Monday, 27 February 2017

Nam Joo-Hyuk 남주혁 hosts Some Day official fan meet...and Lee Sung-Kyung 이성경 attends in support!

On Sunday Night, Nam Joo Hyuk held his Some Day official fan meet. There had been lots of pretty advertising from his agency YG, leading up to the event, and a lot of speculation from fans whether or not Lee Sung-Kyung would be there...

Nam Joo-Hyuk performed a couple of songs, sat for some questions and answers, met fans with a handshake and took photos with the crowd. The following content is not mine, but from fans who attended the fan meet (I would have looooved to go for those who know that I've been to a couple of Taiwanese fan meets...But I didn't have the time and also don't understand Korean, so all the fun would have been lost on me without subtitles!) There were support guests, such as his long-time friend and fellow actor, Ji-Soo (Strong woman Do Bong Soon)...see them rapping together below.

These photos were taken at the fan meet by members of his fan clubs who attended, you can find the pictures on the original Instagram accounts here: jeje_skwangur , namleearchieve , 222%

And for all you Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo fans out there, Lee Sung-Kyung was there in full support of Nam Joo-Hyuk. Fan meet attendees made some phone recordings of the moment when he mentioned that Bok Joo might be in the crowd, and fans went wild. He then proceeded to point her out while she tried to hide shyly. At some point he also asked her if their drink-sharing scene made her heart which Lee sung-Kyung playfully gave a thumbs up. Just how cute are these two?

Another thing that fans noticed was that Lee Sung Kyung was wearing a jacket that Nam Joo-Hyuk had previously worn before....This isn't the first time it's happened before, since they've both shared an instagram photo of them with the Lonely/Lovely jumper and the same denim jacket.... hmmm...why all this clothes sharing if they aren't a couple...

There are also some photos (taken by one of a producer) of both Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo- Hyuk at the same place backstage...which means they were hanging out! Unfortunately there's no selfie, but it's good to know that they were spending time together!

Fans also noticed that Lee Sung-Kyung was pretty close to the stage at that fan meet...but I guess she would naturally get a good seat due to her being a star, a good friend of Nam Joo-Hyuk and a YG model. It really was super sweet of her to support him even though the drama has ended. Are they a real couple? I can't say...but I love their close friendship to bits! So damn cute.

Lost Chloe 迷徒Chloe has a press conference featuring leads, Jasper Liu 劉以豪 and Nana Lee 李千娜

Haven't mentioned much about Jasper recently, but doesn't mean I haven't been following up on his news! Vidol, Sanlih's audio and live streaming platform for all things drama and idol, featured a live stream of a press conference with Jasper and Nana for their latest drama, Lost Chloe. Although I haven't watched any of it yet (I've been planning to, but I haven't been able to access the series yet as we don't have LINE TV where I am), the drama has been doing really well - it already had millions of viewers clicking in to check it out within the first couple of days it was released.

Here are some pictures and clips from the press conference! They both do look adorable, so can't wait to check out the series. Jasper plays a musician and the main love interest to Nana's character, Chloe, though she is also sorting through some other relationships and career problems as well. One of her other relationships in the series involves Chris Wu, so it should be interesting looking at this combination. Also, I always forget that Nana Lee is a mother to 2 teenage kids (from an early marriage and divorce in her teens) since she still looks like a petite 20-something girl....there are some seriously good genes there.

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