Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Fault in Our Stars Love

Since Pleasantly Surprised ended, I've been trying to find another series that would give me The Feels. But I still haven't found anything. I've watched a couple of episodes of Bad Romance/ Boysitter and I haven't felt all that impressed. Not enough to blog about it. In the meantime, I'll be translating the Behind the Scenes for the January SPOP shoot in my next blog post, which is another Puff and Jasper video (I know, I just can't get enough of those 2.) 

I've also decided to expand my blog to talk about all sorts of Drama TV and Movies, including English ones because that's what I've been fangirling over (But don't worry, I will definately still talk about Puff and Jasper and Asian dramas.)

Which couple am I shipping at the moment? Shansel = Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. Well, I'm very late to the party for this one (the film came out about half a year ago and these guys would have finished filming more than a year ago), but I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars and read the book. I didn't think I'd like it when it first came out and people were raving to me about it like they did with A Walk to Remember and The Notebook (Both of which I hate). But I really do love the The Fault in our Stars. Probably my favourite non-fantasy/sci-fi teen story yet.

I thought the movie did really well to keep the spirit of the book and part of that was to do with the fact that Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort have amazing chemistry together. They seem to share a really close friendship and a really satisfying ability to provide fan-service in the genuine and loving way they act towards each other (And to their fans...Ansel insists on signing as many autographs and as many taking photos with fans as possible, even when they pop up on him in this own private time!) Anyway, today, I'm sharing my favourite videos and pictures about these two. I love this video they did teaching others how to hug really comfortably like they do:

They did a really beautiful Entertainment Weekly Photo shoot last year to promote the film:

But aside from official photo shoots where they have to act lovely, Shansel are also lovely can see that they get along so well naturally. Even though The Fault in Our Stars is long over, I love these guys and hope to see them collaborate more. And not just as siblings in the Divergent series....because as Ansel says in the Cinemax interviews that he and Shailene did [Below], he prefers playing her boyfriend to her brother. Haha!

I finish, as promised, with the cute Cinemax interviews:

Thursday, 8 January 2015

2014 Sanlih Drama Awards 華劇大賞 Behind the Scenes Translations

So while I await for my copy of the January SPOP to arrive, I've found a video of the behind the scenes on the night of the 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards.

I've translated all the sections with either Puff or Jasper or both in the video. The clip features sections with Puff and Jasper after they've walked the red carpet as they talk about Jasper's awkward red carpet posing. If you're looking for the bit with Puff and Jasper together, the section starts at 2:53 on the video. Otherwise there's a scene before that with Puff and Aaron, and a scene with just Jasper.

1. Aaron comes to bother Puff [2:24-2:46]
Commentator: Acting as "The Boss," Aaron Yan, when behind the stage, acts towards previous (on-screen) girlfriend Puff Kuo, not too polite at all ----but this isn't necessarily rude. It can mean that they're close, so they don't need to be polite---
Puff, going on from a longer conversation before camera starting rolling on them: Tia is red colour, I am green colour
Aaron, folds his arms and looks at her: Ohhhh, there's a theme right?
Puff: Right
Puff: And then, in a moment, we'll go up like that
Aaron: This look (hair) of yours, is it (meant to be like) Zhang Yaqin (A Taiwanese news reporter)?
Aaron reaches a hand to brush Puff's hair so that it isn't parted in the Zhang Yaqin way.
[White and green caption pointing to Puff: Zhang Yaqin's bangs]
Woman sitting behind them laughs, Aaron laughs along with her.
Puff, sounding offended: Hey, people have praised my hair as looking good!
Aaron, mockingly: Who (said that)?
Puff points at the SPOP/ Sanlih presenter (I'm afraid I don't know his name, but he was the presenter at the Pleasantly Surprised fan meet! I'm sure he does all the MC's for fan meets)
Presenter: Me!
Aaron reaches out to pull his arm.
Presenter to Aaron: And your hair is very good looking too
Aaron succeeds in pulling him along, sort of shaking his hand.
Aaron, grinning at the camera: Thank you, thank you
Puff laughs in the background.

2. Puff and Jasper talk poses [2:46-3:36]
Puff: Just then, when we were taking photos, we both needed to pose, because the last pair (on the red carpet) was Aaron and Tia. They both posed in some, that is, 'close' pose. Then we both go up...and (we're) just very stiff like this.

