Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Magazine Scans: Morning Call 輕晨電 and Jasper Liu 劉以豪 for Cool Magazine

Essentially a fashion shoot, there are also some interviews that Cool Magazine did with the Morning Call band members. What I really like are the Polaroids that you could win if you lived in Taiwan and entered the competition. Man, I wish I lived in Taiwan!

Magazine Scans: Jasper Liu 劉以豪 for the September and August issue of Brand Magazine

Jasper is moving up in the world. Brand is apparently a high end magazine and they featured Jasper on the cover. Not to mention that they've been advertising his beautiful travel book. I'm so proud of Jasper. He's really climbing up in this industry and stepping into the big leagues. He also looks super cute in a preppy suit.

August Magazine Scans

September Magazine Scans

Saturday, 26 September 2015

50th Golden Bell Awards 金鐘獎 with Rainie Yang 杨丞琳 and Will Pan 潘瑋柏

The Golden Bell Awards have rolled around again and this year some of the big names to hit the red carpet include Rainie Yang and long-time friend Will Pan. I've always loved Rainie and Will (and Dean Fujioka) since watching the drama, Miss No Good. They were so ship-worthy back in the day. Although they're not a couple in real life, they've had such a wonderful long-standing friendship that it makes me very happy to see them together. And they run into each other fairly often too at music awards and industry events. Rainie has included him in her concerts, and Will got Rainie to play his fed-up lover in a music video last year for his song 打呼 (Snoring. Haha, which I still haven't seen yet, but have heard about!)

The talk of this award show was Rainie's sexy plunging V neck dress (which she picked because it was the prettiest of what she had). Everyone joked that her fellow presenting friend, Will Pan was checking out her plunging neckline, which he did do as a joke...Of course, Rainie hit him for that! He also pretended to get out his phone to take a picture of it while Rainie was talking, because he said he had the best angle! There were also questions about where Rainie's rumoured (apparently indirectly confirmed) boyfriend Chinese Mando-pop singer, Li Ronghao was which Rainie avoided answering by asking people not to ask about it (in a friendly way). There was one interviewer (above) who tried to push his luck but Rainie made the interview awkward for him by saying that the should focus on the 50th anniversary of the awards instead of her personal life. Go Rainie!

Anyway, aren't these two lovely? I really loved Rainie's dress. Very classy and beautiful...and with Will Pan by her side, she also had herself some cute grunge arm-candy!


Instagram Updates: 50th Golden Bell selfies with Rainie Yang 楊丞琳, Will Pan 潘瑋柏, Melvin Sia 謝佳見, Jolin Chien 簡宏霖, Bolin Chen 陳柏霖 and more

There were some great A-list celebrity selfies going around for the 50th Golden Bell Awards. The favourite of the night would have to be Bolin Chen's selfie with Rainie Yang, Ariel Lin, Zai Zai and Will Pan....A shot with all the industry heavy-weights!

Another favourite of the night was the boy's shot! Both Bolin Chen and Will Pan posted this same picture on their Instagram accounts.

The guys from 4Ever (and from Pleasantly Surprised) also attended the grand event. 4Ever is signed onto Avex, the same company as Ariel Lin, so they often do projects and hang with Ariel. I've never been an Ariel fan (Why?! No reason. I just never got into her work) but she looked nice for the event. They also took some cute photos with their manager, Polina.

Melvin Sia's Instagram account had some cute group shots. His red carpet photo date was Tiffany Hsu and they both looked stylish the whole night. Good to see Tiffany having fun after her very public break up with Ethan Ruan at the start of the year.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Jasper Liu 劉以豪 mentions Puff Kuo 郭雪芙 and talks Mandy Wei 魏蔓 in his interview with Singapore Media

Jasper headed to Singapore for a quick promotional session and interview session. The interview was good covering all different areas of his life. As a Puff and Jasper fan, I should be sad right, because he answered that Mandy was his ideal partner if he had to pick from his past co-stars. But I don't really buy that because I feel like it's something you have to say when you're currently co-staring in a romance drama with someone. If he had said anyone else's name it would have totally killed the mood, not to mention the drama ratings for When I See You Again.

For me this was more important though: In the same interview, he did mention Puff, who he didn't have to talk about, but did. He said that he'd asked her if he was weird and she very much agreed that he was etc! It's strange, but this mention of Puff was more significant to me because I think it shows that a good friendship does exist between them. They can be honest with each other and he cares and remembers what she says. Also he told the story without any offence - I think he enjoys being known for being weird. So yes, I'm glad he mentioned Puff :)

For some weird reason all the interviews change to the same one (Part 4) when I put them all on my blog, so I'm only going to put my favourite bit (Part 2) which mentions Morning Call and Puff.

Part 1: Jasper makes a Sexy-gaze Introduction, talks When I See You Again and his body

Haha, you can tell an interview is going to go well when they ask Jasper to make a sexy-gaze introduction. They talked about the story line for when I see you again, as well as the famous Speedo scene. Also, talking about his body, Jasper likes to take off his clothes when it's hot and he has a chance...even possibly fully naked ;) hahaha.

