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Morning Call 輕晨電 Lyrics: Green Translations

Morning Call's new song was posted up by the band two days ago. It has a beautiful echoing tingle and I could have easily believed it to be some indie tune from an indie band of the West like Warpaint or Beach House. It's very mellow and the vocals are only very lightly overlaid on top of the tunes. I also believe that the band mentioned that the art and design for this song was done by Jasper!

Edit: Since I first posted this, the band has started changing some of their line-up. They no longer have this song up on their Streetvoice page, but you can see their live performances of the song below.

Live performance of Green in 2015

Live performance of Green on tour in 2014






Green night
A moment to stop
A blank dream
A slow fall

A cloudy dream
Gray night
A moment...

And you and I are no longer
Wondering on the cliff
Here onwards, unable to be deep,
I've already left

Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡·一個人 Episode 19 Behind The Scenes Translations

I really want to do more reviewing and recapping, but it's going to have to wait because I'm a little low on time and I always love translating the BTS. This week's BTS features a lot of that little arm-wrestle kiss scene as Puff suggested the change of a cheek kiss to a lip kiss. Thank you, Puff! Also Puff, Jasper and Lene talk a little about their dating/ confession experiences in real life...


1. Puff suggests some better changes for the kiss scene
[Pink and white caption: Filming when Kai Qi and Ah Jie compete with their wrist strength (arm-wrestle)]
Jasper (doesn't get it): I feel like Kai Qi wouldn't use (a) kissing-the-hand move
Puff: No, what I just thought of was a different type...that is...
-Cuts to Puff explaining to the camera and Jasper drinking water- 
Puff: Because I felt like it would be "the very last time" (as her character KQ wants to break it off with Jasper's character AJ), then, if we're talking about a kiss, then it's real...(so I should) really go to kiss him...
Jasper [Purple caption]: Really kiss my face
Puff: So then he gets shocked...and then I say, "I've won"
Jasper (seems to get it): Aahhh...(Doing it) This way, instead, is more romantic...
-Cuts to Jasper talking to Puff-
Jasper, teasing: No, You just want an opportunity to kiss me so you're making "a meaning" for this drama, right? (Puff is laughing and raising one hand up to swear an oath).
Jasper point at Puff: You see... 
Puff, laughing, talking to camera with hand up in oath: I really don't (want this "opportunity")! I swear I don't! (laughs)
Jasper reaches his hand out to swot down her raised hand.

Jasper: No wonder you discussed this sort of thing with the director! (grins) 
The director is grinning as he's walking past behind them like, don't involve me in your lover's tiff :P

Puff: Nooo...(It was) Because I was only thinking, (it should be) like those type of's a bit more romantic
Jasper was looking at Puff as she was speaking. When she finishes, he says...
Jasper: you want to kiss me? (grins)

Puff rolls her eyes and Jasper grins and then laughs and sinks down on top of his water bottle still grinning and looking mighty happy [Black and white thinking bubble from Jasper: I've won!]
Puff to camera, waving hand in exasperation: (It's romantic)...Excluding who my partner is...
Puff: That is, if you consider this drama's storyline...
Jasper is still laughing while leaning on his water bottle.
Director is coming around
Director: Wait a moment. I thought of something.
Director: When you said really kiss, where are you kissing?
Director: You said really kiss, where are you really going to kiss?
-Cuts to slightly further in the conversation. Director is pointing to Puff and Jasper as he instructs them-
Director: When you kiss his mouth, you've really kissed him, then during the kiss, his hand will automatically just fall down...
Puff is nodding and grinning in agreement with how the director has finalised the scene. But Jasper puts up a fake sulk (because he doesn't think it's cool for AJ...he's joking though)
Jasper to Puff: Go away
Puff, jumping up and down with arms in air, laughing: Very cool. I'm so very cool (cool/handsome = the word is often a compliment for males)
Jasper: (If it's ) This way you just seem like a bad girl (woman)...(walks away muttering to himself in a funny accent)...
Puff freezes from her jumping up and down [Pink caption: A fixed format. (In tv or movies, it means when a moving picture suddenly stops to create an artistic effect of stopping time and space to emphasise a certain scene)]
Camera person laughs.
Puff smiling to the camera: I feel like it's just very cool (shrugs and grins).

2. Practising and filming the arm-wrestle kiss
Jasper and Puff have just filmed the scene before the arm-wrestle and are in position to arm-wrestle
Director: Stop. 
Crew member: Is it ok?
Director: Ok, ok, (The scene has) Passed.
Camera person: Feels like you two already are stealing moves...

Jasper leans down towards their joint hands and kisses...
His own hand! ---haha, though it kinda looks, from the camera angle like he's kissing her hand!--- 

Puff is laughing and swots at him with their joint hands...he continues giving little kisses to his hand.
-Cuts to next scene where Puff and Jasper are playing a real game of hand-wrestling-
[Black caption pointing to both Jasper and Puff: Really playing the game]
Puff: What should I do? My hands really don't have strength (laughs)
Puff struggles to push her arm back and flips Jasper's, but it's no use.
Puff to camera: It's impossible! (laughs) Furthermore, if it's competing on strength, even my face will be distorted (laughs) (seems like Jasper softens his grip)
-Cuts to the actual practise for filming-
Jasper, as AJ, in a low voice: Prepare. Start.
Puff, as KQ, leans over and kisses him on the lips...

Their hands are still up in wrestle and then they push it down slowly.

Kai Qi pulls away slowly and looks sad
Puff, as KQ: I win
Director: Come. Let's do it once more.
Both Jasper and Puff break into sheepish grins.
Director: Ah Jie, when she kisses you, you get such a shock you get startled.
[Pink, purple and white star caption on Jasper: Shy!] ---I think he feels shy because he didn't look 'scared enough' and didn't close his looked like he was expecting it and wanted to be kissed. Also, he's always shy doing kiss scenes with Puff---

Jasper breaks into a grin and is leaning on their joint hands. He points a finger at both him and Puff, though still holding Puff's hand.
Jasper looks up, a bit of a laugh: I could see it very clearly...She was slowly... she was coming over slowly...(Puff is smiling at him)

Jasper, straightens up and put on his sombre AJ expression: Right, I'm sorry 
Director: Ah Jie!
Jasper, loudly: Yep! (nodding and closes his eyes to focus and not grin)
Director: When she kisses you, you first have to be so shocked you get startled. Then you must close your eyes.
Puff kindly to Jasper: Was I doing it too slowly?
Jasper, suddenly jerks up a little and says to director...
Jasper: I have to close my eyes?
Director: Right...after you get so shocked and act startled.
Jasper, nods: Ok
Director: You must have your eyes closed, ok?
Jasper, nodding: Ok
-Cuts to Puff and Jasper filming the kiss scene again-

Puff, as KQ, kisses Jasper, as AJ, and then pulls away very slowly.

She's looking sad and uncomfortable...