Jasper: We know each other very well, so...
Male Interviewer: Why would it become like this? 
Female Interviewer [White caption]: Who's to blame for the problem?
Jasper laughs walking around Puff
Puff gives a big dramatic sigh and heaves her shoulders
Puff: It definately has to be the man who initiates it. Females iniating (intimate poses) is not too good. Actually, I was already touching his face 
Here Puff reaches out a hand to touch his face. 
-Cuts to Jasper and Puff standing side on to the camera-
Jasper is doing fancy hand motions, as if to show what he could do posing
Male Interviwer: Slowly slide down (your hand)
Female Interviewer: Aside from touching the face, what else is there?
Jasper is presenting his hands in fancy gestures around Puff's face and Puff is grinning
Female Interviewer: Aside from touching the face is there other moves?

Male Interviwer, laughing: Increasingly restricted?
Jasper is moving slowly behind Puff
Jasper: There's also "The massage"....
He proceeds to pretend to massage Puff's shoulders while she's laughing

Female Interviewer, laughing: You doing this is a massage? Don't be random again!
Both Puff and Jasper are laughing

-Cuts to the Female Interviewer asking Jasper a new question-
Female Interviewer: Of the whole ceremony, who is the number 1 most beautiful? -----There is an implication of the most beautiful girl----
Puff and Jasper are listening to the question seriously.
Jasper: Me
Puff bursts out laughing and clapping, while Jasper is grinning.
Male Interviewer, laughing: Why is it you?

Jasper, pointing to the camera: Because these types of questions are very frightening

Jasper leans in closer and there's an "angry" cartoon symbol on his head
Jasper, leaning close in faux menace: Don't frame me!
-Cuts to Jasper leaning on a dressing table by himself, cross-armed-
Male Interviwer: Your feeling of security/confidence just then...Can you model again one more time?
Jasper puts his hand in his pocket and reaches for his drink with his other hand. The camera is just focusing on the bottom of his jacket and his legs :P
Male Interviewer [White caption]: What are you digging on this side for?
Jasper, laughs: I'm not digging
Jasper, makes a fancy motion regarding his pants: Only this range
Male Interviewer: Only this range, that would be right. (I'm not quite sure of the joke here. It's kind of lost on me.)
Jasper playfully hits the interviewer.
Male Interviewer: Hey, he's hitting me!
Jasper and interviewers are laughing.

3. Jasper, by himself, watching Lego Li sing [4:01-4:14]
Jasper, to camera: Very impressive. Because this is the first time I've heard him singing a song. So I was just on that side, off in a daze.
-Cuts to Jasper laughing to camera-
Jasper: I just came out to listen with a small fan's feelings (like a small fan)
Jasper then opens the side door of the stage to go fangirl over Lego's performance

End of translation. Did you enjoy the 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards? :)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014 Sanlih Drama Awards 華劇大賞 SPOP 華流 January Photoshoot Behind the Scenes translations

Here is the BTS for the January SPOP photoshoot...I'll only be translating the parts that Puff and Jasper are in:

I love the Puff and Jasper pictures that came out from this shoot, whether serious and sexy or...

Fun and playful! 

...But Let's start the translations in order...

1. Jasper's solo shoot and shooting with Aaron [0:26-2:43]
Jasper, laughs and rubs his eyes in the spotlight: I have a 'still haven't woken up' feeling
Female SPOP staff, sympathically: We'll first help you to warm-up
Commentator: Early in the morning after the ceremony, he's already busy. This has led the sincere, warm, male star, Liu Yihao, have dreamless sleep (to be very sleepy and tired). And furthermore, the fully dreamy Yihao must face up to super strong aura of Aaron Yan. At the scene, however, there were many interesting sparks aroused between the two.

Jasper is swirling his arms around and bobbing up and down like he's doing some weird dance.
Female SPOP staff [White, blue and red caption]: Can you take a photo together with Aaron?
Jasper, stops dancing and gasps audibly, shocked: Can I? I'm really scared / nervous!
He walks off from the spotlight and the SPOP staff are laughing
Jasper: Very scared...
Aaron, in the background: Of course, you cannn....
Female SPOP staff: Can it be together?
Female SPOP staff: Two people together
The SPOP photo crew are cheering and teasing and laughing. Jasper goes and huddles next to the wall as if really shy of this opportunity until Aaron comes over to shake his hand.
Jasper to Aaron: I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time/ I've heard about you for a long time
Aaron leans in to like pat Jasper's shoulder or hug him, and then walks past him.
Aaron, grinning cheekily with a laugh: What is this "I've heard about you for a long time"? (He) Definately has not.

