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Wrap Up Party for Pleasantly Surprised! 喜歡·一個人殺青酒!

This one snuck up too quickly on me and I'll be sad that there's no longer Plesantly Surprised to look forward to every week :( It looks like the cast and crew had fun though celebrating the end of their filming schedule at Yun Fu Lou 永福樓 restaurant in Taipei.

Being the fun cast and crew, they did get up to some mischief with Lene and Puff sharing a kiss and Lene teaching the boys how to twerk...

I guess that's how they got a bit of the old paparazzi following them with ridiculous gossip about Puff getting too drunk and Jasper and Lene having a fling. (Jasper and Lene are just friends who are represented by the same agency and Lene has a boyfriend.) I guess they just didn't have anything to report that day, huh?

A shame since this cast are so tight knit. But I don't think they cared all that much about the rumours, Surprisingly though, most of the video footage of the party I could find were all gossipy...The only positive and realistic recording of the good bye party can be found here from 19:00. I've translated it, since it was pretty short. 

Commentator: Sanli's popular Friday drama, Pleasantly Surprised, lasted nearly half a year with all the crew working hard filming the series. At long last, it has come to an end. Co-operating day and night, for a long time, allowed this drama crew to develop really good relationships. At the Goodbye feast, everyone not only grasped the time gathering together, but Jasper Liu, led Jolin Chien and Sean Lee, to joke around performing ...(Haven't finished translating the commentator's bit and the bit where Lene teaches the guys to twirk...Sorry for the small screenshots...If a better version of this video can be found, please let me know and I can make better screenshots for you.)

Puff: No...Because, actually, really... because actually during this time, because of my matters, because I still had other jobs (outside of the drama), so often just, that is, perhaps I delayed (filming)...Right... When filming the drama, I would get stuck (with my lines). Then perhaps I delayed everyone's filming time....So I feel very embarrassed. Then, somtimes I was actually tired...

Here, Jasper reaches out, trying to grab the microphone from Puff to say something, but Puff isn't done and just keeps talking though she notices what Jasper is trying to do and laughs. Jasper laughs at Puff's persistence to keep talking.

Puff: That is, I was a bit weak/ exhausted....Then while filming, my condition wasn't all that good. Actually, I really feel very bad about this...I feel very embarrassed about this... right. 

Jolin, joking: Nah, Everytime you got off work, I also took a holiday. I felt very happy. 

Puff is hanging onto the microphone loosely and Jasper takes hold of it from her.

Jasper, joking around too: Right. Actually, we all have to thank Puff. She allowed me to have a lot of free time, so I could go to the He Bin Park or Bei Hai Tunnel (Taiwanese tourist attractions). (Puff is laughing quite a bit here putting her head to her forehead as if to say, guuuyyyssss! She also jokingly hits Jasper). That is, I went for a ride, (things) like that. I really was very happy!

Puff, jokingly exasperated: Thank you!

Jasper, being more serious now: Nah, I feel that filming a drama really is a social interaction/ co-operation with other people. Communication with other people, actually needs more gradual adaptation, co-ordination and personal understanding of unvoiced opinions (which comes after a long period of contact...Jasper only uses two words that means all that in English. Haha). Or everyone, together, just including each other. So I feel actually getting along (with everyone), extremely happy. So (you) don't need to think too much about this, actually. (He means that Puff doesn't need to overthink all her mistakes...He had fun filming with her and everyone. Such nice comforting words!!!)

Commentator: With Jasper Liu, the leading male, being comforting, it allowed Puff to successfully let go of the stone in her heart (the burden she was carrying). Also, as the crew of Pleasantly Surprised have recieved this large degree of welcome/ acceptance/ love, both the leads definately did not forget to be grateful to fans supporting (the show) throughout the journey.

Jasper: I really thank everyone for their support over these 5 months from episode 1, continuously until now, our series' conclusion. Really, thank you all of you because without you guys, we wouldn't (be able to) create such a good series. So...Lastly, it's become from 'liking one person' to 'liking every person' (He uses the Chinese title of Pleasantly Surprised, which is literally 'To Like a Person.' It makes more sense in Chinese because you don't have to change the words to make it make sense :D). I feel really, extremely touched. Thank you, everyone!

He bows...and then carefully passes the microphone to Puff.

Puff: OK. Thank you to every one of the Pleasantly Surprised fans. Some fans would go to our filming location to find us. This was actually very difficult/ a lot of effort for them, because they could be waiting from morning to night, for instance. Actually, we would be very worried. So everyone should be aware of their own safety.

Commentator: With Puff and Jasper's warm words of gratitude towards their fans, this has allowed Pleasantly Surprised to leave on a touching note.

End of translation. Aw, I love these guys and miss them now that the show is completed!