Puff, as KQ: I win
Jasper, as AJ [Pink and blue caption]: Just for today, let me continue to be stubborn (about this)...(sad smile)
Director: Stop. 
Crew member: Is it ok?
Director: Good
Immediately, Puff and Jasper loosen up. Puff is groaning from having to sit and kneel for so long, Jasper jumps up [Red caption: Jumps!]
Jasper: (It was) Very uneasy (for me)!
Jumps up and runs to the corner away from Puff (haha, if you have seen earlier BTS clips, click here to read translations, Jasper goes for a little walk after every kiss scene take with Puff because he gets quite nervous...ahaha, kissing Puff makes him that nervous!)
-Cuts to Jasper talking to the camera-
Jasper: Probably (in real life), I would be afraid to say this to my other half (my girlfriend), and I'd never would say it to them
[Yellow and white thinking bubble caption from Jasper: These words I would normally be afraid to say.]
Jasper: Never in this lifetime would I say these words ---haha, bursting the bubble of fangirls everywhere :D But I think he's just wayyy too chill for this kind of thing. Nevermind Jasper, I also think I'd also feel weird about saying any of this stuff in a relationship ---
Camera person: Just can't get it out of your mouth?
Jasper: Right
Camera person [Yellow and white caption across Jasper]: (Have you) Borrowed from (the lines you speak when) filming the drama to practice (gathering) courage?
Jasper: Errrr...
Camera person: This is just a drama, right?
Jasper: Right
Jasper: This is the interesting part of acting in a drama

3. Playful Ah Jie and Kai Qi night-date scenes
[Pink and white captions: Filming Ah Jie and Kai Qi's sweet date]
Jasper and Puff are doing pretend kung-fu moves and Jasper is making wu-saaaa noises. Puff has moved back a bit in the screen. Jasper is doing some foot movements, which the camera moves down to film.
Jasper [White and yellow caption]: Jasper's newest dance moves...
Puff: Do (your) dance once more
Camera person: I want to watch for a bit
Camera films down to his legs and his does his wobbly knee dance..a little like the dance he did last BTS with Lene and Sean. Jasper and Puff laugh.
-Cuts to Puff standing next to Jasper-
Puff: He's normally this way...
Puff: This is just him!...(puts her hand out to indicate Jasper)
Jasper has crossed his arms across his chest, standing stoutly [red, green, yellow captions: Strange!]
Jasper: (You're) Talking nonsense!
-Cuts to a filming scene-
Jasper, acting as AJ, and Puff, acting as KQ, have their foreheads on each other making silly faces, acting playful and in love, and being cutesy on a date

Director: Stop
-Cuts to Jasper and Puff sitting down talking to the camera-
Jasper: I allow her to become very natural (in her acting)
Puff makes a yeah-right! frown at the camera [black and white thinking bubble caption: How so?!/ As if!]
-Cuts to Jasper and Puff playing a pushing-hands game, trying to make the other one topple over-
[Blue caption: Two childish fiends]

Jasper almost pushes Puff off, at least pushes her hands and he makes strange noises that make him sound like a monkey ---ahaha, I kid you not! Strange hyperactive Jasper :D ---
[Pink, black and white caption pointing to Jasper: Very excited]

Puff is laughing and suddenly she quickly reaches out and pushes him.
Jasper is losing his balance, comically swinging his arms in circles and moving backwards, Puff laughs....then she puts her arms in the air.
Puff: I've won
Puff, doing a double fist pump [gold caption in english]: Winner!
Jasper is back in front of her, making a face, and ready for more.
-Cuts to a new round of the same game-
Puff is pushing on Jasper's hands and he is pushing back.
[Light blue and back thinking bubble caption from Jasper: This time, I will definately win!]

Puff pushes lightly then moves her hands back. Jasper who was expecting more force, pushes too hard and topples forward. Puff is laughing really hard, so is Jasper.
He is doubled over laughing, hand on face.
[White and yellow thinking bubble caption from Jasper: How did it turn out to be this way?!]
Puff comes closer to Jasper, does a peace sign for the camera and a double fist pump.

Jasper: Still haven't fallen, eh?
Someone off screen says something and both Puff and Jasper look over confused at what they say -Perhaps a call to start filming again soon? -...Puff then leans over quickly to try to push Jasper's hands to topple him...but Jasper looks over and Puff has her hands behind her back and just looks like she's leaning over towards him.

[Pink and white caption pointing to Puff: Did it sneakily, but was discovered!]
Jasper walks away to sit down and drink some water.

4. Filming Le Xuan confessing to Ah Jie
Lene is talking to the camera
Lene: Today, for Le Xuan, in this regard, it's a very important sequence of scenes. After all, she has already confessed 3 times...ohh, wait! (Lene looks up thoughtfully) [Blue caption] Confessed two times! [Pink caption] Both times have failed! So this time is the third confession...So...very pitiful, I feel, that a girl has to confess to a guy 3 times and still get rejected (laughs), extremely miserable/disasterous!
Lene smiles sweetly at the camera.

-Cuts to the actual filming of the scene with Jasper and Puff there too-
Director to Lene: He'll just gently push you off
Lene laughs, leans over and puts a hand to her heart
Lene [red caption]: How hurtful!
Director agreeing: Very hurtful, very hurtful
-Cuts to the filming of the actual scene-
Director: 2...
Lene, as LX, crying and throwing tantrum: I like you! I like you!
Jasper, as AJ, looks speechless
Lene, as LX, throws her arms around AJ and leans close to kiss him
Jasper, as AJ, turns his head slightly, looking sad/guilty and reaches arm out to put some space in between [Purple caption: Push!]

Lene, as LX, gradually backs down.
Jasper, as AJ: Le Xuan
Jasper, as AJ, gently: Please don't be this way
Lene, as LX, makes a face that is holding back tears and shoves him as she walks away
Director: Stop
-Cuts to Puff, Jasper and Lene sitting at the dinner table, talking to the camera-
Jasper is looking very seriously down at his meal...probably preparing his sombre expression to act out the scene.
Puff to camera: Ah Jie's internal OS (OS = self-talk/ soliloquy)
Camera person: You help him to match up an OS that would be right
Puff, teasing: (laughs) He's saying "I should've kissed a bit before I turned away" (she's referring to kissing Lene in the scene before). Lene and Puff laugh.
[White and yellow thinking bubble caption from Jasper: Don't speak out the secret words from my heart!] ---hahaha---

5. Personal confession stories - Lene, Puff and Jasper
Camera person [Pink and white caption]: What personal experiences of confessing do you have?
Lene: None (laughs)
Lene [Purple and green captions]: I've mostly had other people pursuing me (laughs) ---I'd believe that...given that she's a former beauty queen. Ah, how nice it must be to have good genes!---

-Cuts to Puff talking to the camera-
Camera person: Have you ever taken the initiative (to confess) before?
Puff looks thoughtful
Puff: Yes, I have! I just let the other person know that I liked him, but I wasn't..wasn't very straightforward in saying..."I like you, do you want to be with me?" (laughs)...I have, in the past, maybe, discussed it with my friend or family member before I said, "I like this person, should I say this directly?" But when I practised saying these sentences with family or friends, they said [Blue and white caption]..."Are you the boy?!"(laughs)...And then I felt, how is it that the girl is doing this sort of thing?