Jasper is patting his stomach and saying something about being nervous.
Female SPOP staff: Come. (We need) A feeling of rivalry first...come now...
Jasper, pointing at SPOP staff members: I knew you guys would do something like this.
Aaron: We still need to have a rivalry because I admire him too much (He's referring to what Jasper said he's saying they need to complete about who admires the other more!)
Jasper is flattening himself against the wall like a cartoon character.
Jasper to Aaron: I'll be trembling
Aaron laughs. SPOP staff are all talking to Jasper and Aaron, at once...not sure what they're saying.
Jasper: I'll be trembling
Jasper joking in a serious voice and pointing to the SPOP crew members: I feel like you're all waiting to see a good drama unfold!

Aaron and SPOP staff members are laughing
SPOP staff members all chorus: We're not!
SPOP staff member: Jasper Ge, don't be shy!
Jasper, in a silly voice: My mother, I will (Sort of like saying "As if, I will!")
Aaron is laughing at this banter between Jasper and the SPOP crew. First direction from SPOP photographers...
SPOP staff member: (Be) Cool Handsome!

Aaron and Jasper are both leaning on the wall, with arms folded when Jasper starts laughing at the direction...which makes Aaron laugh. Jasper moves his arms a bit to get the laughs away and then both he and Aaron pose seriously in a "Cool Handsome" manner.

-Cuts to Aaron and Jasper doing a back to back shot-
SPOP staff member [Blue caption]: Must be straight! (She means straight-on and/or for real)
SPOP staff member: Must be handsome...

Aaron does a prissy pose with one arm proping up his face, like a girl and the other folded daintily underneath. All the SPOP female staff are laughing quite a bit. Jasper who was saying something to someone behind the camera, almost missed the fun, but catches the last of it.

SPOP staff member: That's describing a girl!
Jasper to Aaron: How do you do it?
SPOP staff member: For real now
Aaron does the prissy pose again and Jasper looks over and imitates the same pose.
SPOP staff member: Ok la. (SPOP staff members take the photo)
SPOP staff member: Straighten up. (SPOP staff are laughing)

Aaron: Straight boys, now (And here, he means, not acting girly)
Here Aaron does a cool guy pose, with his intense gaze, arms folded real straight and looking manly.
SPOP staff member: Good. Very good together.
A few more shots are taken.

SPOP staff member: Good. Both of you guys have a rest first.
Aaron: Ok!
He indicates an arm to Jasper...and Jasper is being silly and jumping away from Aaron...
SPOP staff members to Aaron: Thank you! Thanks!
Jasper is still prancing around the spotlight that was used to take the photos.
SPOP staff members to Aaron: In a moment, you'll still be given a cue to return
Jasper is sliding in and out of the spotlight, as if to escape it.
SPOP staff members to Jasper: You can enjoy playing now
Jasper leans against the wall and spreads out his arms
SPOP staff members to Jasper: (We'll) Take photos of you by yourself

Jasper does a pose that looks like he's a spy escaping from the spotlight.
SPOP staff members: Good! Very good!
Jasper than moves his hands into a gun shape and holds it up, stands with his profile to the camera in the spotlight.

SPOP staff members: Very cool!
They're giggling. Jasper holds the same pose and moves towards the middle.
One female SPOP staff member: My god.
Male SPOP staff member: Handsome
Another female SPOP staff member [White and pink caption]: Beautiful prince!
Everyone starts laughing and Jasper doubles up from laughing at the cheesey, fangirling from the staff members.

-Cuts to Jasper in the SPOP dressing rooms talking to the camera-
Jasper, telling his story, walking around erractically and expressive: You're still drowsy, bleary eyed walking in, and then, (People are like) Come here, come here, come here, come down to take photos! And then, after that, come here, come collaborate with Aaron to take photos....
Jasper holds his mouth and gasps to show his nerves at the time: Whooaaa...
Jasper: Because actually, this is the first time I've met him, in person face-to-face. And then, I never thought we'd be collaborating, taking photos together. Actually, I was extremely nervous... ---Jasper is still a new-comer compared to Aaron and I think he feels that Aaron is a lot senior in the industry, although he's just a year older than Jasper---

Camera person: Were you shocked by his aura/vibes? Just then, that front (he put on)? ---Aaron being awake and entertaining despite having a lack of sleep too---
Jasper: Just then, I was actually still in the middle of (waking up with my) drowsy, bleary eyes.
Camera person, laughing: So it was like that! You actually didn't feel his aura/vibes
Jasper: No, It's just that collaborating and taking photos with him this way and then meeting in this way, I really was very shocked!

