Monday, 30 November 2015

Rainie Yang楊丞琳 and Joseph Chang 張孝全 Lend their voices to the Animated Version of Love You 醉後決定愛上你

Does anyone remember this drama, Love You (Or Drunken to Love You/ After being Drunk, I'll Definitely Love You)? One of my favourite SETTV/ Sanlih dramas of all times with Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang. This drama had the best music with Rainie and Yen-J, the opening credits were a dreamy sequence with Rainie and Joseph fated to run into each other, the on-screen chemistry was at times sweet and funny, and at other times...passionate and hot. 

If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend Love You even though the drama came out awhile ago in 2011. Anyway, I'm just writing to say that there's been a working reunion with Rainie and Joseph, a new animated series. No surprises really as the show has been so popular since its release that it's made 1.4 billion dollars across novels, comies, games, DVDs etc. Love You has also recently been voted, by Asian netizens, as the most popular drama of the drunken lovers genre. I suspect that Sanlih were looking for a way to revive the Fated to Love You/ Drunken to Love You series as it was one of those dramas with crazy ratings, breaking 5 (They still had a giant poster of the drama hanging up in the Sanlih offices which I saw when I went to the Pleasantly Surprised fan meet in 2014). 

I wonder how they're going to animate that making out scene?! They'll probably water it down. If you don't know what scene I'm talking about here's a small snippet of that passionate scene along with a funny interview where Rainie talks about how Joseph made sure she was OK with him making out with her before he got on with it. She gets flushed just thinking about it though!

Anyway, it's nice to see Rainie and Joseph working together again! Even if it is just doing voice-overs in the studio. They had such good chemistry. Before Love You, they worked together once a long time ago, but I think they played family members in their first drama. They also weren't super close when they started out, so their make-out scenes were super awkward to film. But they got on real well during the filming of Love You. Although Joseph is a little reserved at times, I liked all the behind the scenes for the drama because they would both play jokes on each other frequently.

Rainie even got Joseph to play her lover in her film clip for the song that was used in the Love You. The song was really great and the story line with Joseph added to the emotions. Joseph also turned out to Rainie's fan meet with some drama related gifts. 

Here are some Behind the Scenes video of the making of the Music Video too, for those who might be interested or who love this pairing. 

Anyway, here's Rainie and Joseph in the studio together and signing promotional posters for the animation. Since Love You, Rainie and Joseph haven't done many dramas. Rainie has focused a lot on her singing career, releasing 3 albums and doing a number of concerts, although she did do Sunny Happiness (Well, it got released after Love You, though it was filmed beforehand) and mainland drama, Love at Second Sight. Joseph Chang has been a gun at films, releasing pretty much 2-3 films a year. They look like they're having fun together, though Joseph looks tired. Apparently he had a sore throat and has been worked thoroughly through his tight filming schedule. Here's hoping they have a good time collaborating together again!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Instagram Updates: Vivian Sung 宋芸樺 and Darren Wang 王大陸 Get Instagram Cute Together

Vivian Sung just posted the cutest photo from the Golden Horse Awards with her and Darren Wang. There weren't actually many photos of just the two of them on the night. I think mostly due to the fact that she had to perform on stage during the ceremony and was therefore ushered around a lot.. But I'm so glad that they did take this photo on her phone and that she posted it up :) If I get time, I may compile more of their cute Instagram shots. 

Caption: Hsu Tai Yu! We've made a promise, so we still have to work hard together! Hope every year we can participate in the Golden Horse Awards ~

Sunday, 22 November 2015

52nd Golden Horse Awards 金馬 52 with Vivian Sung 宋芸樺, Darren Wang 王大陸 and the Our Times 我的少女時代 Cast

Ah, there's nothing like prestigious film awards to bring a cast back together again. Vivian Sung and Darren Wang were once again reunited to support their film Our Times at The Golden Horse Awards.

For the number of camera flashes that were going off as the were walking, there are surprisingly very few photos of them on the red carpet, but I've given you what I've found. Here's one of the entourage.