-Cuts back to Lene-
Lene: The guys that I've met have all been quite...quite good. (there's cut here and then Lene seems to be answering a question asked by someone)...yes, maybe even written a song, something like wasn't too romantic...because the song they wrote for me was... (Lene makes an unimpressed face) [Purple and white caption]: ...the song was more in a electronic...electronic direction...(techo?)
Camera person, laughing: Why?!
Lene: So I asked him, "Why would it (the song)...go into an electronic direction?"..."Because you give me this tye of it's like this" (Lene makes a face) [Yellow captions: !!] (Lene laughs)...How could this happen?
Lene (Yellow and blue caption): What type of impression do I give to everyone exactly?! (laughs)
-Cuts to Jasper talking to the camera-
Jasper: Actually, I haven't recieved/accepted a girl's confession for a long time. (There's a cut here). During high school, only then did I...that is...recieve love letters. Then, girls gave confessions and all that. (Another cut). In the past, I was a person who was afraid to make confessions. The first time I confessed was a "hardening the skin on my head" (experience)...then, I still couldn't say it aloud. [Blue, red and pink captions]: I carved it on the wooden floor boards, and then told her, "Look at this..." (points and then laughs sheepishly and covers his mouth just thinking about the memory)
Jasper: (Still laughing) Very weak!

Camera person: Then were you successful?
Jasper: Er, yes...(makes a thoughful face, biting on his lips and making dimples)

Jasper: the end, I was successful ---I have to say...Well, you know, who would turn down those dimples?!---
Jasper: In the end, we were together (looks like he's lost in memory for a moment)
Jasper: Right...(I was) Very nervous...very nervous...
[Pink caption: Next chapter when we come back, Head chef's mini drama sequence where 'the hero saves the beauty']

6. Head Chef carrying Le Xuan after her rejection
[Pink and white caption: Head chef - the hero saves the beauty]
They're filming the actual scene and Sean, as HC, is carrying Lene, as LX, down the stairs.
Jasper, as AJ: Le Xuan!
Director: Stop
Crew member: Is it ok?
Director: Good...(This Scene has) Passed!
The moment this is said, Sean, Lene, Jasper and Puff crack up laughing (Puff is hitting Jasper on the shoulder and Jasper is pointing to Sean in front of the camera) and Sean places Lene down on her feet. Jasper and Puff walk up to where the camera is.
Puff: When he carried her downstairs, I had a type of wanting-to-laugh feeling.
Camera person: Why?
Puff: I don't know
[Blue caption on Sean: (Carrying Lene) Has given him asthma]
Sean and Lene are laughing very hard.
Lene: Has given him asthma
-Cuts to director murmuring some instructions to Sean and Lene-
Lene to Camera: It was fun!
Camera person: Are you talking about being carried by him (Sean)?
Lene: Right
Lene: In this scene, my feet don't even leave the ground...(laughs) (but she's mucked up what she's saying with her laughing)
[Purple caption: Isn't it "feet don't even touch the ground"?]
Lene: (It was) Extremely fun!
[Pink caption pointing to Lene: Very Happy!]
Lene looks up at the camera with wide eyes: Extemely Man(ly)!
Lene laughs.
Lene: Pretty man(ly)...
-Cuts to the scene at the bottom of the stairs after head chef talks to Ah Jie and Kai Qi, and is carrying Le Xuan out of the restaurant-
Director: 5,4,3,2...
Head Chef struts coolly out of the restaurant carrying a sad and limp Le Xuan, honeymoon style, out of the restaurant...
[Gold caption: Degree of Man(liness) has broken the record!]

Walks all the way off the camera, filming the scene...on the camera recording the BTS you can see him grinning.
Director: Stop. At most, one more take.
Camera person: So have you heard him getting a more and more asthmatic feeling?
Lene: Yes...but I feel that this is extremely man(ly), that is, if I had a boyfriend that was like'd be very cool![Black and white thinking bubble caption from Lene: I could avoid walking!]
-Cuts to Sean walking close to Lene and Lene standing on the bottom step with her arms wide open waiting for Sean to pick her up for the scene-
Camera person: Your reaction is that you want to carry/hug him?
Sean: Come now
Sean: Hurry up
Sean gets into a position pretending to be lying in Lene's arms to be carried by her. Lene laughs.
[Aqua and black thinking bubble caption from Sean: I also want to be carried]
Lene puts her arm on Sean's shoulder so that he doesn't fall down.

-Cuts to Sean and Lene standing facing each other. Lene has her arms sticking out-
[Pink and white caption pointing to Lene: Waiting to be carried.]
Camera person: (She's) Well prepared!

Sean, stretching his arms: It's been too long since I've exercised.
Sean, pretending to do weights: I haven't done weights for a long time (laughs)
-Cuts to scene of Sean, as HC, carrying Lene, as LX, out the restaurant again-
[Pink caption pointing to Sean: With a handsome and cool demeanor, holding (Lene)]

Someone off-screen: Is Le Xuan heavy?
Sean: Should still be (considered) very light
Sean has set down Lene and they're looking at each other as he answers the question.
Sean: She's not (heavy)...Still good, la
Director: He's holding her (in a way that) looks like it's taking a lot of strength
Camera swings around to show Director and Sean next to each other in a frame
Director: (His) Thigh was trembling
[Aqua and black thinking bubble caption coming from Sean: Director, you saw it wrong, ok?]
Sean is laughing
Sean: Really? Did my thigh really tremble?
Director, laughing at Sean: Are you really that weak?
Sean laughing
-Cuts to Sean talking to the camera by himself-
Sean, looking confused: I just felt that it was not balanced...and then the weight was just very difficult to hold and (I) didn't know why. Turns out it was the high heels! (cuts to a shot of the high heels laying on the ground) The high heals were too heavy! Those pair of high heels are approximately 20 kilograms
[Red caption: Exaggeration]
Sean: I'm not joking....really!
-Cuts to Sean talking to someone-
Sean: I come over and then immediately pick her up...
Sean: ...I haven't even warmed-up!
[Red and blue caption: Still thinking of an excuse?!]
Sean: Right...really! (laughs)
Sean rolls his wrists.
Sean: Caused my hands/wrists to have a bit of a sprained feeling...(Sean starts laughing quite hard)
A little picture of Lene pops up [Pink caption: Am I really that heavy?!]

Director in background: Alright, alright, ready, ready
Sean to the camera, assuring: She's seriously very light...(holds hand up, laughing)...I'm only joking
-Cuts to the actual scene being filmed again. This angle is from behind head chef-
Sean, as HC, to Jasper, as AJ: There's no need, General Manager. In a moment, you just immediately close the doors and lock them.
Sean, as HC: Le Xuan
Lene is starting to shake from trying not to laugh [Red and black caption pointed at Lene: Card error]
[Shaking yellow captions surrounding Lene: Trembling!] (Puff is laughing from watching Lene shake)

Lene: Sorry! (laughing)
Director: Once again
Lene springs up from the position where she was draped, in a depressed manner over Sean's shoulder and laughing, waving a hand to Puff and Jasper to indicate that she's sorry.
Sean: You (Lene)...don't keep shaking!
Sean sets Lene down on her feet. Puff, Lene and Sean are laughing...Puff laughs and pats the back of Jasper's shoulders.

Director: Wait a moment
Puff to Lene: Were you just moving from shaking? (laughs)
Lene starts laughing again

7. Vic filming the escaping from the kidnappers scene
[Pink and white captions: Zhi Xiang's dedicated movements drama sequence]
Director: ...2...