Commentator: That Jasper was so shocked, is not in anyway, an exaggeration. Because every little move focused in the magnesium light was Aaron's.

2. Puff and Aaron, Puff and Jasper and Jasper's solo shoot [3:05-4:09]
Aaron to Puff: No one came in with you?
Puff: Nope, I walked in by myself
Puff laughs and walks towards the photoshoot area. Aaron walks behind her prompting her forwards.
SPOP staff member: Your agent has been locked out by you (there's a bit of a mix up with the Chinese subs....I'm pretty it's an SPOP staff member talking)
Puff: My agent is being stopped at the outside (of this room)
SPOP staff member: That means, what you feel like doing, just do it...(She means in the general terms, but also in terms of poses too)
Aaron, thinking: What I feel like doing, just do it, right?
SPOP staff members laugh: That's right...What you feel like doing, just do it!
Puff, mock shout: Help me! (She probably got put into compromising poses with Aaron as a drama couple a lot from their Just You photo shoot days.)
Puff: First help me to call 911
Aaron to Puff: Just then, I finally met and experienced Jasper Liu's shyness

Puff, laughing: Why did you touch him all over the place?!
Aaron retorting: Who touched him all over the place?!

Aaron: He was taking photos!
Aaron and Puff are laughing and Aaron does a "I'm-going-to-strangle-you-pose" on Puff

-Cuts to some Puff and Aaron shots-
SPOP staff member: Aaron, take her hand like this...That is pass through (and touch) her waist...
There appears to be an awkward moment where both of them have heard the SPOP person say "chest"
Puff [white caption]: Pass through (and touch) my chest?!

The SPOP staff members laugh
Aaron: Passing through  (and touch) her chest doesn't seem so good...
Aaron: This way, I'll be sued.
Aaron: Touch her waist?

Aaron puts his arms around Puff's waist. Puff does a worried face and crosses her arms across her chest.
Aaron to Puff [White, yellow, pink caption]: Lately, it seems your waist is very fine (small)

Puff breaks into a grin: Thank you!
Aaron, grinning: You're welcome!
SPOP staff member: Gotten thinner?

-Cuts to a new shot of Puff leaning on Aaron-
SPOP staff member: Very good!
SPOP staff member: Puff, come out a bit more
Puff is posing, leaning on Aaron, but semi-obscured by him
Aaron to Puff: (You) Have such a small face, yet you still want to hide?
Puff laughs: I purposefully pushed him in front
Aaron does a fake fall.
SPOP staff member: (You're) Extremely big (looking)
Aaron [White, purple and blue caption with a picture of a man's head]: Very much like He Yi Hang! (He's a singer, actor and host. Presumably he has a big head)
Everyone laughs, especially Puff who bursts out laughing and Aaron. Aaron laughs so much he claps, as does Puff.

Puff is laughing really hard and says to the camera person: Are you filming this?!
Camera person: Filmed on memory card la!

3. Puff and Jasper's photoshoot and Jasper's solo shoot [4:17-7:57]
Puff is standing in the spotlight shivering, Jasper is just behind her.
Camera person to Puff: Very cold?
Jasper, talking into the microphone being held for him [White, red, blue captions]: I have clothes that turn warm, I'm not cold
Puff, frowning, then breaking into a laugh: He's not even close
SPOP staff member to Jasper: You have to hurry up and give her warmth!
Jasper places an arm around Puff and holds her.
Puff, teasing: He's very stiff. And his hands are icy.
Puff: And he purposefully put them on my arms.