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Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡·一個人 Final Episode 22 Behind the Scenes Translations

Hi guys, I realised that the series has now ended and that I did miss quite a few translations due to my visit to the fan meet. I'll be doing them at a leisurely pace from now on, still on this blog. Feel free to continue reading.

My Favourite bit is this bit...

But let's start from the start, shall we? :)

1. Da Zhi and Bao Zhu Jie Kiss Scene
[Pink caption: Filming the Da Zhi Bao Zhu Jie Kiss Scene]
Yorke: Brushing my teeth 
-Cuts to Ba Yu and Yorke in the same scene-
Yorke: Does it (my breath) smell good?
Blows into her face
Ba Yu: Very good!
Ba Yu: Yep, very good!
Yorke: Very good, OK. So in a moment...I'll be kissing and at the same time...(making strange movements with his mouth and like he's going to breath into her)...
[Pink caption pointing to Yorke: Not serious]
Ba Yu, covering her mouth and laughing: Very Disgusting!
-Cuts to Yorke and Ba Yu talking to the camera-
Yorke: Just discussed the ending with the director
Yorke: Seems like we really have to...
Ba Yu: Really have to "go for it"
Yorke, nods: Really have to go for it
Yorke [white and purple caption]: Live ammunition (That means, really give the goods. Or in this case, really perform the kiss)
Ba Yu to Yorke: Then can you accept this?

Yorke, quickly: I can, I can!
Ba Yu, hitting him on the shoulder and looking at him in a testing manner: Can you do that with me...?
Yorke, quickly again: I can I can
Yorke, looking in her direction: Absolutely no problem
---hahaha, Can I just say I love these guys! There's something really awesome and natural and down to earth about their relationship off-screen. If they're not attached, I'd totally ship these 2!!!---
Yorke: Extremely willing to do it

Ba Yu is smiling wryly at the camera, looking subtly happy.
Yorke: I feel privileged
Ba Yu keeps biting back a smile, trying not to look too extremely happy, though she so is!!!
[Black and white thinking bubble coming from Ba Yu: His mouth is really sweet (meaning that The words coming out from his mouth are really sweet!)]

Yorke to Ba Yu: Thank you to you for letting me have this opportunity (hahaha, who would have thought Yorke is such a sweetheart!)

Camera person to Ba Yu [Blue caption]: Bao Zhu Jie, What time does your husband come home?
Yorke chokingly coughs [Yellow caption: !!]

Ba Yu: About to come home quickly! (Not sure if they're making a joke of Ba Yu's husband (Is Ba Yu married in real life?! Hrmm, I think she might be actually:( Aw, I liked these two together!) or her ex-husband in the show...)
Ba Yu: (He'd) Hit your head so hard it'd break
Yorke: I wonder that when I'm dreaming will I still be dreaming about...
Yorke: That is...
Yorke: My head is that drum...And then...
Yorke starts doing a motion hitting a drum kit and Ba Yu follows hitting an invisible drum madly with a silly expresion
[Yellow and green person icon and caption: Ba Yu's husband: Am I really that scary?! (So I'm guessing she is married!)]

Both Ba Yu and Yorke break out laughing
-Cuts to Yorke turning and talking to Ba Yu-
Yorke: Actually, I'm very nervous (laughs)
Ba Yu: I am too
Yorke: I feel like when the time comes, my face will definately be extremely red!
-Cuts to the filming of the scene-
Camera crew: Two...
Yorke, as Da Zhi, is leaning down towards Ba Yu, as Bao Zhu Jie, who is backed up against the wall. He's supporting his position arm out against the wall. And in the scene, I think he's just said to Bao Zhu Jie, "When are you going to eat me up? Or will I have to eat you up?" bahahaha.
Ba Yu, as Bao Zhu Jie, to Da Zhi: That won't do...
Ba, Yu as Bao Zhu Jie, grabs Yorke's collar and pulls him into a passionate make-out session.
It's funny through because Yorke's head is at too much of an angle and looks awkward. But they're passionately making out as their characters anyway. She's still yanking his collars closer to her and then slipping her arms around his neck and he's rubbing his hands around her back.

Director: Stop!
Crew member: Is it ok?
Ba Yu and Yorke pull away immediately and are laughing very hard, still holding onto each other though, because it looks like they'll actually fall to the ground from laughing so hard if they don't!
Director: Cut!
Ba Yu, shaking her hands [Pink caption]: My Mother! (A bit like saying OMG!)
Ba Yu is walking around shaking her hands from nerves and shyness. She's really, really red. She returns back to her spot, her hand over her mouth...Yorke who is across from her is looking pretty dazed and red too.
[Black caption pointing to both Ba Yu and Yorke: Both their faces are extremely red]
Ba Yu is sheepishly laughing and looking away and pushing hair behind her ear. Yorke is sheepishly laughing too...
-Cut to take two of filming the kiss scene-
Ba Yu, as Bao Zhu Jie: That won't do...