And here's one of Vivian and Darren. Ah, it's so cute that they walked the red carpet holding hands. These two are just so natural and comfortable doing common couple things that you can totally see why they had such great on-screen chemistry. 

Anyway, their film Our Times was nominated for 3 Golden Horse awards including a Best Actress Award for Vivian. This was her official promotional photo for the awards.

While there weren't any wins for the film, there were a number of cute moments. Aside from holding hands, the two of them also shared a hug because Vivian would have to perform on stage later on and the interviewer asked if  'Hsu Tai Yu' (Darren's character in the movie) would like to give Vivian a hug for Darren happily played along and did that!

There was also a highly amusing Our Times sketch performance with Darren Wang and another actress acting as Vivian Sung's Our Times character, Lin Zhen Xin. This sketch led to Darren inviting Vivian up to sign the film's theme song, Xiao Xing Fu, A Little Happiness.

This is another version of the same sequence...

Vivian has been working to debut as a singer, but she was nervous during the performance and felt disappointed with her singing. It sounded fine to me  (a little shaky) but the media have said that she was singing off key...and Vivian herself talked about her own disappointment on Facebook. She actually cried after the performance, but said she wants to do better next time. But honestly, she wasn't bad... just a little nervous. You could really tell that she had a beautiful voice. Anyway, have a listen for yourselves...

One last video...This one shows everyone taking photos. The film quality is super clear, but the sound quality is pretty poor...still worth watching to see Darren and Vivian.

For some reason, I felt that a lot of the photos weren't very clear for these Awards. But I've found the clearest pictures and collected them here :) Here is Vivian, Darren and the director of the film, Frankie. The cast photos below also feature the secondary leads, Dino Lee and Dewi Chien.

And here's some photos from ET Today. In the photo below, the cast are getting their poses on. This seems to be the new pose craze going on in Asia...

Here are a few from the Awards itself...

And to finish are some media screenshots that captured the cute moments between Vivian Sung and Darren Wang at the awards. I'm surprised that the Taiwanese media outlets screenshot things...I would have thought someone would have been trying to capture these moments with a camera...but I guess it's hard when you're taking candid shots and it's crowded and dark...Anyway, this screenshot where they're looking at each other is just beautiful...

These are all the cute screenshots of them arriving on the red carpet and holding hands...

And these are all the screenshots of them greeting fans on the red carpet, doing interviews and sharing a good luck hug for Vivian's performance...

And that's all I have...don't you just love this couple? And do you think Vivian can sing? I sure do...she just has to get over her nerves and she'll do beautifully!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Our Times 我的少女時代 Stars Vivian Sung 宋芸樺, Darren Wang 王大陸, Dino Lee 李玉璽 in Magazine Photos for Shine Taiwan

I always regret not checking out this film earlier because I loved it so much and I think I would have gotten more out of it if I'd seen all the promotional content as it came out. But I do live overseas and the film didn't come out over here till November, so I guess I have an excuse...

Anyway, although I missed out on a lot of magazine shots and things like that (It's impossible to buy a copy of the Our Times Vivi Magazine. Both covers sold out and I can't find any back copies T^T) I'm still lucky that there's still beautiful photos of Vivian, Darren and Dino floating around. Take for instance these Shine Magazine photos. Bless Shine Magazine. Not only are these photos still accessible, they're gorgeous, bright and attractive photos. 

The first set of Shine Magazine photos are early promotional photo shot for the film with Vivian, Darren and Dino, while the second set of Shine photos were done with just Vivian and Darren on Chinese Valentine's day. There's an interview that goes with those can find that video along with a quick translation here. Or maybe I'll include it below as well. 

Early shots with Vivian, Darren and Dino

Also includes these mini interviews where they're given 2 answer questions and they have to quickly say what comes to mind first.

Chinese Valentine's Day shots with Vivian and Darren

The video relating to these photos is here...This is by another channel. Shine TV has a version of this interview, but this version is of better quality and I think it shows the longer version of the interview.