Jasper: Hey, her arms are even warmer than mine

Puff, laughing: Are you very nervous?
Jasper: I'm not nervous
Jasper: I'm only thinking...I'm only thinking

-Cuts to a new pose where Jasper has his arm around Puff and Puff is trying to make the shot look sexier and more couple-like...But it's looking a bit awkward-
Puff: It's really been a long time since I took photos

Puff [White, pink, blue caption]: Just then, Aaron and I were also very stiff (at posing)
Puff, laugh [White and red caption]: But he took more intiative ---ahahah, Puff and her old picking on Jasper for not taking enough intiative. Mind you, I did worry when I saw some of these poses...but luckily the photos published in the magazine are very hot. I think Puff and Jasper's pictures are better than, Aaron and Puff's pictures, as well as Tia and Aaron's pictures!---

Jasper on hearing this, looks like he's going to do a pose, moves his head in and then has no idea what he's doing and moves it back making it look like he was stretching it.
Puff starts laughing and talking to the SPOP crew.
Puff: I really want to know where his intiative is!
Puff playfully moves her head towards Jasper, in the same awkward manner that he just did to her. Jasper's laughing.
SPOP staff members: Again
SPOP staff member answering Puff: Don't know where it is!

-Cuts to shots where Jasper is holding Puff and Puff is leaning against his chest-

A few more snaps...

Puff starts touching his face. She's clearly leading Jasper in the intimate movements

Puff: Why does it turn out that I'm the one that needs to show intiative?
SPOP staff members have taken to directing them, telling them to hold each other and lean closer in.

-Cuts to a new shot where Puff and Jasper are side to side again, Jasper's arm around Puff-

Puff to Jasper: Every time I take photos with you it's so stiff
SPOP staff members call on Jasper to do his special move (From SPOP photoshoot number 1)
SPOP staff members are all chorusing: Wedding shoot! Wedding shoot! Wedding shoot!
Jasper is swatting them away, while Puff is laughing
SPOP staff members: Wedding shoot photo!

-Cuts to SPOP staff members getting their way and Puff and Jasper doing that pose-
Puff teasing Jasper: Do you want to cry now?
Jasper, striking his hand out [White, red and yellow caption]: No way! I've grown up now!
Puff starts laughing

Jasper: I don't cry now
SPOP crew and Puff laughing a bit.
Puff starts a new pose, touching his chin...and he holds Puff's arm...again, a funny looking photo

-Cuts to the camera person interviewing Jasper-
Camera person: Why are you still so very unnatural today?
Jasper: How so? I was obviously very relaxed
Camera person: You don't (want to) force me to show the screen just then
Jasper: To show the screen just then?
Jasper: Ok, please show
Camera person: How come no matter how you shoot it's still slightly just the wedding shoot look?
Jasper gives a big sigh
Jasper: I don't know
Camera person: Or is it just when you're with Puff that you're like this? ---Hahaha, Puff makes him nervous with her intimacy :P----
Jasper [White, blue and purple caption]: Why is it after all...that when we're not careful we'll become brothers?
Camera person: You blame Puff? ---No offence, but I find this camera person really annoying. Annoying tone of voice. Annoying Jasper with questions. I don't think Jasper meant that at all. Him and Puff have lots of fun together....they're total bros :P----

-Cuts to a new set of Puff and Jasper shots-
Jasper has his arm around Puff and putting a finger in front of her lips to hush her. The concept is sexy, but the pose still looks awkward.

Jasper: (The) "I won't allow you talk nonsense" (pose)
SPOP staff member: This one is quite good...
Puff: (But) you need to do it this way...
Puff places her finger directly on Jasper's lips, instead of having it around and in front of the lips.

SPOP staff member: This one is quite good!
It's met with mutterings of agreement from the SPOP staff members.
Jasper: (Sorry for) Troubling you to instruct me
Jasper puts his finger in front of Puff's lips, as if to hush her.

Jasper: I won't allow you talk nonsense
Puff laughs, but there's a lot of shots being taken so she goes back to posing.

SPOP staff member: Good! (Now) Look this way...

Puff turns her head
SPOP staff member: Turn around this way. Jasper, turn around this way.

---It's a pretty sexy shot. Looks like they've been doing something naughty and Jasper has hushed upPuff...and they've been caught in the process...Ok, excuse my inner fangirl---

-Cuts to new shot with Jasper holding Puff's hold-
They take a shot and looks like Jasper is pretending to eat it...Puff starts laughing.

Puff: In addition, (He's) still always moving
Puff: Change one pose, he shakes twice.

Puff bops around faintly imitating Jasper and laughing. Jasper holds Puff's hand, but then let's go to click his fingers and do some bopping dance moves.
Jasper, while dancing: Yeah, yeah

Jasper does some silly moves.

