Monday, 24 November 2014

Rainie 楊丞琳 and Jasper 劉以豪 collaborate for Rainie's 點水 MV

Ahhh!!! I love Rainie...And what's better than Rainie and Jasper?! I have to admit I haven't followed her for many years due to her break from the drama world. While I do like Asian music, I tend to go for the indie tunes rather than pop songs and ballads. 

But I have always liked Rainie ballads...They're usually sad, but not overtly soppy for my tastes. And when I found out Jasper was going to be the love interest in her new MV, I was like, I must share it with the world! You can watch 點水 (Translation: Drop of water) here:

Jasper also posted an instagram photo from when he was filming with Rainie. It's cute and I don't mind this brief pairing. I wouldn't mind it if Rainie went back to dramas and got paired with Jasper either...

Are you a Rainie - Jasper fan? :D 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Instagram Updates: Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 and Will Pan 潘瑋柏 Catch Up Backstage at the 2015 Hito Pop Music Awards Hito流行音樂獎

Aghhhhh!!!! It's been so, so, so long since I've caught up with any Rainie or Will news, but it looks like they've caught up with each other in the meantime. These are some shots of them earlier in the year, hanging out backstage at the 2015 Hito Pop Music Awards. Not really Instagram shots, though I first discovered them on Instagram. 

Looks like no time has passed since they did the drama Miss No Good together with both looking like their immortals (Don't these two ever age?!) and still remaining very close friends. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What's New for These Dramatic Days? #1

Hey Readers!

I'm still here, translating and blogging :) I feel like I should do a bit of a Q&A though to explain the future of my blog...

I requested something awhile ago, but still haven't seen it up. Will you still put it up?

I have a bunch of requests that I'm going to try to fulfill mainly:

  • Translating the first SPOP photoshoot with Puff and Jasper
  • Episode 10 and 12 BTS translations (Now completed here)
  • Putting up the videos I recorded of my last fan meet experience.
  • Scans of my beloved SPOP collection

Although these days, since the drama has ended and since, at the same time, my life has gotten busier, this will be gradual...Sorry for the wait! Please follow me on G+ if you still love Puff, Jasper and the Figuro Crew and are interested in watching these videos/ reading these translations

Will you be blogging about other dramas or movies now?

You're probably thinking, but surely, as much as you love this drama, you're not going to be blogging about it your entire life. That's definately true too. I will definately blog about other Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean series that I watch...but that's depends on when I watch something - I'm not a regular watcher. I guess I go through stages of mad obsession and then, interest in other areas of my life. But I will blog when I watch something.

What's the next drama you plan to watch?

Oddly enough, I'm thinking of watching the TVBS drama Bad Romance/Boysitter (I hope they keep the name as Bad Romance. Boysitter sounds stupid and I feel like Bad Romance is a better description of the drama plot) with Annie Chen and River Huang. I love Annie. I'm not sure about River, and I miss George, but I feel drawn to it. The storyline sounds interesting because Annie Chen is playing a single mother?

The main actors of the drama. It's currently filming and you can follow it's progress on Annie's and River's instagrams :)

As far as I know, both these leads are relatively new guys in the drama world.

Have you heard much about this drama? Are you guys going to check it out too? If you're interested, the current facebook page for the drama can be found here, the current chinese wiki page here and the current website here