Vic, as Zhi Xiang, is looking injured and struggling to outrun the kidnappers van. Vic is pretending to limp along. The white van is rolling along very slowly. Then it hits him and he makes a dramatic fall down...rolling a little.
Director: Stop
Director [Orange and purple caption]: Again, another take!
-Cuts to Vic upright again in front of the white van, director giving instructions-
Director: You, at the risk of your life, are running on your own
Director: Let them (kidnappers) chase after you...Don't care about (what's) behind...
Director: You want to, like, at the very end, being running for your life, like almost fast about to scream out.
Director gives an example, edging away, looking back, muted screams, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh...
Director: Like this this way of running...
-Cuts to another take of Vic limp-running...limp-running...then he gets hit by the van and falls over-
Director: Stop. Another take!
Director [Blue and red caption]: You guys need to move and push a bit faster...You're too slow!
-Cuts to Vic's third attempt-
Car chases him, he gets pushed, yells a little...and they replay the fall
[Yellow and red caption: Crash!, Crash! Crash!]
Vic yells a little and then falls, crumpling onto the road...
[Red caption: Flew extremely far!]
Director: Stop. Good, (the scene has) Passed!
Vic: It's ok? (I) Really got crashed
[Yellow caption with 3 thumbs up: Extremely dedicated!]
Director: No issues, right?
Director: Pants have ripped
Director: It's been difficult (for you)
Vic: Nahhh...(sits up)
-Cuts to Vic talking to the camera-
Vic: No issues
-Cuts to Puff talking to the camera. She's been filming the kidnapping scene and looks all "injured"-
[Red and white caption: Heart-aching (for Zhi Xiang)]
Puff: Zhi Xiang really has it very really pity him...

-Cuts back to Vic talking to camera-
Vic: It's very difficult to become a good person....immediately to become a squashed person...
[Pink caption pointing to Vic: Vic complains]

-Cuts back to Puff talking about poor Vic portraying Zhi Xiang's storyline-
Puff: He really had his ass crashed into (by the van), then he really flew out (onto the ground), and then he hands very injured (cuts to a shot of Vic's hands, covered in scrapes and blood), legs were scraped (cuts to a shot of Vic's knees covered in scrapes and blood),
Vic, putting his backside: My ass has no flesh...(looks a little in pain)

End of Translation. Puff and Jasper...why so cute?! Sean and Lene are also very funny this week, While poor Vic has to suffer quite a bit for his part. Which was your favourite bit of the BTS? 

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Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡·一個人 Episode 18 Behind the Scenes Translations

Ah, Puff and Jasper antics. They amused me so much that I think I did quite a few screen shots...

Want to find out what this, below, is about? Well, read on...

1. Yorke and Ba Yu on a pretend date!
Ba Yu and Yorke are playing chasing and dodging each other around the pole
[Pink and white caption: Da Zhi and Bao Zhu Jie getting together?!]
Ba Yu is taking a photo of Yorke in the park
Ba Yu and Yorke turn to the camera, Yorke takes the phone back from Ba Yu's hand
Yorke to the camera: Excuse us, on this side we're...
Ba Yu to the camera [Yellow and Blue caption]: ...Having a lover's date!

Ba Yu and Yorke laugh out loud and go back to skipping and chasing each other around a tree in the park. [Pink and White captions with hearts: Innocent playmates]

2. Filming Bao Zhu Jie and Da Zhi having "a moment" while spying on the ex
Yorke and Ba Yu are stand in place behind the tree, and the director is instructing them on how to act and how to look at each other/ hold each other. The director places Ba Yu to look directly to Yorke.
Director: Like this way...
Director: Because both of you need to hide behind the tree
The Director places one hand behind Yorke and shoves him closer to Ba Yu...he's also shoving her closer to Yorke. Yorke looks like he wants to laugh. Both of them are looking out towards the ex's house. ---You know, I think it looks fun to be a drama director. You get to shove attractive people together and make them feel awkward :D ---
Director: He (Yorke) needs to hide closer in too
Director: Like this!
The Director shoves them so that Ba Yu is holding onto Yorke's shoulders, then he lets go, grinning
---That cheeky Director :D ---
[White and blue thinking bubble caption from Yorke and Ba Yu: This close together...]
Director: Very much like this
Yorke and Ba Yu can't help but grinning, blushing and looking away. Yorke has his hand up to his mouth to stop from laughing. --- These two are so awesome. I ship them as much as Puff and Jasper/ KQ and AJ ---
The Director looks very very jolly and is making a frame with his hands through which he can see Yorke and Ba Yu.
Director to Yorke: You have to grab her (towards you) very much like this.
Director: Good?
Yorke is bitting his lips trying not to laugh. Ba Yu is nodding.
Director: And then...
Yorke suddenly turns to look at the director to clarify: I have to grab her towards me?
Ba Yu: (I'm) Very shy
Director: (laughing) Right!
-Cuts to Ba Yu being silly, giggling and twirling the straps on the bag-
Ba Yu to the camera [Orange and pink caption]: Bao Zhu Jie's "Spring time" (This is just like a Chinese metaphor for 'time of romance and love')
-Cuts to the director directing Ba Yu and Yorke again while Yorke, as Da Zhi is holding onto Ba Yu as Bao Zhu Jie. The Director seems to have noticed that they both tend tolook to the "ex's" house when they're nervous-
Director: You both don't (need to) pay attention to what's (happening) on that side
Director: (You both) Become foolish (with love...)
[Pink, purple, white star caption between Yorke and Ba Yu: Shy!]
Director, wagging his fingers between Yorke and Ba Yu: Listening. Ears listening (out for the ex coming out of his house), but eyes looking at the person facing you
Ba Yu and Yorke are both biting their lips, holding in their laughter.
Director, laughing and still waving his finger at Yorke: Almost about to kiss down (on her lips)

When he sees Yorke's nervously laughing face, the Director starts laughing heavily and points to him, saying to the camera:
Director: Shy, eh? (laughing)

Ba Yu: Ok
Director to Yorke:'s exactly this meaning (He means that the "look" between them has to have an about-to-kiss meaning)
Ba Yu [Purple and red caption]: I haven't, for a long time, had this kind of staring-into-eyes experience with a man
Ba Yu, flopping her shoulders and laughing: (I'm) Very Shy!
-Cuts to Ba Yu talking to the camera-
Ba Yu: Because I don't have a coupling, (I) very rarely film this type of falling-in-love scene. Bao Zhu Jie has always been a single person by herself, so...(feeling) shy!
Ba Yu suddenly swings an arm out to point to where Yorke is.
Ba Yu [Red and Blue captions]: The gaze from his eyes can give you an electric shock!
-Cuts to the actual scene where Da Zhi grabs Bao Zhu Jie and looks deeply into her eyes...except they've edited it so that Yorke has electric currents coming out of his eyes towards Ba Yu.
In the Scene the Ex's new wife is shouting her lines.
Ex's wife: Where are you going? If you have a lovechild, then don't come back home!

Ex-husband: Then I won't come back
Da Zhi lets go of Bao Zhu Jie after a long, intense look
-Cuts to next scene after the look, Bao Zhu Jie is standing next to the tree fanning herself from blushing and Da Zhi is getting his phone to call the others-
[Pink and white caption pointing to Yorke: So shy that he's holding his phone upside down!]

