Friday, 25 November 2016

Another Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡·一個人 Reunion with Puff 郭雪芙 and Jasper 劉以豪 at H&M's Flagship store Opening Party

All the big names were out to play on Friday night in Ximending, Taipei at H&M's party for the launch of their biggest flagship store in Asia. Guests included Gui Gui. Nikki Hsieh, Jian Manshu, Cindy Lien, Nick Chou, Yoga Lin and of course, my favourite pairing in the world, Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo. Ahhhh, I just love these two!!! It's good to see them hanging out, even after all these years since Pleasantly Surprised. 

My favourite of all group selfies from the night would have to be this one. What a winner!

Elle Magazine also got this shot. Puff's puffer-fish selfie face always makes me laugh.

And I always love a good Instagram, so it was good to see Jasper post a group photo onto his Instagram.

And of course, there are the professional modelling shots that were taken on the night...I must say that while I usually like Puff's style, I was totally bewildered by her out outfit of choice. But Puff's cool confident nature and natural beauty always make any outfit stand out in a good way. 

Jasper went with a much more conservative and suave look, which suited him. But he's such a good looking guy that it's hard to say when he's ever worn something that hasn't suited him before. 

Personally, when I see photos of this pair, it makes me happy knowing that of all his co-stars, Jasper still seems to share the closest friendship with Puff. It seems that their friendship circles and industry experience still have them running into each other every now then.

You can read more about the H&M Flagship store opening here and here.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Morning Call 輕晨電 to release 6 Years 3 Nights Photo Book Relating to their concert

Morning Call have decided to release a photo book that relates to their concert (6 Years and 3 Nights) new song and film clip (To Drift Towards the Waves 漂浪之向). Working with their usual photographer and Jasper's old friend, Mambo Key, the book will be released just in time for their annual Taiwanese Tour. Can't wait!

Here are some shots of the book in progress on Morning Call's Facebook page:

Monday, 7 November 2016

Morning Call 輕晨電 release Official MV for new song, To Drift Towards the Waves 漂浪之向

Yay! Morning Call have released a new song, along with an official music video which features all the band members on a relaxing beach trip. It's a more casual take on the band than their previous music videos.

Before the MV was released they released a teaser, which also outlines their tour dates for this year. The tour is much shorter than their previous two, which makes me think that maybe Jasper might have more dramas lined up for next year...More on the tour in upcoming post.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

New Drama Announcement: Rumours of Yes! Queen Yes! 女王 with Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 and Baron Chen 陳楚河?

Another drama announcement I want to make is the adaptation of the book Yes! Queen into a drama series. There has been rumours floating around that the female lead will go to Ivy Shao, with one image circulating around the net between fans as a promotional shot for the series. 

In addition to this (although I don't know how far fetched this is) the male lead was said to be Baron Chen! I don't think I've reported much on Baron since the end of Bromance when I went on my drama break, but he suffered an injury while doing his post Bromance Chinese reality show, Extraordinary Partners. This not only saw him pull out of the show, but also other projects he had lined up in China. If he had this project in the line-up in Taiwan, it could have also been put on hold....So to date, there's been no confirmation for the show except for rumours. 

According to reports, the show was due to replace Swimming Battle which finished on Friday night. However, there hasn't been any update as of yet about it, which is quite worrying. It would be great to see Ivy on the small screen again...and I think there would be great potential since Marcus Chang would be on a show at the same time and people shipped them majorly in Back to 1989 due to the constant rumours that they were dating and ended up sharing a steamy kiss at the wrap up party. I feel like Sanlih haven't really capitalised on the star power of the 2 new stars of 2016 that gave them the first show to break 3 (in TV ratings) in years! In fact they probably should have put them into another show together...but both actors might have requested for that not to happen to cull further rumours.

Anyway, other stars have been linked to the project...including JR who may know from Refresh Man and Murphy's Law of Love (Both dramas I disliked)...guess we'll just have to keep our eyes out for any further developments!

More information? A blog post has been compiling information about the potential show in the works here

Friday, 4 November 2016

New Drama Announcement: Behind Your Smile 浮士德的微笑 with Marcus Chang 張立昂 and Eugenie Liu 劉奕兒

I've been soooo busy for much of this year that I must admit that I fell off the drama bandwagon a bit, especially since I wasn't interested in Prince of Wolf and Swimming Battle, the two dramas that have dominated Taiwanese TV for the past quarter of the year. But with both shows wrapping up, I'm thrilled to announce some upcoming projects with actors I do like!

Behind Your Smile 浮士德的微笑 has a full fledged marketing campaign behind it and is set to hit the small screen shortly. The male lead will be the lovable Marcus Chang, and across from him, Eugenie Liu 劉奕兒. If that name sounds familiar, its because her name was linked with Darren Wang shortly after Our Times came out. Although they both denied it, the news has followed her for much of 2015-2016. I'm not particularly drawn Eugenie, but I am looking forward to seeing Marcus back in action again.

NOTE: The early synposis I found below is incorrect - it is NOT a supernatural story. The series is actually a revenge genre story - A seemingly cold businessman seeks revenge on the CEO who destroyed his family, but falls in love with her daughter in the process. Read an analysis of the series (with spoilers) here.

By the looks of all the press releases, the story line focuses on a supernatural plot, following a 32 year old man without a soul. As a result of a curse, Marcus' character, Zhao Yi Ting, is an immortal, who is unable to reincarnate and forced to roam the earth listlessly, toying with the greedy tendencies of man. But he's fated to cross paths with Eugenie's character, Lei Xin Yu, the only daughter of an affluent property developer, who is met with some terrible fortune and finds herself in a very hostile world. Slowly, he finds himself drawn to her more than he's ever been drawn to anyone before. What will happen next? The story is based on the German legend of Faust, a story about a man who sells his soul to the devil for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.

The Director of the drama also directed Bromance and Someone Like You. As much as I liked Megan and Baron together, and appreciate all the romantic situations they were put in....I'm not exactly a fan of the stories he's directed. I haven't watched Someone Like You, but I heard it was as messy and full of plot-holes as Bromance. Both were also reasonably dramatic...Here's hoping Behind Your Smile is a much better project than the last two!

Interested in the drama? More photos below...And you can read the original articles here and here.