Thursday, 30 June 2016

Happy Birthday Puff Kuo 郭雪芙!

Despite blogging so much about my favourite celebrities, I must admit I rarely remember anyone's birthdays...But here we are!

Happy Birthday to the ever beautiful, ever talented Puff Kuo! 

Hope there's many more wonderful projects and pairings to come for this actress (A reunion pairing with Jasper, perhaps? Haha)

I'm not always up-to-date with magazine pictures and scans, but when I find pretty photos I like or have time to scan things, I like to share what I find, even if they're not the newest pictures. So, in terms of Puff, some recent updates I've made on my blog include her following photo shoots:

April 2016 Vinge Photo Shoot
January 2016 Girl Photo Shoot
April 2015 Vivi Magazine Scans
April 2015 Vivi Photo Shoot

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

1989一念間 Back to 1989's Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 and Marcus Chang 張立昂 for Milk Taiwan

Pulling off those late 80's and early 90's fashion styles have scored both Ivy Shao and Marcus Chang the cover shoot for Milk Taiwan, a fashion magazine, as well as endorsement work for Native shoes. Just yesterday Milk posted a video for issue no.129 featuring the cool twosome. Don't they just look amazing in their 2016 street gear? You can read their interview with Milk Taiwan here

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Magazine Scans: Jasper Liu 劉以豪 for the June issue of Girl 愛女生 Magazine

As I mentioned in my last post, Girl Taiwan pretty much picked the perfect cover girl, Ivy Shao, and cover boy, Jasper Liu, for June. Here is Jasper's interview and photo shoot for Girl. He really did shine with his playfulness and his jokes, including his comment about growing his hair out like the photo editor so that he could flick it. He also bid the camera a very long goodbye as they continued to stalk him to his change room. Haha!

Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 for the June issue of Girl 愛女生 Magazine

I've posted about Girl Magazine before because Jasper and Puff have both featured as cover people before. While it's more fashion based, I do have to say that they always make their stars look cute...and furthermore, they know how to pick good combinations for their different monthly covers. 

This month the cover girl was Ivy Shao, looking bright and lovely. While the cover boy wasn't Marcus Chang, they did still show wonderful taste because it was none other than Jasper Liu (again)! Seeing their photographs side by side on these covers, I realised that I would actually love to see Ivy and Jasper star as a proper drama couple...They worked together on CTV's Confucius and SETTV's When I See You Again, but not as the starring couple...

Girl Magazine made this a big issue for Ivy Shao as they also held a fan meet and autograph session for fans (see third video below) and also held competitions to win autograph Polaroids and T-shirts. I really like Ivy Shao and didn't enjoy the drama When I See You Again until her character Yong Qing popped up....So definitely looking forward to her taking on more leading roles!

Monday, 27 June 2016

1989一念間 Back to 1989's Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 and Marcus Chang 張立昂 release cover of the drama's closing song, The Two of Us 兩個人

So I was watching Back to 1989 while it aired, and loved it a lot, but didn't have time to compile a lot of content for it. But it's been beautiful and I do have a tinge of regret for not being able to follow the content for when it aired or attending any of the fan meets! I will however backtrack and at least upload content I've been interested in for Back to 1989.

For those not familiar with Marcus Chang, he's very much a singer as well as an actor and has his own YouTube channel which you can find here. A few days ago, Marcus released a cover that he and Ivy did for the closing song of their drama Back to 1989 called 'The Two of Us 兩個人.' The original song is by Alien Huang. Ivy and Marcus also shot the music video together in Okinawa...It looks beautiful and dreamy. A perfect ending for their characters.

Ivy and Marcus' cover of The Two of Us 兩個人

Ivy's trailer for their cover of The Two of Us 兩個人

In this world, not every couple who loves each other, can grow old together,
I hope that, even if you lose me, you can still find your own happiness,
Without the need to live in this world alone in order to prove the greatness of your love,
You only need to put me in your heart.

Marcus' trailer for their cover of The Two of Us 兩個人

I fell in love with a girl who doesn't belong in my world,
She said that she's a fox who has been domesticated by me,
But in fact, I'm the fox who has been domesticated by her,
Being domesticated is a very blissful thing... very happy.

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Final 1989一念間 Back to 1989 Fan Meet 這一秒我們都在見面會

Aside from the fact that I was too busy to attend this fan meet, I've noticed that Sanlih has introduced a new paid video viewing and fan content media platform called Vidol. It seems that fans now have to book their attendance for fan meets through that platform, which is terrible because many fans from other countries can't access that platform and may therefore be excluded from attending fan like me :( Furthermore, they're putting all live streaming for fan meets on that platform, which means we may not even be able to view it! Luckily, some media sites have still recorded the fan meet and put it on YouTube for fans....Whilst fragmented, this is better than having no footage at all...I'll be doing a translation summary for this final fan meet in time, so keep your eyes on this space...

Friday, 3 June 2016

SPOP 華流 Magazine Update: 1989一念間 Back to 1989 SPOP 華流 June issue out now!

Because Back to 1989 has been quite popular with rising ratings, and is ending it's run on Taiwanese television this month, SPOP has given the show a second magazine cover. But this time only with Marcus Chang...I would have loved another Ivy and Marcus shoot...But I'm not complaining either. Marcus Chang is a total good-looking guy and a rising star at the moment. 

This issue is more of a closing look at the series rather than an entire photo shoot concept. There's a photo shoot with the side cast members of Back to 1989, a recap of the series with some pretty still from the series and additional behind the scenes content with Marcus Chang as his character Chen Che. It seems to be similar to this issue of SPOP which covered the end of Pleasantly Surprised (with a photo shoot featuring side characters, a detailed recap of the series and additional photos from the previous photo shoot of Puff and Jasper). 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

1989一念間 Back to 1989's Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 and Marcus Chang 張立昂 dating? Rumours continue to fly with end of filming party

So as I've mentioned before, I try not to spread too much gossip. But damn, it is hard when you ship two actors. Following on from previous rumours that that the lead actors for Back to 1989 have been dating while filming the show, there have been photos that have surfaced of Ivy Shao and Marcus Chang kissing at the end of filming party

There's a good chance it was because of a drinking game (there's also a photo of Mini and Yorke doing a wedding toast styled drink with each other which supports this theory), a dare or a request to have a good bye kiss as their characters. Some have also said that it could have been a publicity stunt as the show is still airing and there is still a few weeks before the end. But these guys looked into it...Marcus seems to suspect some attention though and pulls away. Both stars still deny that they're together and insist that they're just good friends.

I personally don't know what to believe. I thought at first that they look just friends in real life...but I don't know if I'd kiss my friends like that! I also think that many celebrities do hide their love lives and there's a lot we don't know about the personal lives of Asian stars. I'd be elated if they're dating, but if not, I still think they've done an amazing job as their characters Chen Che and Zhen Zhen :)

You can read all the original gossip here

The photo of Yorke and Mini doing the wedding styled toast with each other! But they didn't kiss...

Good Bye Party for Back to 1989! 1989一念間殺青酒!

The cast and crew celebrated the end of filming a few nights ago with a huge party and there were some super cute couple shots between Ivy and Marcus. Very cute! I have felt that since the rumours broke out they were a little more careful and subdued with affection. But they definitely get along very well and aren't afraid of showing at the very least :) ...So much so that rumours have started flying again as a result of the ending party...