Monday, 12 August 2019

Happy Birthday Jasper Liu 劉以豪! Single & MV for A Kind of Sorrow 有一種悲傷 is now released

Happy Birthday to the adorable Jasper Liu, who has been working tirelessly over his birthday weekend! Having recently embarked on a solo singing career, Jasper has released his single (and MV), A Kind of Sorrow, today - check it out below! The song can be purchased at Line Music..

This is Jasper's first time as a solo artist. He was previously the guitarist for the indie band, Morning Call for many years until they broke up in 2017 (It was called as an indefinite hiatus.) During that time, he sung a duet called French Film with band mate Sui Ling, but he still felt rather shy about it. While I miss those band days (I was lucky enough to see Jasper perform with them on tour in 2016!) I'm looking forward to Jasper's new projects.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Puff Kuo 郭雪芙 surprises Jasper Liu 劉以豪 for his Birthday at his Apple Star club fan meet

250 Lucky winners of a competition to do with being a member of Taiwan's Apple Star club (with Apple News Network) attended a fan meet with Jasper Liu. As it's his birthday on the 12th August, he was treated with a birthday surprise - A visit from Puff carrying a cake and presents! 

Jasper was quite shocked as Puff always has a busy schedule and is currently shooting other projects (Before We Get Married was shot a year prior, with the stars doing promotional activities during the airing of the drama - a bit different to their past drama Pleasantly Surprised, which was still being shot as they aired). 

They first introduced his special birthday guest by having Puff sing Happy Birthday from behind the curtains. Recognizing her voice instantly, Jasper kept saying "How is it you?! How is it you?! How scary!" He was so shocked that he tried to hide behind one of the curtains!

Puff presented him with a present, candles that she bought in Paris, and still shocked, but joking, Jasper exclaimed bowing, "Thank you goddess, Puff! Everyone is honoured by your presence!"...which earned him a playful slap from Puff as always!

Puff and Jasper cut the cake together and she wished him happiness and health and hoped everything would go smoothly for him in the following years. 

Jasper actually said,"How is it that Puff Kuo is here when she's so busy filming?!"

Puff jokingly replied that she was actually just here to retrieve her souvenir present and asked what he got her from Italy when he went. She also joked that she had to make an effort to dress up to come visit! Jasper also laughed and said he was grateful to Puff for always spoiling him for his birthday, when he was so forgetful of hers! He said he'll definitely not forget her birthday in 2020!

The hostess of the fan meet made Puff and Jasper re-enact the scene from the drama where Kehuan spins Weiwei around and then they almost kiss, but she stops him by reminding them that they're just friends. They performed the scene but Puff wasn't sure when to say her lines, so Jasper leaned in real close and it wasn't till he was almost at her mouth that she blurted out the lines, laughing because she'd forgotten them!

Jasper joked that she looked like she'd scene a ghost with her swotting him away for being too close. Some lucky fans also got to do the re-enacting of this scene as an activity and they also had trouble with the lines (or were they hoping for Jasper to kiss them...haha!)

The following are photos are on both Puff and Jasper's social media accounts:

Jasper posted a Thank You one of himself for fans, while Puff posted extra photos of them together, as well as a sneaky video she made from behind the scenes of Jasper's fan meet....

There's also a number of really good fan content from the fans who were at the actual meet. So jealous of their luck at seeing both Puff and Jasper! I mean, I've seen them both at a meet too, but this would have been cute since it was just the 2 of them! These photos come from: Aksani, A Beautiful Day, SunnychildNanaco...Please click on the hyperlink of their names to see the original photos and follow them. Thanks fans for the best pictures!

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Friday, 31 May 2019

Before we Get Married 我們不能是朋友 Publicity Shoot Behind the Scenes Translations

Here's a translation for this photo shoot video. IF you share his anywhere, please don't forget to link back to my blog and credit it :)

Jasper, talking about his style in the drama: Mainly, it's Western clothes. Because Chu Kehuan actually hopes to give off a more...[Yellow words]... agile feeling
-Cues sexy music and cuts to Puff and Jasper doing sexy poses-

Puff, talking about her style in the drama [Purple & Pink words]: I...A more lovely, feminine feeling.
-Cues more sexy music and cuts to more scenes of Puff and Jasper doing sexy poses-

Puff: This is a...
Jasper, grinning [Blue writing]: ...piece of clothing that is quickly about to fall down?
Both Puff and Jasper laugh

-Cuts to Puff struggling to pull up her slipping red dress-
[Yellow highlighted words: I'll pull!!]
Narrator: 100% (The name of this journalism channel doing the reporting) has come to the scene of GTV's main photo shoot for Before We Get Married to look at Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo in these clothes.

Narrator:  It's not hard to guess the main style this time.

