Monday, 30 May 2016

Magazine Scans: Jasper Liu 劉以豪 for the May issue of GQ Taiwan

Yaaasss. Why does Jasper always look amazing? He was the fashion shoot model for this month's issue of GQ Taiwan and got up to fun with some of his greatest friends - dogs :) I've included both the magazine pictures released by GQ Taiwan, as well as the actual magazine scans so you can bask in Jasper's cuteness.

Magazine Pictures

Magazine Scans

Puff Kuo 郭雪芙 for the April issue of Vinge 文森

Partly like a fashion magazine and partly like an art book, Vinge has the most ethereal and feminine photo shoots. Puff looked extremely fitting in pastel backgrounds with hand-crafted paper flower gardens. I haven't been able to find any scans, but Puff herself provided some behind the scenes shots via Instagram.

1989一念間 Back to 1989 Fan Meet and SPOP 華流 Signing Translation Summary

I didn't attend this fan meet obviously. But I will be going back in time (haha) to do a translation summary for this fan meet. Translation Summary = A translation that is not a line-by-line translation, but will cover a large portion of the event :) I really love the dynamics between Mini Tsai, Marcus Chang and Ivy Shao...All those mother and son jokes made me laugh so much!

Picture Spam: 1989一念間 Back to 1989's Mini Tsai 蔡黃汝, Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 and Marcus Chang 張立昂 for SPOP 華流 May

These 3 are simply beautiful. So it's no surprise that they were called in to do a photo shoot together. Seeing as Back to 1989's story line revolves around the main character's strained relationship with his mother, as well as his blossoming relationship with a girl from 1989, it made perfect sense to have both Mini Tsai and Ivy Shao accompany Marcus Chang for the spread. The three had perfect chemistry as you'll see (if you haven't already) in the SPOP behind the scenes video.

With these vintage print outfits and backdrops, these photos are a big improvement on previous SPOP shoots. It's great to see the magazine head towards a more natural photo shoot direction - away from just coloured backdrops. Although I've been late to order a copy, and late in posting about it, I am looking forward to receiving my copy of this issue!

SPOP 華流 Magazine Update: 1989一念間 Back to 1989 SPOP 華流 May issue out now!

The beautiful trio of Marcus Chang, Ivy Shao and Mini Tsai have been gracing the cover of the May issue for a month now...In fact it's pretty much coming to the June issue of SPOP. They also already did a fan meet and an SPOP signing for this issue.I'm sad that I couldn't go, but I will translate the live streaming video of the fan meet on this blog, as well as the behind the scenes video for this photo shoot. Anyway, I thought I'd share the marketing collateral for the May SPOP, which also included additional Bromance posters.