyone that they're both super funny in it.

The bits I haven't translated in the video are mainly to do with the side casts (sorry, but I have my priorities!) and the more self explanatory stuff- asking fans questions for prizes, the actors giving out prizes and each actor picking a fan to come up and participate in a group photo and collect a prize.  A few more comments: I really liked how much Simon interact with his fans - clearly he knows his character is well loved and even when he was taking a break or doing group photos, he would turn around and wave at fans, pose for them for acknowledge signs they made for him. So freaking adorable.

Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, while I enjoy Lost Romance, and I'm not a person who normally cares about fashion, I have to admit I'm not a fan of the character's costumes. So it was refreshing to see them in their own clothes - I was a big fan of Simon's mustard shirt & jeans, Snowbaby's checked dress, Marcus' emerald and black prints and Vivian's unique top and skirt. Lastly, I was surprised by how many people were at the fan meet in these Covid-19 times, but I'm glad Taiwan was proactive in the early days so that dramas and fan meets have continued on with minimal changes like everyone wearing face masks (which isn't that weird in Asian anyway).

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