Sunday, 31 January 2016

Picture Spam: Megan Lai 賴雅妍 showing off her Cool and Suave side for 噓!星聞

Megan Lai, I feel so confused and attracted to you every time I see you...Hahaha. How can one person look so beautiful as a girl and so cool and suave as a guy?! This is a new photo shoot with an accompanying article that I haven't read yet because I was too busy staring at Megan...Maye I'll go back and translate it when there's time. Or maybe not, if every time I go back to this post I get distracted by Megan's smirk. You can read the article here

Megan Lai 賴雅妍 for 噓!星聞 #1

Megan Lai 賴雅妍 for 噓!星聞 #2

Megan Lai 賴雅妍 for 噓!星聞 #3

Megan Lai 賴雅妍 for 噓!星聞 #4

Megan Lai 賴雅妍 for 噓!星聞 #5

Megan Lai 賴雅妍 for 噓!星聞 #6

Puff Kuo 郭雪芙 for the January Issue of Girl 愛女生 Magazine

I actually have this copy of Girl because I picked it up in Taiwan, early January. when I went to see Morning Call in concert, as well as attend Baron Chen's signing. I'll try and scan it, but in the meantime enjoy these lovely picture of Puff and this video of her answering as many questions as possible in a 'Quick Question Quick Answer' round.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

iWalker 愛玩客 Magazine Update: Megan Lai 賴雅妍 for February iWalker 愛玩客

Late to the party on this piece of news. But I was away when it happened and so many things happen to promote Bromance everyday that I'd be in hospital from exhaustion if I had to keep up with everything in real time...Haha. For the few people that maybe still don't know...Megan Lai is the face of February's iWalker. 

She's looking ever so beautiful in an orange stripey jumper, rocking her feminine side even as her androgynous character, Pi Yanuo. She's so beautiful that they've given her two covers...

The deluxe edition of the magazine comes with a Megan folder. God. Why does she have to look so attractive? I don't think I could use this folder even if I got it because I wouldn't be able to concentrate staring at her face....I am buying this magazine soon, but that folder will stay away from any serious work I have to do.

There hasn't been many additional social media images posted on the SPOP or Show Biz instagram or Facebook sites...But they're starting to add more. You can never have enough of Megan, right?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bromance 愛上哥們 Men's Talk Episode 15 Behind the Scenes Translations

Let's not joke around. The reason I'm translating this video is for the sexy scenes between Baron and Megan. Now you all know. If you love this translations, why not check out the corresponding Show Biz Episode 15 (Hotel Scene) translations and Show Biz Episode 15 (Rain Scene) translations?

1. Show reel 
Baron and Megan are standing around in a car park being silly and acting as the side characters in the series. Baron is wearing Zhe Rui Ge's glasses.
Baron, acting as Zhe Rui Ge: It was me!
Megan bursts out laughing, covering her mouth.
Baron: Because I didn’t want to lose you

Baron, acting as Nana: Ai, handsome deity!
Baron in a girly voice: Your bro is the general manager?!

-Cuts to Baron pretending to wipe a screen-
Baron pretending to wipe something.
Baron, acting as Yanuo being shy: That isn't too good
---I think it's Yanuo! But I'm not 100% percent sure---
Baron, imitating Megan's shy pout: What is it?
Megan is laughing

Baron turns to a camera to do one last acting imitation in the carpark.
Baron, acting as Qingyang, making a shrill yelling voice: Apologize!

-Cuts to Megan and Baron in a car being silly out a car window-
Megan, acting as Liao Guang Chao, yells crazily out the window: Yaaaanuo!

Baron, acting as Zihan, shouts in a prissy voice: Liao Guang Chao!
Baron, acting as Zihan: What are you doing?!
Megan, acting as Liao Guang Chao: Yes, Miss Zihan

-Cuts to a character swap with Baron and Megan-

Baron is acting as Yanuo and Megan is acting as Du Zifeng. Megan is standing with her arms out in the position Zifeng was in when he asked Yanuo to tie his apron.
Megan, acting as Zifeng: Help me to wrap it around

Baron, acting as Yanuo, has his arms around Megan’s waist pretending to tie an invisible apron around her.

Megan, acting as Zifeng: A little bit lower, a little bit lower
Baron kneels a little lower down and has his arms around her waist pretending to tie the apron. Megan makes an amused face, as Zifeng, as if he would enjoy it/ get turned on: Ohhhh!!!

Baron starts laughing hardcore and shoving Megan playfully.
Baron, laughing: You idiot!
Megan bursts out laughing hard and Baron walks away suppressing a laugh.

2. Megan and Baron are running through the script for the intense make out scene
A little theatre opens up and Baron and Megan are going through their lines, reading out the script rather dramatically.