This time she grabs Yorke's collars with a yank and then moves her arms around his neck. Yorke's head is in a less awkward position and kissing down on her more naturally, and his arms go around her more quickly. But still a little awkward because it seems like he doesn't know where to put his hands. One hand awkwardly strokes her head...and the other is somewhere around her shoulders.
Director: Stop!

-Cuts to Ba yu and Yorke taking a break-
Ba Yu is leaning against the wall fanning herself with her hand.
[Pink bubbble captions: Shy, shy, shy, shy!]
Ba Yu: My face is very red!
Yorke: You feel suffocated (can also mean "You're choking with resentment"), right?
Ba Yu: Am I? I don't know (puts hand on Yorke's shoulder as he pretends to look distressed and laughs)
[Pink and white caption: Brain has blanked out]
Yorke: When she kisses, she feels like this...(makes a Ba Yu head with his hand to show what he's about to explain)...This is the mouth and then it's like this...(Yorke is full making out with his hand, as Ba Yu's head and closing his eyes, Ba Yu is laughing hard, leaning against Yorke's shoulder for support and ducking behind him from laughing.)
Director [Blue caption]: They have to kiss again...They have to kiss again...
-Cuts to the filming of the scene when KQ walks in to Da Zhi and Bao Zhu Jie making out-
Crew member: 5,4,3,2...
Yorke, as Da Zhi, is pretending to full make out with Ba Yu, as Bao Zhu Jie and Puff, as KQ, walks in looking all scandalised. Puff, as KQ, feigns a loud cough....but Da zhi and Bao Zhu Jie keep going.
[White and pink thinking bubble caption coming from Puff: How could they not notice me?!]
Puff, as KQ, coughs to the point that Za Zhi and Bao Zhu Jie start to break apart.
[Pink caption pointing to Puff: Coughing using extreme strength]
Ba Yu, as Bao Zhu Jie, jumps back: Aghhh! Kai Qi!
-Cuts to Puff talking to the camera-
Puff, making a face [Blue and white caption]: I coughed until my throat was extremely in pain!
Puff: I wanted to say "How is there still not a reaction (from these guys)?!" She feigns coughing again to show how she was coughing.
Puff: It took a long time!
Puff laughs
Yorke: I already looked (at Ba Yu) for a extremely long time
Yorke is laughing, but Ba Yu is laughing so hard that she's doubled over and eaning on Yorke's arm.
Puff: I already coughed until...(Puff is waving her hands frantically)
Puff: I wanted to say when will they give me a reaction?! (Puff laughs)
Yorke: Because Kai Qi saw me and laughed...I started laughing too! (Yorke laughing)
-Cuts to new scene, Yorke talking to the camera-
Yorke: It's finished!
Yorke, turning to Ba Yu: Are we finished with this scene?
Ba Yu, holding out her arms to hug Yorke: You were cool

Yorke, hugging Ba Yu back: Thank you!

-Cuts to Yorke and Ba Yu walking out-
Yorke [Red and Yellow caption]: I feel like I've earned (a new level of) maturity
-Cuts to Yorke trying to say something to the camera and Ba Yu talking over him in the background-
Ba Yu [Pink caption]: He finally tasted wisdom and beauty..
Yorke: It's just like...
Ba Yu [Blue caption]: Gathering all of one's saliva
-Cuts to Yorke and Ba Yu talking to the camera side by side-
Ba Yu: My impressions/ thoughts of acting a kissing scene with him was...
Ba Yu [Pink and white caption]: Tender meat really is delicious (meaning a young and new "lover" is really is the most passionate)
Yorke bursts out laughing and Ba Yu laughs too leaning onto Yorke's shoulder.
Yorke [red and white caption]: Say what?!

2. The crew learn to do sexy dancing
[Pink and white caption: The crew are having 'sexy dance time']
Sean to Ba Yu, grinning: You should share with everyone
Sean: Otherwise only we will see it
Ba Yu puts her arms in the air and shakes hips and then her and Zooey burst out laughing.
[Purple and white caption: Extremely high as a person by herself]
Ba Yu is laughing really hard, but the camera pans over to where Sean, Stanley, Lene and the rest of the crew are laughing too.
Sean: Give us another one
Ba Yu [Yellow caption]: I dont know (anymore)!
Someone's suggestion in the background: Do a figure 8! ...5,6,7,8
Ba Yu is dancing around on the spot and suddenly breaks out into another dance.
[Yellow and blue caption: Obviously knows very well (how to do the dance)]
Someone counting in the background: 1,2,3,4,5...
Ba Yu is getting really into it, moving her body in a wriggly motion with her arms creating a figure 8 shape and laughing really hard. The camera pans over to the crew who are watching and also laughing quite hard (Zooey is laughing and pointing and Stanley has doubled over from laughing).
Lene, impressed: You have very good creative abilities, eh!
Deyn, giving a thumbs up sign and grinning : I feel it's extremely cool!
Ba Yu: Is the feel of the dance very good?
Sean: Really
Lene: Extremely cool
[Pink and yellow thinking bubble caption coming from Ba Yu: I already know. Don't keep praising me...]