Director: Stop!
Crew member: Is it ok?
Yorke looks down at his phone and laughs, saying sheepishly to Ba Yu...
Yorke: I was holding my phone upside down! (laughing so hard he slaps his thigh)
Ba Yu bursts out laughing
Crew member: Is it ok?
Director: ok, (this scene has) Passed ---They must have cut off just before the phone bit---
-Cuts to Yorke and Ba Yu talking to someone about the scene-
Yorke: When looking (into each other's eyes), (did it to) the point where my eyes were twitching, you know? (Ba Yu laughing)
Camera person, teasing: Gangsters will have this (problem) too?
-Cuts to camera close-up of Yorke's eyes to see how they twitch-
Ba Yu, laughing: Are you having a stroke?
Yorke, laughing: Does it feel like (to you) that I seem to be having a stroke?
Ba Yu, laughing: Yep, looks like (you're) having a stroke!
Yorke, laughing: This is the falling-in-love look!
Yorke: This is more partial affection...(Does a blank stare to show "partial affection") [Yellow arrows points to Yorke's eyes]

Ba Yu starts laughing very hard [Rainbow captions: hahahahaha]
Camera person: Right...
-Cuts to Ba Yu talk to Yorke-
Ba Yu [ Yellow and red caption]: Falling-in-love and getting a stroke..there's only a (thin) line separating (them)
-Cuts to Yorke talking to the camera-
Yorke: I actually can't create that electric gaze (that shock between lovers' eyes/ Chemistry)
Yorke: I feel...actors...(our) drama crew actors (that can do this) should be Jasper and Hao Wei's (actor) Jolin are better at creating that electric gaze...
A little picture of Jasper and Jolin posing for the camera for the August SPOP shoot pops up with a pink caption [Pink caption: We can do that electric gaze?!]
Camera swings to Ba Yu
Ba Yu: Next time, I'm going to compare by (standing) at a close distance, facing them and gazing (into their eyes)...after I've identified (who's got the best electric gaze) then I'll tell you again (laughs)

3. Mason learning how to do a Batman mask with his hands from Jolin
Mason, who plays Xiao Yi is trying to do upside down glasses/ a "Batman mask" with his hands
[Pink and white caption: Who's going to teach me how to do a batman mask?]
Mason has his hands around his eyes, making what looks like glasses with eyelashes

Crew member: Turn it upside down
They try to move his arms...but he gets confused [White captions: ??] ---ahhhhh! So so cute----
-Cuts to Mason approaching Jolin-
[Purple and white caption: Discussing reinforcement]
Mason: Hao Wei, Uncle....
Mason: Do you know how to make a batman mask? (scratching his head)
Mason: Like this? (moves his hands to his face, but quickly, because he doesn't really know how to do it)

Jolin [Blue and pink captions]: How could I not know?
Puts his arms behind his back and twists them to make the same action upside down a la Batman mask with hands.
[Pink caption pointing to Jolin: Really good at it/ Really knows how to do it!]
Mason is smiling and clapping.
Jolin: Now you...
Mason tries again, but doesn't get the concept of twisting his arms around...hehe, he just makes loops with his first 2 fingers over his eyes and leaves the bottom three over his face.
[Blue caption over Mason: Really doesn't know how to do it!]
Jolin bends down to Mason's level anyway and flaps the back of his shirt so it's like a cape!
----So cute, these guys!----

4. Filming when Kai Qi is teaching Le Xuan
[Pink and white caption: Filming when Kai Qi helps Le Xuan to do training
Puff, as KQ: Hot/ Spicy?
Lene, as LX: When you eat it, you get a type of burning feeling, grinning at KQ
-Cuts to a scene off-screen with Lene talking to Jolin, practising her lines, while Puff is besides her memomising her lines-
Lene to Jolin: Sea salt?
Jolin: Hm?
Lene: Do you know it?
Jolin [red and blue caption]: Sea salt?
Jolin [teal caption]: Salty
Lene: No, that's the taste...
Lene [Yellow and purple caption]: What is the feeling (of sea salt)?
Jolin makes a face, hand on chin.
Jolin [Purple, white blue captions]: The taste of the ocean
Lene is laughing, rocking back and forth. Puff is in the background practising her lines."..sour, bitter, sweet, spicy..."
Lene (laughing): What taste does the ocean have?
Lene [White and blue captions]: I asked you about the feeling!
Jolin makes a silly expression and moves his fingers
Jolin: The feeling of swimming
Lene laughs
Jolin is holding out an invisible mic to Lene.
Jolin: The Greek Islands?
[Pink and white thinking bubble caption from Lene: This difficulty will not get me!]
Lene: Smelly
Jolin shakes his wrist and asks: Feeling?
Lene: Will have a type of...[Blue trembling captions: Shivering/ Trembling]
Lene [Red and green captions]: (Need to) hold-your-pee feeling
Jolin: Fu Zi Jie?
Lene [White and Orange]: Taste??
-Cuts to next scene where Lene is sticking her arm out under Puff with her own invisible mic. Puff is now looking at the camera laughing. Jolin is sitting with his hand on his chin laughing-

Lene to Puff: (What is Fu Zi Jie's) Taste?
Puff: Taste? (makes a face)
A little picture of Jasper pops up [Pink caption: Say good, good things!]
Camera person, laughing: What sort of face (expression) is that?
Puff, laughing [red caption]: (He's) Over-exposed/ exaggerated
Lene bursts out laughing, Jolin is grinning, Puff claps.
Camera person: Over-exposed in what (taste or feeling)?
Puff: Over-exposed. Just over-exposed.
-Cuts to the scene where KQ and LX are sitting facing each other and KQ is tutoring LX. The two are just practising the scene before filming-
Puff as KQ: Amongst all the tastes and feelings that we know, the proportions necessary to be used is actually much less than what we think.
Lene as LX looks lost [white captions: ??]
Puff as KQ: So you understand what I am saying?
Lene as LX: (shakes head and bites lip, looking cutesy) I don't understand...(Puff laughs)
-Cuts to close up on Puff-
Puff, as KQ: Visualise through the brain and what it brings to you in terms of feelings of experience. These different sensory recollections can actually help you to compensate for (your) inadequate taste buds. So...we'll start practicising, shall we?
[Gold caption: Successful!]Director: Stop
Lene, clapping: So cool! (that Puff was able to remember that wordy chunk of dialogue)
-Cuts to a new scene of Lene and Puff-Lene, as LX: Teacher, can you speak a bit more plainly?
Puff, joking under her breath: I don't have other methods (of explaining)
Lene, joking under her breath too: I can't understand
Puff picks up her script and breaks into serious practicing of her lines.
Puff: To be a bit more plainly spoken...Because...Just like when smelly tofu's scent, drifting up, is smelly [Pink caption pointing to Puff: Very seriously explaining!]...(but) when you eat it, it's not smelly, (it's) because your sense of smell is helping you to make this decision. Your impression towards smelly tofu is...
-Cuts to when Puff has stopped reading and is talking to the camera in the same spot-
Puff: I feel like I don't have any way of becoming a teacher.
Puff [yellow and white caption]: I can only become a kindergarden teacher!
(Not sure what the crew member says because I can't hear and the written captions are not in Mandarin...I think he says, show us your kindergarden teacher side... Puff's response is...)
Puff [Blue caption]: You sure?
Puff, in her regular voice: Ok...1,2,3,4...(laughs)
Crew member: louder...
Puff, still talking in her normal voice: ABCD
-Cuts to a side view of Puff, Lene and Jolin in the same spot-
Camera person: Come on...(I think the camera crew people said to Puff that she wasn't talking much like a teacher)
Puff, making a face to camera: Since when were you very much (known to be) a teacher?
Camera persona: Furthermore, when you take a class, the students should take a nap
Puff: Right, of course! Speaking in (such) a boring way (laughs and rocks back and forth)
Puff: Maybe when taking maths class...
Puff breaks into a kindergarden teacher voice...very slow and cutesy and sing-song
Puff, kindergarden singsong voice: 1 plus 1 equals what?
Lene, replies in a little kid voice, looking dazed too: 2!