[Black highlighted writing: Jasper Liu & Puff Kuo's main photo shoot]

[White highlighted writing: Striking sexy poses that are extremely intimate!!]

-Cuts to Puff and Jasper answering questions again-
Puff: [This style] Should have a more...mature feeling
However, Puff mispronounces the word for mature and Jasper playfully suggests that she's used another similar sounding word (If ones mispronounces the tone, 'Mature' can sound like the word 'Skillful')
Jasper: Skillful?
Puff, laughing: Skillful
Jasper, raising a finger in agreement: Skillful

Puff laughs and hits him playfully for making fun of her [Aqua writing]: So annoying!!

Narrator: These 2 people's private interactions are really too amusing and, when taking photos, Jasper can cause everyone to burst out laughing at any time.
-Cuts to the shot of Puff straddling Jasper's leg, hairdresser fixing her hair and photographer talking to them both-
[Black highlighted writing: Jasper Liu reveals his skill of making people laugh]
[White highlighted writing: Causes those at filming site continuous laughter]

Jasper, talking about his sitting position with Puff on him: Feels like I'm just practicing [an instrument] by myself
Crew member in the background: There's a 'playing-the-cello' type of feeling [about your pose]
Jasper pretends Puff is a cello and plays his instrument, making the crew laugh.
Puff makes a face as if pretend annoyed.

Puff: This isn't a cello, right? This looks more like...
Crew member in the background: Erhu (A Chinese 2 string fiddle instrument)
-Cuts to a close up shoot of Puff and Jasper turning their heads in suggestive poses-
After some serious silence, Jasper makes a comment on the background music which seems to have a clubbing beat.
Jasper [Yellow & green words]: This music is a bit hard to take seriously

Puff and crew burst out laughing
[Rainbow words: Hahahaha]

Jasper: Makes you go like this...
Jasper bops his head with the music making everyone laugh and they animate him into a bobble head
Puff, grinning [Purple words]: ...Very annoying!
Photographer: Come...let's do this again
[Pink and blue writing: Turned serious in a second]

Photographer: Good

Narrator: Proving to be professional actors, they can immediately get back into [photoshoot] mode. This time the main photo shoot aesthetics have gone in a sexy direction and both actors have struck a number of imitate poses.

Narrator: Over one of these actions, Jasper called out that this was too overboard...

[Black highlighted writing: Under orders to touch Puff's ass]
[White highlighted writing: Jasper assertively says "NO!!"]
Jasper: Do you want to see where the hand was placed?
Puff, overlapping with Jasper, curious: ...Where was the hand placed?
Jasper, quite seriously: Underneath the ass parting
[Aqua writing: The hand needed to be underneath the ass parting]

Puff's eyes widden: You looked that clearly (at where the position was)?!
Puff laughs: How come I didn't see this?!
Jasper scoffs: It's best that you didn't see!

-Cuts to Jasper explaining the mood of the photos-
Jasper: Really, it's a
Puff finishes off his sentence [pink words]: Lustful?
Jasper: Yeah! ...Too much so, I'm afraid...yeah
Jasper: Just think, is it really necessary to use such intense photos to...
Puff interrupts him [Pink writing, blue writing]: What about if you were the girl and I was the guy?
Jasper, who is not following repeats her, and then suddenly gets shocked when it hits him: ...If I  was the girl...HUH?!!

Puff: That is, if it were reversed...
Puff: It would still be ok, yeah?
Jasper laughing [Yellow writing, pink writing]: I still wouldn't completely wish to have another person's hand on my ass...

Puff laughs
Jasper sheepishly continues [Aqua writing]: ...At the back, continuously...(secretly groping XD)
Both Puff and Jasper laugh.

Puff proposes another alternative: Use a key one? *Not sure what this means. Maybe using a fake ass! Haha*
Jasper, defeated: Huh?...Er, using a key one?...Er...
Jasper: In a bit, we'll be able to take quite good looking photos.
Jasper: I believe our chemistry has no problems.
Puff nods, grinning.
Jasper, using a mock stern voice: There is no need to use this key
Jasper, laughs: Angry [tone]!

Narrator: Jasper and Puff's second collaboration and we can see that their chemistry and mutual understanding is so good that even words are not needed (to communicate)
[Black highlighted writing: Jasper gratefully thanks "Senior" for caring for him]
[White highlighted writing: Causing Puff to laugh and say: It's reversed and you cover me now]

Interviewer: There are fans who feel that when Jasper and Puff are together they talk more (than most actors who work together)
Puff: It seems like it like that?
Jasper: I think it's because the other person in the pair feels a sense of security and because we're more familiar/close with each other
Puff agrees: We're familiar/close with each other
Jasper: So there's more things we feel comfortable (dare) to talk about
Jasper: And we're more clear about the other person's boundaries...and have a good mutual understanding...yeah.
Puff laughing [green and yellow writing]: I don't normally know where his boundaries are...