Sean: Rhythm is very good
Deyn: Extremely good
Ba Yu poses with her hands on hip with the air of a dancing champion
Someone calls out [White and yellow caption]: Can you do a sexy dance?
Ba Yu, walks away [Red caption]: I don't know how
-Cuts to Ba Yu dancing in front of the camera again-
She's swaying her body back and forth, a bit like a worm or Mr Bean. Again being very silly and funny and laughing.
[Blue caption: Are you sure this really gives a 'sexy' feel?!]
Ba Yu puts one hand up on her head and one hand behind her back
Ba Yu: From the head to the back is just like this...Very small waves
Someone in the background: Stand and squat down (twirk)
Ba Yu: Stand and squat (twirk) down adding a wave. Ok
Ba Yu: Prepare. Start.
Ba Yu gets into a squating position from where she was standing and then rising back up doing an awkward body wave. The crew are all laughing and clapping.
Deyn and others: How is it (that we are give) a type of...
Deyn [Blue and white caption]: 'fish making a big splash' (type of) feeling
Everyone is laughing
-Cuts to Lene coming up to Ba Yu-
Someone talking: Lene, go set an example
Someone else to Lene: That's you!
Stanley: The real twirking queen
[Yellow and white caption: Lene's twirking tutorial]

Lene: When you squat down, your ass has to first be be raised/ standing out
Ba Yu: Ok
Lene, repeats and bends a little to start demonstration: Your ass has to first be be raised/ standing out
Lene squats down
Lene: And then when you get up, it's also your ass that goes up first.
Lene demonstrates by raising herself up into a bend
Lene: Get up...
She then raises her ass...---haha, notice all the guys are watching mesmerised :P?---
Lene: Until there's no way for you to get further up, (then your) body gets up
[Pink and white caption pointing to Lene's body and ass: Very flexible!]
Lene: Only then can you have that wave
Lene starts doing a slow, seductive body roll, much to the cheering of all the crew watching.
Sean: The twirking queen
-Cuts to Ba Yu giving it a go-
Ba Yu: I can twirk, eh
Lene, guiding Ba Yu by pressing her lower back down:  This side has to curve a bit
Lene: Curve
Ba Yu: It's can't raise
Lene: Your ass must be really raise, right?
Lene: You must (do this) until the very end
Ba Yu [Blue and white caption]: I've arrived!! (at the end)
Lene: To the floor already?
Lene: This quickly and you're there already
Lene is tapping Ba Yu on her lower back, while Ba Yu is in a squat.
Lene: And then your ass has to be raised/ sticking out
Lene: Raised
Lene: The ass first has to be raised.
Ba Yu to Lene: I have raised it already!
[Black and white thinking bubble of everyone watching: Like this... how is this 'raised'?!]
Getting up, Ba Yu stumbles and it looks like the whole motion is difficult for her as she and everyone are laughing about it.
Lene: Waist needs to be curved
Ba Yu gets up giving up, laughing. Lene is laughing pretty hard at Ba Yu's failed attempt.
Lene [Purple and Green caption]: I feel like you should have Spondylitis Ankylosans (Some kind of disease which gives you stiffness)

Ba Yu: I can't quite catch the essence (of your movements)!
Lene goes back to demonstrating.
Lene: That is, your ass needs to be sticking out, right?
Lene: And then you watch (what I'm doing with) my waist (Demonstrates motions as she speaks and points)
Ba Yu is squating with her ass sticking out.
Ba Yu: Like this? (Ba Yu rises and it's in the correct position)

Lene, excited: Right, right, right, right!
[Black caption pointing to Ba Yu: Are we preparing to fly?]
Lene: Correct. Must bow and stick it out
Lene: Right!
Lene is laughing at Ba Yu's funny expression, especially when she springs up and does a pose hand on hip.
Lene: Correct! Just like this
Ba Yu does a funny wriggle.
Sean: Zooey, your turn!
-Cuts to Zooey crouching on thr ground with Lene guiding her-
[Blue and red caption: Squatting very courageously]
Lene: Stick out your ass. Are you pooing?