[Red and blue caption about Lene: (She's) Very Complementary!]
Puff in same singsong voice: 2 plus 2 equals?
Lene, replies in same little kid voice: 4!

[Purple caption pointing to both Lene and Puff: Voices immediately become very childish!]
Puff: 4 plus 4 equals (laughs)... just have to be (using) very much this type (of voice)...
Lene, still dazed and replying slowly in kiddy voice: 5!

Puff laughs
Camera person: High marks for memorising
Puff: (This is) Towards little kids...but if you're talking about, that is, you know, grown-up kids...
Puff breaks into a frustrated sounding voice with a frown...
Puff: 4 plus 4! (laughs)
Camera person: (Parents) Really don't have patience
Puff, pretending to be a parent again: Even this, you don't know...a penalty of writing it 100 times...
[White and blue thinking bubble caption from Lene: How does it different this much (between a little kid and slightly older kid)?!]
Lene, making a displeased face and puffing out her lips: Very fierce! (Puff laughs)
[Pink and white captions: Next chapter when we return, Head chef's fantasy imagination drama sequence, explosive laughing debut 

5. The Head Chef's fantasy sequence about Le Xuan, Ah Jie and himself
[Pink and white caption: Filming the head chef's exaggerated mini drama sequence]Sean is dressed in his cheesy 70's type costume
Sean: This is my mini drama sequence.
Sean: This is inside my imagination.
-Cuts to the actual scene filmed when Le Xuan and Ah Jie prance towards each other and Ah Jie takes Le Xuan's hands in his-
Jasper, as AJ in loud cheesy voice: Le Xuan!
-Cuts back to Sean talking, hands on hips-
Sean: (The scene has a) Chiung Yao type of feeling (She is a well-known Taiwanese romance novelist...Think Nicholas Sparks type novels)
-Cuts to the actual scenes again, this time of Le Xuan on the bridge reaching out her arm to Ah Jie
Lene, as LX: Aaahhhh Jieeeeee!!!!
Director: Stop, ok, this one's pretty (good)
-Cuts to Jasper talking to the camera-
Jasper [Yellow and blue caption]: Even this scene requires exerting this much effort
Camera person: Why?
Jasper: Because we are acting out a...(motions to his own costume) [Red caption]: Chiung Yao drama!

Jasper: Right
Jasper: We are currently working hard in the middle of giving an interpretation/explaination
-Cuts to Jasper in the actual scene-
Jasper, as AJ, in melodramatic voice: Le Xuan, you sacrificed so much for me...why didn't you tell me?!
Jasper, as AJ [White and red captions]: This much effort is exerted! Head is very dizzy!
-Cuts to Jasper walking off after scene, passing the crew members-
Crew member, laughing at Jasper: Why?
Jasper to them: Really! (My) Brain was quickly about to (lose) oxygen
Camera person: My god!
Jasper [Pink and orange captions]: Really not easy, really not easy!
Jasper: Requires a very sufficient (amount of) feeling
[Purple and white caption: Understands the awesomeness/ intensity of his elder's generation, right?]
Jasper: Furthermore, also requires using a voice, emerging from the pit of your abdomen, to speak
Jasper [Purple caption]: I don't know how to use a voice, emerging from the pit of my abdomen, to speak!
Jasper [Green caption]: Just a moment I'm becoming mute (hoarse from doing that dramatic voice)
-Cuts to a scene where Head chef is leaning against a pillar screaming Le Xuan and Lene is watching trying not t laugh-
Sean, as Head Chef: Leeee Xuuuuaaaaannnn!!!
[Yellow caption pointing to Lene: At the side, trying to hide laughter]

Director: Stop, ok, (The scene has) Passed
-Cuts to Sean talking to the camera-
Sean: I feel like it's too less
Camera person: Too less?
Sean: Should be a bit more (of this sequence)
Sean: I haven't played enough! ---haha, someone love doing this sequence...Funny stuff, but I prefer my Puff and Jasper scenes :D ----
-Cuts to Jasper talking to camera-
Jasper: I sorta want Pleasantly Surprised, the whole series, to be turned into a series with a very Chiung Yao feeling. Wouldn't be bad, right? (raises his eyebrows and grins, being cheeky)

[Pink and white caption: You sure?!]

Jasper, pretending to be a melodramatic AJ, with raised eyebrows and silly voice: Kaaaaiii Qiiii!! 

Jasper wipes his forehead and moves his hand in a dramatic sweep.
Jasper: Kai Qi...has brought out a meal (as a chef at Figuro)----hahaha, typical Jasper---

-Cuts to Jasper, Lene and Head chef on a sunny day at a park-
Lene's voice talking while camera on Jasper walknig with crew member.
Lene: This is the first time he's done this type of retro dress-up
Lene: So...he's extremely...[white and pink caption]: Having fun amongst it all...
Lene: He's still unwilling to take off this outfit...(crew laughs at what Lene says)
-Cuts to Jasper and Sean standing on the grass by the river, Sean is doing up the buttons on his shirt-
Jasper: Right...we're going to do a 30 second...(Lene walks into the screen between the guys)...(We) invite Lene to teach everyone how to dance...this dance...
-Cuts to the 3 of them with hands on their hips, ready to dance in their retro costumes-
Lene: Mini squat
The 3 of them semi-squat, hands on hips and then start wiggling their knees in and out. 
[Yellow and blue caption: Together, let's go back to the 80's generation!]
Lene: Start with the legs...(They're wiggling their legs still)
Lene: And then...
Lene: Hands, point them upwards

[Purple and white caption: 3 people and the background very matching (not sure?)]
Lene: Point down towards the left (wiggling their legs and doing the disco pointing with their fingers)
Lene: Strike!

Lene: Again, towards the top right side, strike! (moves pointing arm, while still wiggling legs
Lene: This way...One, two...(continues to switch pointing positions and wiggle the legs)
Lene: The head must follow along swaying (their heads are moving towards the direction of where they are pointing)
Jasper: Yup, I'm doing that
Lene: Do you get that feeling?