Puff is laughing.

Puff, waves her hand indicating Jasper: (He's finally) Relaxed

Jasper goes back to putting an arm around Puff.
Jasper [White, yellow and Pink]: I'm very relaxed, I only don't know how I should pose
Puff laughs: Isn't that the same thing?
Puff puts an arm around Jasper and guides him back closer to the wall.

-Cuts to Jasper inspecting the photos they've just taken on an ipad-
Camera person: He wants to review his work today
Camera person to Jasper: You're reviewing, is that right?
Jasper is concentrating on reviewing the photos. --- Or ignoring the camera person. I don't blame him for ignoring them---
Camera person: I thought you were on our side. (You've) Already grown up.
Jasper: (I'm) Not big enough
Camera person: Now you've grown to a small 6 (not sure what this means)
Commentator: Although Jasper has been treated to a "You say, I say" sarcastic round of teasing by everybody, in reality, it's not that he's bad at having his photos taken, it's just that making fun of him is fun because his reactions are just too cute.

Commentator: Why is it that this affirms Jasper's charm? Take a look at this following (clip) of this group of women fighting on screen, then you'll know...

-Cuts to the scene of all the SPOP ladies fighting to get into a photo with Jasper-
A female SPOP staff member: I want to take a photo with Jasper Ge
Another female SPOP staff member: Me too
Another female SPOP staff member: How? You ladies...
3 female SPOP staff run to where Jasper is in front of the spotlight. He's making a being-squished-against-the-wall pose.
[White, pink, yellow caption with crying cartoon male: Carnivorous women! (Wanting to) Show their power and prestige! ---And their ability to be able to take a photo with Jasper. I don't blame them...I'd totally be on him too!---]
More female staff members run up to join in the picture
Another female SPOP staff member: How could it be this way (without me)?!
Male photographer: Hurry up!
They all pose, struggling to get the best pose.
A female SPOP staff member: What are we competing for?
Another female SPOP staff member: You guys are all so nervous!
They all huddle up next to Jasper doing cute poses, Jasper with double peace signs.
Female SPOP staff member on the side: Oh! But my mask! (She was wearing a facial mask for some reason)
Female SPOP staff member on the side: Taken it off
[White caption on her: Took off very quickly]
They're all posing real cute. Jasper is really squished between all the eager women. He does a heart shape with his hands.

Male photographer: 1, 2, 3...Look this way...1, 2, 3...Look this way...
Male photographer: Good!
All the SPOP ladies are cheering and chorusing their thanks
SPOP staff member: Thank you! Thanks Jasper!
Female SPOP staff member on the side comes up to the camera to talk.
Female SPOP staff member who was on the side: Of everyone, I lose.
Camera person: That's right. Do you feel like you're like the assistant?
Female SPOP staff member who was on the side: That's right! Do you see that bunch of ladies? That is too mediocre, la! Although you can say we're...
Behind her SPOP ladies start squabbling loudly around Jasper behind her.
Female SPOP staff member who was on the side: You listen and see what they're doing.
The camera person goes closer to the SPOP ladies and Jasper.
One female SPOP staff member talking to Jasper: Such a good male star
Jasper is laughing, doubled over, looking embarrassed.
Another female SPOP staff member: Extremely humilitating
Another female SPOP staff member: He's humilitated by you all
The first female SPOP staff member who was talking to him: Why is he humiliated by you?
Jasper looks like he's doubled over and hiding from them all.
SPOP editor: Hurry up! Just then he was like this and then he said...[White, pink, yellow caption]: "Eh you're all standing straight?"
All the SPOP ladies start laughing at her teasing him and his daydreaming manner when it comes to posing for photos.
Male SPOP staff member, sympathetic:Too excessive, la! (in your teasing)
Jasper starts laughing and doubling over to hide again.
Another female SPOP staff member: How lacking in manners
Another female SPOP staff member: How lacking in manners, you
SPOP editor: Jasper Liu, lacking in manners!
Male SPOP staff member: It's like his real appearance...
Commentator: Oh my god, Jasper, a habit to remember, In principle it's important to (there's a saying here which I'll figure out tomorrow) that is, don't make crew workers angry!

End of translation. Did you enjoy the Sanlih Drama Awards? I know I did! It brought back Puff and Jasper and it was great to see them having fun again.