Everyone is laughing watching Zooey with her troll face.
Lene has gone around to poke at Zooey's back.
Lene: Stick out your ass...
Lene places one hand flat on Zooey's back and tries to pussh her ass up.
Lene: Your ass must stick out first
Everyone is laughing because Zooey isn't moving and Lene is patting her ass, like one would do to a donkey to get it to move.
Lene: Lift!
Everyone is laughing as Lene tries to figure out how to get Zooey to understand what she's talking about. Lene is pretty much pushing against the small of Zooey's back.
Yorke: Is this sticking out/ lifting?
Ba Yu, pointing and laughing: It is!
Yorke: You don't have sex appeal, you (look) too much like you're pooing...
Lene, guiding Zooey gently wih her hands: Here, curve in over here
Zooey is trying to bend: Owwwwwww (This is the same sound as the word for 'bend/curve' in Chinese)
The others are laughing
Yorke: Yell out
Lene is trying very hard to get Zooey to create the 'curve' with her lower back. She's resorted to putting both hands on Zooey's shoulders and shoving her knee into the small of Zooey's back.
Zooey: Owwwww
Everyone is laughing and yelling. Lene has one hand pressed down on Zooey's lower back, finally in the way she wants and then she pats Zooey's ass.
Lene: Ok, ass up (pat, pat, pat)
Lene: Up, up, up, up, up
Zooey slowly rises with her lower back and backside moulded into the form that Lene wants...
Zooey in a troll voice: Up, up, up, up, up, up, up...
Lene: Body rises up
Zooey (still continuing on with her 'Ups' and raising her body): Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up!
Zooey rises and she has her eyes rolled back and roars and looks like a 'dinosaur' again.
[White and blue caption: How did she change back into a dinosaur!?]

Everyone laughs and claps.
Deyn [Green and white caption]: Tyrannosaurus rex growth
Lene, laughing: Is this the birth of a type of Tyrannosaurus?
Verna, laughing: So, so funny
Zooey, lightly punching her back: My waist/lower back really hurts!
Everyone laughs
-Cuts to Stanley in the forefront-
Verna: Head Chef's turn
Sean: Xiao Shu (Stanley's character) is the representative for us guys.
Sean: Just then, I didn't learn (the moves) seriously
Verna: No matter!
Stanley: You are truely the...
Stanley: Isn't he the twirking/ Standing and squating king?
Ba Yu: He is!
Stanley: But when it's time to kick in (publicly perform), he's not the twirking king...
Verna [Gold caption]: Let's give him a pair of high heels!
Stanley: Right!
Stanley: Let's lend him a pair of high heels!
Verna: Over there is a pair!
Sean: It'll be damaged (widened) by me (my feet)
Lene is taking off her heels and setting them on the ground by Sean's feet.
Lene: Nahh, You can curve (your back) this way (by wearing the heels)
Sean: I feel they won't fit/ I can't wear them
[Black caption pointing to Sean: His mouth says "I don't think it'll fit" yet he's starting to take off his shoes]

Stanley steps in to talk to the camera:
Stanley: You see, on one side, says he'll definately not fit into it. And then he starts taking off his shoes (to try them on)
Zooms back to Sean shoving a foot into the heels
Sean: Tempted to try them on
Stanley: That is, from the mouth says "I don't want to," yet from the heart...
Everyone chuckles at Sean's actions.
Stanley: Can't fit into them?
Sean: You see?
Sean: They're too small!
-Cuts to Sean in the crouching postion getting ready to stand and twirk-
Lene: Stick out the ass

Sean: That's the most it'll stick out
Lene: And then curve...must curve...
Lene: When the ass sticks out.
Lene [Orange caption]: Curve must out a waist!? (She's mixed up her words from repeating the instructions so often)
Lene: Waist must...what?
Lene: Waist must turn out a curve
Verna, laughing: Curve must out a waist
Lene, laughing: Waist must turn out a curve
Sean, hands on back, crouching: Not possible ---he kinda looks like a chicken!---
Sean gets up pressing his back, limping, looking exaggerated.
Sean: Spondylitis Ankylosans
Everyone is laughing
Ba Yu, stepping up: And you dared to laugh at me!
Ba Yu, laughing: I feel that you really were lacking the high heels.
[White and yellow thinking bubble caption from Sean: Because I was missing the high heels...]
Ba Yu, hitting Sean on the arm, laughing: And you dared to laugh at me!
Sean: Heyyy, but I'm a guy ---haha, terrible argument Sean. It's the modern world. Guys should twirk too :P---
Sean, laughing: Why do I want to do this action for anyway?!
-Cuts to Zooey-
Zooey: Flicking your hair
Lene pointing to Puff: She fairly unable to toss her hair back
Puff is smiling and still flickering her hair to the wind. Because it's Puff, it's like a sultry move.
Someone says: This is very sexy.