Jasper: Yep, I'm feeling it!
Lene: Are you feeling it?
[Red caption: Aren't your legs sore?]
Jasper: But (my) legs are very tired!
Jasper stumbles backwards, falling out of sync with Lene and Sean. Lene laughs.
Jasper talking to camera.
Jasper: My legs are sore, my legs are sore, my legs are sore...
Jasper: That was on purpose (laughs)
Jasper grining and joking: I was acting this (tiredness) out (for the scene)! (He walks away)
Jasper, turns and points to camera: You ask Sean Ge (brother, like Hyung) if it's tiring or not!
Camera pans to Sean
Camera person: Tired?
[Orange and white caption with sweatdrop: Whole head covered with big sweat drops]
Sean wipes his head with his hand
Sean: I'm sweating (grins)

6. The Crew are acting like silly dinosaurs in the kitchen
Deyn, Ba Yu and Lin are all looking at someone off camera trying to coax them to do something
Ba Yu: Ahh... (trying to make sounds that you would to get a baby or dog to open it's mouth)
Lin: Baby hippo, open your mouth!
Ba Yu throws a snack
Lin: whooaaaa, hippo
Camera pans over to Zooey making a crazy face, rolled eyes and mouth open and chewing
[Pink caption on Zooey: Very good (with her) cue]
Continues to make crazy chewing face and puts two fingers up each side of her head to make animal horns or ears.
[Pink and white captions: Welcome to the Pleasantly Surprised crew's zoo]
Yorke, tapping Zooey on the shoulder: Dinosaur
Zooey opens her mouth and lets out a scrreching sound, laughingly
-Cuts to slightly later in the kitchen-
A crew member is helping Yorke to put on his apron and it doesn't tie properly and falls off.
Yorke suddenly bends forward and makes the sound Zooey made with his arms close to his body and his hands made into little claws...haha, totally weirding out the crew member putting on his kitchen apron and making Zooey laugh.
[White and black thinking bubble caption on crew member: If you're like this, how can I do up (the apron)?]
Someone off camera: The one beside you should think you're a fast dinosaur. The type that walks very quickly. The thin ones.
-Cuts to Zooey talking to Jasper. She's leaning against the bench top looking like she's challenging him-
Zooey to Jasper [Blue and pink caption]: Can you learn to be like a dinosaur? You (should) learn!
Jasper is grinning the whole time and laughing and pointing to Yorke who is making that silly screeching sound and making motions that look like he's half withering and half clawing.

Someone in the background (sounds like Puff or Ba Yu): Ah Jie dinosaur! Hurry up!
Jasper is pointing to Yorke still, looking at the camera and grinning
Zooey: You (should) learn!
Zooey rolls up her eyes and makes the silly dinosaur screech to Yorke, who does it to Jasper with a little clawing too.
Jasper makes little claws with his hands and making a silly expression.
[Blue and white thinking bubble caption coming from Stanley: What are you guys doing?!]
Jasper makes a crazy screeching sound.
Zooey, pointing at Jasper laughing: You're very bad!
Stanley: What are you guys trying to be like?
Zooey: A dinosaur
Stanley makes little claws and makes a long and vibrating dino screech.
Yorke makes a louder screech and claws into the air.
[Purple caption on Yorke: Is very seriously acting out (the part of) a dinosaur]
Zooey to Stanley: You're not a dinosaur
Stanley: What am I?
Zooey: You're a monster
Stanley: I am godzilla
Yorke, Stanley and Jasper all pretend to be dinosaurs and corner Zooey into the table.

-Cut to a new scene still in the kitchen with these guys-
[Purple and white caption: Childish acting school students]
Jasper to Stanley: You're the only one...The only Jurassic one...
Stanley makes a loud screech and waves his hands about his head a bit like a thrill-neck lizard...Jasper is laughing a lot and disappears from view of the screen
Zooey: It's a bit like...a thrill-neck lizard
Stanley makes the loud screech and waves his hands about and rolls his eyes at the camera.
A picture of a thrill-neck lizard pops up [Pink caption: Are you trying to copy me?]
-Cuts to another scene in the kitchen-
Stanley claws at the table with a screechy sound and then Yorke looks up at Jasper and makes a screechy dinosaur sound.
[Yellow and white thinking bubble coming from Jasper: What exactly are you trying to do?!]

Yorke is silly making the silly screechy noise with his little claw hands and brings into view a jar...and then he turns the screech into a voice
Yorke, screechy voice: I can't open it
Jasper, laughing and pointing: (You're acting like you have) A Mental problem!
Yorke, screechy voice: I can't open it
Yorke, screechy voice: Heeeelllppp meee open it!
Jasper starts making little claws which he uses to take the jar from Yorke.
[Red caption with little yellow person: Seems like he (Jasper) is also playing along happily]

7. The Boys compete on strength
Ba Yu and Da Zhi are talking
[Pink and white captions: Who is the strongest guy?]
Ba Yu to Yorke: (in a challenging voice) I'm most afraid of being lifted/held (up) by a princess

Ba Yu: Sure you can (really) lift (me) up?
Yorke: (nodding in confirmation) I could lift you up
Ba Yu: (throwing her arms wide open) Come on...I'm not afraid...
Waves her arms about
Ba Yu: Come on...come on...
Yorke doesn't look like he's going to do it, but all of a sudden runs closer and scoops her up from her knees to hold her "honeymoon style"[White and Yellow thinking bubble caption: I'm coming for real!]...
This startles Ba Yu, who didn't believe he was actually going to take her up on the challenge when he started lifting her, she squeals and twists away...but he has her in his arms and she's laughing madly and gasping in shock when lifted up...And then she realises her skirt is going up. Yorke is semi-grinning at the camera, holding Ba Yu.
Ba Yu: Wait a moment!

Yorke is now sort of swinging her around and walking with her in his arms
Ba Yu: (panicky sounding laugh) I'm not wearing any safety pants! (She means shorts or bloomers under her skirt...she reaches to put a hand to cover herself)
Everyone in the background: Ooooooh!!!!
Someone in background: Going to be exposed!
Yorke and Ba Yu are both laughing as she slowly puts her back onto the ground. 
[Black caption on Yorke: Not over-excited (Like, not fussed about the whole thing)]
Ba Yu is hyped up though...she's back on her feet and raising her arms
Ba Yu: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you (laughing and spinning around...kicks where Yorke is)
Ba Yu quickly to Camera: It was very scary!
- Cuts to Ba Yu, Deyn (in the middle) and Yorke standing together. - 
They've obviously challanged Deyn to it...he starts squatting down with his arms out on if to pretend to lift them both
Ba Yu, arms out: Two people at once! (laughing)
Deyn is laughing too: Once!
Someone in the background: Can you really do it?
Deyn, laughing: I don't know. I'll try, try to see (if I can) ----haha, try at your own risk, kids!----
He's completely squatted down now, Ba Yu and Yorke both move to sit on his shoulders.
Ba Yu: Do you want to lift Puff (as well)?
Puff's voice coming from the background [Orange and purple caption]: I want to play! I want to play!
Deyn is squatted down, both of them on his shoulders, he's wrapping his arms around their zooms out and Puff is standing there looking scared with an arm out as if to catch Ba Yu if Deyn fails
Ba Yu: Puff, come (over here!)
Puff: It's very dangerous! (laughing, but looking worried)
Ba Yu and Yorke have arms around each other's shoulders for better balance and Deyn is trying to rise with them on his shoulders.