Part 2: Jasper talks Morning Call and mentions Puff Kuo

Jasper jokes about not having practiced guitar in a long time, but looking forward to doing all his Morning Call activities now that drama season has ended. He also talks about writing songs. In the last few minutes of the interview, Jasper was asked what kind of dramas/projects he'd like to participate in and he said different kinds, maybe more like comedy because he's such a weird person. The interviewer asked how he was weird and he said that everyone he worked with thinks he's weird. He said he once asked Puff if he was weird and she said yes. And then he asked if he was weirder than most people, and she couldn't say - she thought he may be weirder.

Part 3: Jasper talks about Dogs and Cats Person Photo Book,  His Personality, Acting

Jasper talked about why he called his book Dogs and Cats Person book - He said it's based on his personality. He said he feels like there's more than one side of him, but people only see one side in the public realm - he's happy, silly, optimistic - a bit like a dog, but he's also a private person and a homebody, a bit like a cat. He doesn't like to pour out his feelings to bother people, and doesn't want to worry others on social media, so he doesn't like to put his feelings online. Jasper also said that he's been pretty happy lately. He use to be more nervous when it came to acting, but he's now learnt to relax.

Part 4: Jasper talks ideal partner from past acting co-stars 
(mentions Bryant/Ray Chang and Mandy Wei)

Jasper was asked which star which be his ideal partner from all his past co-stars and he joked that his I'm Sorry I Love You Co-star to be his dream lover. But when forced to be serious (Jasper joked that the interviewer was very bad because he kept forcing Jasper to answer hard decision making questions!) He said Mandy Wei because she was weird and cute. Hehe. I believe it in part because I think Mandy has a similar, weird-but-reserved personality like Jasper, but I also feel that he's closer with Puff and had a more fun working relationship with her....but that's just me. I also do have a Puff and Jasper bias, so take this all with a grain of salt :)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

When I See You Again 他看她的第2眼 Episode 17 Behind the Scenes Translation

Hey all! Working on translations from the episode 17 BTS. At the moment, I've started from 2:58 on this video...

The BTS highlight for this video? The shooting of the reverse dream sequence!

2. Filming Yan Ze's meeting with Jiang Hai Kuo and his gangster friends [From 2:58-5:30]
Gao Meng Jie, as JHK: Why do you have to build it on my place?
Gao Meng Jie as JHK with a prissy body shake: Return it to me!
Jet Chao is breaking out into a laugh.
Short gangster, with a body shake and tantrum voice: Return it to my boss, la!
The three of them, body shaking and crying voices: Return it to us, la!
[Red caption: When rehearsing the drama, they love adding this drama's gang of 3]

Jet Chao is laughing pretty hard at their acting. So hard that he falls onto the table from laughing
Short gangster: Please, please, please!
[Aqua caption: Yan Ze can't take it anymore]

The three of them, body shaking,hitting the table and crying voices: Return it to us, la!
Jet sits up still laughing and imitates them with their prissy body shake.
-Cuts to Jet Chao trying to calm himself from laughing and taking deep breaths-
[Aqua caption: Calm down]
Jet to the camera: In the past, (I've) seen every person who has had to act a scene with them really endure to keep their composure. 
Gao Meng Jie as JHK still running lines: You still have so many other places that you could build a waste disposal centre on!
-Cuts to Jet Chao talking to the camera-
Jet: I've found a good method to act with them. 
[Purple caption: Yan Ze's pretty trick is...?]
Jet: That is, smiling while acting.
---Hahaha, that explains why he's smirking so much towards the gangsters in that scene. He just wanted to laugh---

Camera person says something which Jet responds to...
Jet: Right, conveniently it suits me, a man with a big smile and evil intentions/ a two-faced man
[Blue caption: A killing two birds with one stone actor] ---Or if you're not familiar with that saying, it means that he's an actor that is doing two things with one action. Smiling while acting allows him to play his part well, whilst also kinda laughing---
Jet: But in actual fact, I really do want to laugh
Jet does a chuckling laugh: Hahaha
-Cuts to Jet talking to the camera about the three gangster-
Jet: The three of them, their synchronized collaboration and actions,..
[Blue caption: Lets people to be provoked so that they are no match for them]
Jet, fanning himself to how how much he has to endure: ...Whew! 
Camera person: To the present, there's still no one that's really been successful with just one take.
Jet, looks surprised: Really?
He then looks suss like he's figured something out and he's onto the camera person.