Puff is still smiling and flicking her hair and running her hand through her hair.
Everyone talking all at once: Very sexy. Kai Qi, do the twirk/ stand and squat. Enthusiam for a big stretch
Puff does the twirk very quickly and everyone cheers and wolf whistles.
[Pink caption: Well, she really is the sexy, beauty of the day]

Puff is grinning at the camera while the crew are still cheering and wolf whistling.
Ba Yu: You guys do it very naturally! (Referring to Puff and Lene)
Ba Yu: (You guys) Completely don't need tutorials
Ba Yu to Puff: Normally, at home, do you practice regularly?
Puff to Ba Yu, doing the mini motions quickly: Right...Every day....
She does some bends
Puff, laughing: Everyday 10 times
-Cuts to Puff doing strange cat-paw/dinosaur-claw like motions with her arms by her chest-
Ba Yu, laughing: Why would you do that?!
Zooey is making her dinosaur claws again
Puff: At this side by my chest...I'd very much like to...
Zooey and Ba Yu do the same motions with the dinosaur claws
Ba Yu: When you squat down it's like you're doing this...
Puff: It's obviously on the side where your waist is (that you curve your body to twirk)...why is it where your chest is?!
Zooey: Eh? It is on the side where your waist is?
Puff sounds confused: Of course!
Zooey: Dinosaur?
Puff sticks out her ass with hands in little claws.
Puff: Dinosaurs are like this. Dinosaurs are here.
Puff: Like this way
Zooey, her arms in their bend position, waggling her fingers: Their hands are very short!
Puff: Because their don't have a long chest!
Zooey, like a little kid [Green and purple caption]: So that's why they had no way to feed themselves when eating!
Puff is laughing loudly, as is Ba Yu.

Ba Yu, imitating the little claws: No way to peel melon seeds (A popular snack in Asia)
Ba Yu pretends to have trouble feeding herself. Zooey does it too, rolling her eyes and pretending to not be able to eat despite trying to munch.
[Yellow captions across Ba Yu and Zooey: Can't eat it, can't eat it]

Puff, laughing: Zooey Tseng, very ugly!
Zooey, pretending to throw seeds on the ground: Angry!
Zooey: Throw them away!
Zooey frees her arms out of dinosaur position and spins around
Sean [white caption]: Is your management company really going ok?! (As in her show biz managers, are they really treating her this normal behaviour?!)
Everyone laughs, even Jasper who was looking out of it a moment ago
[Rainbow captions: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...]
[Pink caption: Next chapter when we come back, Pleasantly Surprised finishes filming/ splits!]

3. The crew cacthing dragonfly
[Pink and white captions: The crew are a busy bunch of people]
Yorke: I'm telling you, catching a dragonfly has to be done like this
Yorke, arms drooping in front of him: You have to be a tree
Yorke, pointing a drooping arm in front of him: And then, you wait for them to fly over
-Cuts to Yorke and Zooey in frozen tree positions waiting for the dragonflies to come over-
Ba Yu: You have to hold (your positions)
Ba Yu: They're fast approaching! They're fast approaching!
Yorke: They're coming close to us
Yorke: They think we're trees

Ba Yu starts wacking Zooey in the side with her rolled up script.
[Red and blue caption: I want to chop down the tree]
Ba Yu wacks Zooey more and Zooey makes a crumbling pose and does her dinosaur rawr, turning around to face Ba Yu, making both Yorke and Ba Yu laugh.
[Pink caption pointing to Zooey: Turned into a dinosaur again]
Ba Yu, laughing: How? What?
Zooey [Blue and white caption]: Why won't they stop and land?
Camera person, laughing: You also haven't stopped
Camera person, laughing: Continuously going crazy
Zooey, joking defensive: I have!
Zooey, laughing: I just stopped for awhile, you know?
-Cuts to Zooey walking back-
Camera person: Did you catch it?
Zooey: I couldn't catch it
-Cuts to Zooey and Yorke back out in the field, putting plastic bags or nets or something in the bushes-
[Pink and white caption pointing to Zooey: Hasn't given up yet!]
Yorke to camera: She thought of this method to catch the dragonflies

Zooey and Yorke are walking around with giant white plastic bags waving them in the air when Yorke trips and falls.
[Purple caption: Falls!]
Yorke rolls down the hill and Zooey is laughing

-Cuts to Yorke crouching on the ground-
Zooey, excited squealy voice: He caught one!
[Yellow and blue caption: So turns out you need to fall first to catch a dragonfly]

-Cuts to Yorke with a dragonfly on his hand and Sean, Deyn, Lene, Stanley and Zooey around him watching-
Sean: Dares to quickly handle and set free the creature
Lene: Hurry up...
Lene: Now it looks like it's fainted
Zooey, Lene and everyone lean in closer to get a look
[White and yellow caption: Everyone examines the dragonfly]
Sean: It's legs are still moving
Zooey: It has hairs!
Stanley: It does
Lene: It does have hairs
The camera zooms up to the dragonfly
-Cuts to Yorke walking away with the dragonfly-
Lene calling out to Yorke: You have to be careful!
Lene: In a moment you have to remember to come back
Zooey: Just then, in order to catch it (the dragonfly), he (Yorke) fell
Sean, teasingly calling out to Yorke too [Blue caption]: Don't fall down!