Deyn makes a grunt and Ba Yu and Yorke look like they'll topple off.
Yorke: Ok, it's not working
Deyn: I admit defeat
Ba Yu: You want to lift Puff, right?
-Cuts to Ba Yu talking to Deyn-
Ba Yu: You're holding Puff, and then your expression looks like this...spinning her around... (Ba Yu looks like she's dazed and throwing something into the air)
Puff's voice in the background [Blue caption, pink caption]: Forget it! Forget it! I'll be scared! 
Ba Yu and Deyn are laughing.
Puff: I have a great fear/phobia of heights
Deyn, crouching down: Then Puff sitting on my shoulders should be ok (pats his shoulder for her to get on)
[White and yellow thinking bubble from Deyn: How can I lose to Yorke?]
Ba Yu: Sit on the shoulders?
Puff: Is it ok? (Comes to sit on Deyn's shoulders)
Deyn: Should be ok
Ba Yu to Puff: You be careful!
Puff is sitting on one of Deyn's shoulders and putting her around around his head, using the other to hold on.
Deyn puts his arm around her legs and starts to rise
Ba Yu: Be careful! (Her and Yorke are holding their arms out in front of them to catch Puff if anything. Puff is clutching to Ba Yu's arm.) 
Someone in the background: Don't make a scene...
Deyn rises with Puff on his shoulder. Puff is squealing.
[Pink caption pointing to Deyn: Human instrument (of lifting)]

Puff is laughing and turning red while Deyn is walking around with her on his shoulders.
Puff is waving, Deyn doing a peace sign with Puff on his shoulder and the others (Yorke and Lin) are cheering as some pictures are being taken.

Puff: Our Deyn is a strong boy
Deyn then starts to spin around with Puff on his shoulders
Ba Yu and Yorke are doing a funny dance in the background with arms up and swinging and legs doing the same.
[Red caption: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!]
Puff is yelling [Purple caption]: Put me down!!!! (looks like she's going to laugh and cry! But starts nervously laughing as Deyn puts her down on the ground)
Camera person: In the wink of an eye, is exerting very little strength (again)
Camera person: Didn't you just say you wanted to play? 
Puff to camera: Sorry, I was wrong!
Bows and waves
Puff: I'm going to retire first! I'm withdrawing! 
Everyone's laughing
Blue caption: [Runs/escapes]
Lin, Ba Yu and everyone: Bye bye!
She runs into the restaurant.
-Cuts to another scene with Puff outside again in sunglasses and Deyn coming out of the restaurant followed by Jasper-
Deyn: Carry me on the shoulders...are you for real, Head chef?
Camera moves so Sean comes into view from the other side
Deyn: You'll be injured!
Sean grabs Deans hand and is directing him how to be positioned.
Sean: 'Fighting while horseback-riding' (It's a game I explain it in a previous translation here, in sequence 6, where Puff and Jasper play charades). I won't (in reponse to Deyn saying he'll get hurt)...This way...
Deyn: You lift me over your shoulders?
Sean has Deyn put one arm over his shoulders and goes between the legs, grabbing one leg and swings him up over his shoulder! Deyn makes a shocked growl, shout!
Puff and Jasper are laughing

Puff: Why is it this way of carrying him?
[Yellow/red caption: Surprised/Shocked!]
Deyn is still making that sound.
Sean is swinging him round and round now. 
Camera person: Is this wrestling?! (laughs)
[Pink and white caption pointing to Sean: So very Man(ly)!]

Sean: And then also...(he makes the motion of tipping Deyn on his head...before putting him down normally)
Puff: Ahhhh! Be careful!
Deyn, laughing [Yellow and blue captions]: Why do I have a type of lifting-a-whole-roast-pig kind of feeling?!

Everyone laughing

8. Jasper and Puff playing around and "lifting" each other up
Puff and Stanley are now inside the restaurant
Puff to the camera: Lifting people onto the shoulders is a bit diffuclt
Stanley to camera: Right!
Stanley: Then being lifting up (onto someone's shoulders) should have a type of dizzying (The sky and earth spinning around) feeling
-Cuts to Puff being lifted up by Jasper.- 

She's sitting on his shoulders, he's holding one of her hands and has the other arm securely around her legs. She like ahhhhhhh!!! and is bringing her free arm to hold onto his head. He's successful and she's quite high up in the air before he puts her down.

[Yellow and aqua thinking bubble caption: I can do it too!]

Puff: Cue(ing) it for a moment
Puff, turning to Jasper: And what's more, I don't want to mess up your hair...

Puff reaches out to stroke his hair.

Jasper, grinning: Nah, it hasn't (been messed up)...(he passes his hand over hair and does a casual hair swish)
Jasper, walking away: Now this is a...(Not sure what he says, I'll get back to it)
Puff: So you think of yourself as very strong, is that what you mean? 
-Cuts to Jasper and Puff standing side to side talking to the camera-
Jasper: Deyn gives off a very safe feeling
Puff turns quickly to Jasper and says loudly and doubtfully, in shock: Really?! 
Jasper looks lost and says errrrr?
Puff, patting Jasper's shoulder as she speaks, to indicate where she sat: I was just sitting here on him. But I felt I was (being) extremely swayed/shaken. I was quickly being flung out (into the air). 
Camera person to Puff: Because he was spinning... He kept moving...
Puff turns back to Jasper: Right, he kept moving
Puff gently swots Jasper's arm.
Puff: But he (Jasper) was holding my legs securely...

Puff is doing motions with her arms to show how he was doing this
 ---Not to mention he was holding onto your hand, Puff...----

Jasper is grinning here as Puff talks about him being better.
[Pink and white caption on Jasper: Has a safe feeling (about him)]
Puff: So I felt I didn't have that flying-out (feeling) ---hehe, wonder why she refrained from saying "so I felt very safe with Jasper" :D ---
Jasper, crossing his arms [white and blue caption]: This is just a man's token/expression (In other words, what a real man should ensure that a girl feels safe)
Puff is grinning till his says that, and then she just makes a face (haha, like...yeah, right Jasper!)
-Cuts to a new scene where Jasper is coming over to Puff with something in hand-
Puff to Jasper: Then I'll lift you up
But she moves back quickly
Puff, teasing: Forget it! (You're) A bit heavy...
Jasper has a mini fan which he puts near Puff's face playfully and Puff makes a go away sound: Aaaishhh...
Jasper is putting the fan near his own face.
Jasper: Lift me...

Puff laughs and bends down and puts her arms around his waist in a hug (or making the motions to try to lift him...but looks pretty much a hug to meee)

Puff tries to move him a little..

Jasper looks like he moves...a tiny,tiny bit

Crew members: Difficult for Puff! Hard-working Puff!
Camera person [Purple and white caption]: This is a hug!
Jasper: It's working, it's working...(pretending)
They pretend again. Jasper bends his knees
Jasper: Do it again?
Puff puts her arms around his waist in that hugging position, but this time the camera moves with them so it looks like Jasper's being lifted up.
Puff pretends to make a heaving sound like she's moving something heavy
Jasper: It's working, it's working! careful, be careful....

Puff is laughing, Jasper grinning.
Then Puff waves bye as it seems like she's done for the day!

End of Translation. Aren't Puff and Jasper just the cutest?!