Puff follows this up quickly with: But I think he's a really good person
Puff, grinning: Right...because he never gets angry at me

Jasper turns towards her jokingly: Ok, Ok, stop...don't say weird things (about me)...just joking
[Aqua writing: Are we about to make explosive allegations here?]
Puff, repeating him jokingly: Saying weird things...
They both laugh

Interviewer [Aqua writing]: Out of all the female stars, the best level of chemistry is with...

Jasper interrupts jokingly, acting serious and overly enthusiastic [Purple writing]: She's the best one!!
Interviewer [Blue writing]: I haven't even finished asking the question!!

Jasper acting dramatically heartfelt: Can't find another person (like her), can't find another person (like her)...
Puff laughs: It's because I'm standing right next to him, so he can only speak in this way
Jasper laughing and still acting dramatically heartfelt: Can't find another person (like her)
Puff, laughing: Give me a break

Jasper: Ok...anyway, I really am very thankful to Puff because 4...was it 4-5 years ago? It should be more than that?
Puff: Yeah, that's right, 4-5 years ago...

Jasper, grinning as he teases: I'm really thankful for the care from 'my senior' (around that time).

---For some context, Puff and Jasper collaborated as a couple on another drama called Pleasantly Surprised in 2014. At that time, Puff had been in the entertainment industry longer than Jasper and had just shot to a higher level of fame because she'd been in T-drama Just You with Aaron Yan and Korean variety show, We Got Married with Heechul from Super Junior. Jasper was only in his second show as the male lead and often felt super nervous in couple scenes. He also use to feel quite nervous around Puff too - I read an interview with Jasper that he asked for her autograph or something like that when they first met which they still laugh about---

Puff looks mockingly shocked at this [Red symbols]: !!
Jasper, clearly knowing he's getting the reaction he wants: Yeah, that's right, my senior.
Puff, pointing to herself: Me?

Puff teasingly: No, you're the senior
Jasper: No, you're the senior...yeah.
Puff laughs [Yellow writing]: It's the one who is older...
---Jasper is older than Puff by 2 years---
Jasper, ignoring Puff, and going back to the interview: Because at that time, I was easily scared of doing (certain) scenes as well as (working with) the microphone. Right, so I remember at that time, it only had to be an interview and I'd be retreating (from everything).
Jasper: Yeah. I'd keep...
Puff, grinning as she interrupts Jasper's memoir: Did I do anything (for you) at that time?
---Haha, Jasper, when he's complimenting Puff, but goes on to talk about himself!---

Jasper, getting the hint, cheekily replies [Pink & green words]: You just had a type of covering-for-me feeling...

Jasper: That gave a real sense of security

Puff grins, teasing: Only in the past?
Puff teasing, shaking her head [Yellow & Pink writing]: Now I need to rely on you to cover for me

Jasper accepts his new role, as Puff laughs: Nooo...well, thank you, thank you...

Narrator: Everyone is looking forward to Before We Get Married, which is finally going to premiere on the 2nd of June, showing every Sunday night at 8:00pm on GTV channel, from the 9th of June, showing every Friday night at 9:30pm on (another) GTV channel. By all means, make sure not to miss this!
[Black & White highlighted writing: Repetition of the times, dates and channels for drama]
-Cuts back to Puff and Jasper being interviewed-
Interviewer: Do you both want to recommend this series once more?
Puff nods: Alright
Jasper, speaking in third person about himself: He will definitely remain quiet
Puff laughs and hits him playfully and an awkward crow animation flies above.
They both laugh

Jasper starts the intros again: Hey everyone, I'm Jasper
Puff: Hey everyone, I'm Puff
Jasper: Yeah, hope everyone will like this drama called...
Puff & Jasper together: Before We Get Married
---In Chinese, it has a different name. Literally the name is We can't be friends---
Jasper: Actually, in this drama, I feel it's been a big challenge for me because Chu Kehuan and my real life personality are extremely different, so I hope that everyone will like this. And also, in the drama, there's a lot of...I feel...[Blue writing]...Very fiercely intense scenes!!
Puff: Right, very fiercely intense scenes

Puff: Actually, I just saw the opening and closing credit sequences. I feel it's...
Jasper [Yellow & Green writing]: Very...extreme
Puff: Right, so everyone has to look forward to it.

Jasper: Yeah. And inside the drama, there's a lot of different relationship concepts, so hope everyone can find their own relationship concept (within).
Puff: Thank you!
[Pink & Blue writing]: Level of mutual, tacit understanding 1000%
Narrator: GTV reporting

End of Translation. I just love how much these two flirt and tease each other, but also have a serious mutual understanding that goes beyond words, don't you think?