Sean and Deyn are laughing
Lene to Zooey, laughing: Did he really fall down?!
They repay Yorke's fall in slow motion before cutting back to the crew talking.
[Black caption pointing to Sean and Lene who are laughing: The child's parents]
Sean: Didn't I just tell (you)...?
Sean: Don't fall down, ok?
Lene: He should/ probably will...How could he fall down?! He rolled in a circle

4. The crew mucking around in between shoots
Yorke is swaying dancing, Ba Yu standing behind him hitting him with her rolled up script and Sean in standing in front of Yorke back to the camera.
[Orange caption: What are you guys doing?!]
Camera zooms down to Stanley, talking to the camera
Stanley: This whole...whole crew is very busy...
Stanley: It's not one person that's busy
Stanley, grinning: It's a group of busy people
Camera person: That one is also busy
Camera zooming to Lene stretching by herself
Stanley, agreeing: That's one busy person
Camera person: Correct
Stanley: You see... (Lene strangely stretching by herself)
[Blue and yellow thinking bubble caption from Sean: Are you still ok?]
Stanley: Also is busy
Stanley: Obviously it's our cute Sous Chef...but you see her now being so busy....(Looks past Lene). You see. They're at it again...
The camera moves to Ba Yu and Yorke dancing around and skipping and waving their arms like wings.
[Yellow and white caption: Flying bird, butterfly, two person team, what exactly are they busy doing?!]
Ba Yu and Yorke skip an entire circle around the rest of their team waving/flapping their arms.
Camera person: Oh god
Camera person jokingly to Stanley: When you're filming, how much pressure are you under exactly? (Implying that the whole team are so stressed they've gone nuts)
Stanley turns around to answer, grinning: A lot of pressure
Stanley points: You see? Those two have lost it
The camera zooms in to Ba Yu and Stanley still skipping in the background.
[Blue caption: Filmed dramas until they went crazy!!]

Sean (For some reason says): ...Entomologists...(Probably part of a conversation they;ve been having in the background)
Ba Yu and Yorke stop skipping, out of breath and are laughing.

5. The last day of filming for Pleasantly Surprised
[Pink and white caption: The last day of filming for Pleasantly Surprised}
----Even though the show ended almost a month ago, watching this makes me feel sad! And reminds me of how awesome it was going to the fan meet and seeing these guys in real life!---
The camera is focused on Jolin and Ba Yu in the frame, holding their expressions for a scene.
Director: Stop. Ok
Jolin whispering to the camera with a grin: Are we finished yet?
Jolin goes up close to whisper some more to the camera with hand hiding his mouth.
---hehe, Jolin is so cute---
Jolin whispering to the camera again [Pink and white caption: No one has discovered that I've finished my scenes (forever) for this drama]
Director: Hao Wei and Kai more...
Director: Ian Chen (Guest star who is the singer of the openning song) also no more lines.
Jolin is still in his mysterious. cheeky whisper pose.

[Pink caption pointing to Jolin: Anitipcating!]

Director: People inside the restaurant are just about ok
Director: Yong Qian (This is Sean's character name, but I usually just call him Head Chef because that's what the characters call him)....Le Xuan are both here, right?
Lene: Right
Jolin, whispering to the camera again: Sooo....
Jolin [Blue caption]: Still no one wants to shout it out?!
-Cuts to Jolin and Ian standing looking innocently when the director walks past-
Director: What are you guys waiting for?
Jolin, pleasant face: Waiting to tell them if we've finished...
Jolin grins hopefully, like an eager dog.
Director laughs: Woohhhh (Sound expressing sudden recognition in Chinese)
Director chuckling [Yellow and purple caption: Director says...]: Wait a moment, wait a moment

Jolin and Ian laugh, repeating what the director says: Wait a moment...
Camera person, laughs: Continue waiting
Jolin and Ian are grinning, crossing their arms.
-Cuts to Jolin talking to the camera, Ian next to him-
Jolin: Very complicated feelings
Camera person: Why?
Jolin, looking torn, wrinkling his nose: That is, I really want to finish/end, and really don't want to finish/end
Camera person: Then do you definately want to finish/end or not?
Jolin lets out a big sigh.
Jolin: Half, half
Jolin: Really exactly half, half.

6. The End of Filming for the Crew!
The whole crew is gathered around Jasper and Puff, only these two are wearing their chef's uniforms, everyone else is in free dress. Jasper suddenly hoists Puff onto his back in a piggyback and Puff is laughing a lot. Zooey, Ba Yu, Yorke are making peace signs for the camera. Lene and Sean and looking and laughing at Jasper and Puff and leaning close to each other.
---Aw, Jasper and Puff will always be one of my favourite pairings and I absolutely love every member of this drama crew!---
[Blue and blacking thinking caption bubble from Jasper: If I don't get my revenge now, then I won't get the opportunity to do it]

Jasper is full bouncing Puff on his back, laughing a lot and Puff is laughing a lot too.