Jet: You've now aroused my fighting spirit
[Red caption with a cheer: Fighting spirit ignited and burning]
---Hahaha, so basically Jet Chao is like, Challenge Accepted---

Jet Chao, pointing at the camera: Wait and you will see...
Jet: I definitely won't NG (create a scene that is No Good)
He waves his arms dismissively in confidence
Jet: I definitely won't have a laughing sequence
-Cuts to the camera on Gao Meng Jie and actors that play his gangster croonies-
Camera person to Gao Meng Jie [Blue caption]: Today, he's challenged that he won't have a laughing sequence NG
Gao Meng Jie: No laughing sequence...
Gao Meng Jie [Blue and pink caption]: Then let's try and see! Self-satisfied.
Gao Meng Jie: Ok
Jet, asking in awe: Is it true that there is still no one that has succeeded? Right?
Gao Meng Jie: To the present, there doesn't seem to have been (anyone)
Gao Meng Jie: Your sister was also thrown into a (laughing) fit by us
---I like that they're always adopting their characters. By his sister, they're referring to Yan Ze's sister, Yong in Ivy Shao, Jet Chao's on-screen sister. Haha, it's very cute---
Jet: New Challenger
-Cuts to the filming of the scene-
One of the gangsters, in a silly crying voice: Please! (We're) Begging you!
Jet Chao, as Yan Ze, is sitting there looking real amused.

One of the gangsters, crying begging voice: Return it to us, ok?
-Cuts to a bit further in-
Jet Chao, as Yan Ze, looks like he's laughing about the matter...but he also could be laughing at the comedic acting.
Gao Meng Jie as JHK: What are you doing!
[Khaki caption: Man with the big smile and evil intention's real smile and fake smile foolishly cannot be differentiated clearly]
Jet as YZ laughing, in what is meant to be a sardonic way: I'm sorry, but I don't want to

-Cuts to Jet chao laughing after the take-
The scene ends with the three gangster stalking away and telling him he has to foot the bill.
Jet, laughing quite hard: I'm picking up the bill!

[Blue caption: Whenever this Hai Kuo gang of 3 leave, they always leave Yan Ze to pay the bill]
Camera person: Yep!
Jet Chao, laughing quite hard: I'm picking up the bill again!
Jet: Every time I come...
Crew member: Every time you have to pick up the bill
Jet, laughing and pointing at the gangsters: Every time they come, they always want other people to pay the bill
Jet, still laughing and pointing: Always the other person paying the bill!

3. Filming An Xi's dream sequence at 7-Eleven
Jasper as dream-sequence You Qian is stacking drinks at 7-Eleven and doing things wrong.
Deyn as DY: Lift up your head
Jasper as You Qian is timidly lifts up his head to look at Deyn, as Da Yu, his dream-sequence boss.

-Cuts to Da Yu telling off You Qian-
Deyn as DY: You really can't do anything but cause trouble
Deyn as DY: Taking stock of the Onigiri...
Deyn grabs Jasper's hand for the scene and the Onigiri slips out of his hand, flying everywhere
[Red caption: Slippery]
Jasper and Deyn look as it awkwardly as it falls, not in the way they expected.
Deyn as DY continues on: You even treated it as circus toy
Director: Cut!
Deyn is looking at Jasper, laughing quite hard, though his hand is still clutching Jasper's wrist.
Jasper is looking back at Deyn and laughing too.
[Teal caption: How come (you) still haven't let go of (his) hand!!]
Deyn is still laughing

Jasper: Sorry...
[Khaki caption on Jasper, still in a way acting as his character:  Stutters]
-Cuts to Deyn and Jasper just laughing about this sequence-
Deyn: Da Yu suddenly becomes fierce
Deyn: I'm not use to this at all
Deyn to camera: Close call, eh, but this is just a dream
Jasper [Red caption]: Director Xia (You Qian) has possessed you
Jasper makes an evil laugh
[Teal caption: Evil laugh]
-Cuts to Jasper sitting next to the bottles he's meant to restock-
Jasper: I didn't know restocking is done from the back
Jasper: So I was firmly forcing them from the front
[Teal caption: One look and you'd know that he has no experience]
Female Crew Member [Teal caption]: No wonder you were scolded by Da Yu
[Blue floating caption: Hahahaha]
Jasper: Being scolded, I deserved it, right?
Female Crew Member: Correct!
Jasper: Also, the director originally prepared this side to be food.
Jasper: And then he told me to store it on this side...
Jasper, laughing: Does he want to frame me?
[Khaki caption: The director is really bad!]
-Cuts to the practicing of the scene with Mandy as An Xi walking up slowly to corner Jasper as You Qian between her arm and the glass refrigerator door-

She corners Jasper and they look into each other's face and then Jasper reaches out his arms...

And opens the doors around him opening and shutting them.
Mandy starts laughing and turning away.
[Khaki caption: Is this some kind of excited and shy expression?]
Everyone is snickering

Director: You're killing me
[Red caption: Mussel shell essence]
Director: Ok now! Up to here...
-Cuts to filming this scene with Mandy as An Xi and Jasper as You Qian from another angle-
[Red and Black caption on Mandy: You have a guess what I want to do...Hehe]

She suddenly puts out an arm to corner Jasper.
[Aqua caption: Pinning-against-the-wall move]
-Cuts to a second angle-
[Aqua caption: Pinning-against-the-wall move x2]

-Cuts to a third angle-
[Aqua caption: Pinning-against-the-wall move x3]
-Cuts to a close up with Mandy as An Xi smiling as she does the move-
[Aqua caption: You Qian looks very tasty~]

Up to 5:30 on the video