Puff slaps him playfully because he keeps bouncing her. Everyone is cheering, clapping, peace signing. A lot of yayyyyys from the crew!

Everyone is laughing and supporting Puff as Jasper puts her down.

-Cuts to Jasper and the crew shouting out that the filming for Pleasantly Surprised has ended-
Jasper [Yellow and white caption]: Pleasantly Surprised....

Puff loudly, and the rest of the crew [Red caption]: Has finished!!!!

---I just noticed something: Where is Jolin?!?! He was so excited for the ending too!!!---

The crew are cheering and dancing around and waving their arms at each other, high 5-ing and slapping each other's hands. What I think is cute is that Jasper has his back to Stanley and Stanley wraps his arms around Jasper's waist. ----Awww!----
[Gold caption: Finally waited up till this moment]

Everyone is spinning around high 5-ing and playfully slapping the other cast members. Puff and Jasper are very close next to each other. They both spin around and are very close together....---oooh, awkward closeness ;)---
-Cuts to a later scene of everyone playfully slapping everyone-
Stanley, Lene, Verna, Puff and Zooey turn to slap Jasper playfully.
[Blue and cream thinking bubble coming from Jasper: Why are you all hitting me?!]

Stanely, Lene and Puff, especially, keep hitting Jasper playfully until he stumbles back a little and they're all laughing hardcore :D
Verna, laughing: Xiao Shu (Stanley's character name) is so high
Stanley, dancing around on the spot and saying it in a sing-song voice: Xiao Shu is so high
Stanley is laughing and doing peace signs and waving his arms around.
Everyone is laughing and saying how high Xiao Shu is.
Jasper is laughing and patting Stanley on the shoulder.
-Cuts to the restaurant crew: Verna, Ba Yu, Stanley, Zooey, Deyn and Yorke in their uniforms-
Ba Yu yells out: Attention all directors! 1,2,3...
Everyone, whilst bowing [Gold caption]: For all 6 months we thank everyone! Everyone has worked hard/ A lot of effort from everyone!!!

The camera also shows that Lene is there in uniform. In fornt, Jasper is also there bowing and adding his voice and so too is Sean, in the background in his head chef uniform. (Puff has probably gone to film or to another commitment)
Ba Yu: Thank you!
Everyone is clapping.
Ba Yu, yelling out over the clapping: Thank you director!
Everyone, still clapping: Thank you director!
Ba Yu to the camera, and probably the audience: Thank you you guys! It's been a good effort from you!!!
[Black caption pointing to Verna's face: Secretly crying]

Verna sniffs, looks out the window to hide it and then looks back.
Ba Yu, yelling out over clapping again: Hope next time we get to work together again!
Verna, yells out: Thaaaannnnkkkk Yooouuuuuu!!!!
The crew and camera crew and everyone is cheering.
-Cuts to each of the crew members bowing to the camera and the audience-
Stanley, bowing: Good effort (This word they use in Chinese is literally: hardwork/suffered. But it's a word to show gratitude for effort and good/ hardwork. Jasper and Jolin said it to me at the fanmeet ^^)
Yorke, bowing: Good effort
Deyn, bowing: Good effort
Deyn pretends to have smashed his head on the camera...---hahaha, he's such a funny, friendly guy--- and he moves away rubbing his head.
Ba Yu makes kissy lips at the camera and they put a kissy sound effect on that.
Verna covers her eyes ( which are puffy from crying) with her hands and makes kissy lips at the camera too.
-Cuts to Sean standing at the door of the restaurant-
Sean [Blue and pink caption]: Ji Yong Qian/ Head Chef...Will always live on

He has such a troll, dramatic serious expression at the camera...then he moves back.
-Cuts to the Pleasantly Surprised crew (minus Puff) in their uniforms (except Jasper who is in free dress standing in a row outside the restaurant-
Jasper: Pleasantly Surprised (crew say)...
[Black caption pointing to Zooey and Stanley: Please notice]
Zooey and Stanley bow at this point, but all the other guys haven't bowed yet.
The crew: Thank you, it's been an honour!
Everyone bows, Zooey and Stanley who have just gotten up from bowing notice that everyone is now bowing. Zooey starts swinging her arms and laughing. So does Stanley.
[Red caption: Firing away]
The crew then notice and everone is laughing and chanting: Someone has stuffed up! (Let the bullet fly, literally)
Zooey is laughing and cringing.

Lene: It's after we say "Thank you, it's an honour!"
Lene: Otherwise no one can see you face
Camera person: One more time
-Cuts to the crew back in position-

Jasper: Pleasantly Surprised (crew say)...
The crew [Gold caption]: Thank you, it's been an honour!
They all take a final bow

Then they look up and smile, which is captured in a parting shot.

End of Translation...Thanks for reading! This was the BTS for the final episode which aired about a month ago. I'm going to try to go back to do some of the earlier BTS, but at a more leisurely pace. Thanks everyone :)