Baron: The withdrawn hand hasn’t left
Baron: (Zifeng) Can only gaze, deeply in love, at Yanuo
[Red and aqua caption: Keyword: Gaze deeply in love]

Baron looks at Megan and they put an electric current animation between their gaze
Baron: The atmosphere between the two of them immediately turns endlessly clandestine
[Red and aqua caption: Keyword: Endlessly clandestine]

Megan and Baron both suddenly look a little shy.
Camera person: Who is endlessly clandestine?

Megan laughs.Baron goes back to reading the script with Megan looking over grinning
Baron: Some emotions are stirred up
Baron: Unable to restrain (his) emotions, (Zifeng) stretches a hand and gently caresses Yanuo’s face
[Red and aqua caption: Keywords: Stirred up emotion + Unable to restrain emotions + caresses face]

-Cuts to Baron with a hand touching Megan’s face, following the script actions-

Megan, laughing: His…?
---Ah, I'm translating using male words like 'he' and 'him' sometimes for Yanuo because the Chinese subs are using the male words. I guess they're talking in the script in terms of what Zifeng sees and thinks...which is that Yanuo might be a male---
Baron: And then…
Baron: After seeing this, (he) leans closely to Yanuo wanting to kiss him
Baron leans a little close…but then jumps back into reading the action of the script
Baron in an animated story-telling voice: Yanuo knows what Zifeng wants to do
Megan and the camera person laugh

Baron continuing on in dramatic tone: (Yanuo) Becomes increasingly shy
Baron: But she doesn’t avoid (Zifeng’s advances)
Megan laughs at Baron’s animated reading
Baron: Furthermore, (she) closes (her) eyes...
Baron has his hand on Megan’s face again.
Megan: Is shy? I know what I’m going to do. Shy.

Megan makes a sighing shy expression facing Baron
Baron: The two of them lay on the ground
Baron: The more they kiss the more they get into it
Baron: All of a sudden
Baron: Yanuo pauses for a moment
[Red and aqua caption: Keywords: Yanuo pauses for a moment]
Baron: She recovers her reasoning

Baron: And is conscious that if they continue on like this...
Baron: (Her) Own identity will be discovered
Baron reading in a louder more dramatic voice: (Yanuo) Hurriedly opens her eyes
[Red and aqua caption: Keywords: Opens eyes]
Baron: (She) Withdraws from Zifeng clasping her hands
[Red and aqua caption: Keywords: Withdraws hand]
Baron: And urgently steps on the brakes!
[Red caption: Keywords: Urgently steps on the brakes!]
Megan pushes a leg forward to pretend to step on an invisible brake.
She then stomps hard!
Megan: Step on the brakes!

Baron laughs, joking to Megan [Aqua and white captions]: My hand is on the ground!
Baron laughing and pretending to sound mad [Pink, red, green and yellow caption]: Do you want to step on me??

3. Megan and Baron filming for the intense make out scene
Baron is sitting on the bed, but then getting up to do something...
Megan to Baron: Zifeng, what are you busy doing?
Baron starts doing squats
[Yellow, aqua and red captions: Working out??]
Baron: This is...
Baron: Squats
Baron starts running on the spot after that
Baron: Ok
Director [aqua and red captions]: Today you guys are not even going to touch this bed

Baron: Are you for real?
Baron [red captions]: Then why did we come here?!
---Someone sounds disappointed about the lack of bed scene, Baron---
Megan laughs

-Cuts to Baron, as Zifeng, and Megan, as Yanuo, making out slowly-

----Megan has her hand on Baron's neck and collarbone area, which is kind of beautiful in itself---

They're kissing pretty slowly and intensely, moving around as they make out.

Baron moves his hand so that he runs it down Megan's back.

And the kissing is meant to get so heated that they tumble down onto the floor. In this take, however, they've kind of muddled it up by having Megan, as Yanuo, tumble on top of Zifeng, pressing him to the ground. I think Baron realises they've botched it up as soon as hit the ground because he kind of flops...Megan however waits for the director's 'cut', so she's still on top of Baron with her face pretty close to his.

Director: Cut!
Megan laughs: So it was me after all

Baron to Megan loudly joking [Yellow and red caption] Didn't you want to have a fight?
Megan, laughing: No!
Megan [Aqua caption]: Who is that quick to get into a fight, ah?
[Red caption: So rushed]
Director coming in to sit down and give directions.
Director: Come, the scene with both your faces inclining must be the same from the first shot of you going to kiss his cheek.
Director [Green and red caption]: I feel that just then that one was right
Director: Very good
Director: Come one
Megan waggles her head and shoulders, laughing.
[Pink and yellow captions: Was it really?]

Baron moves his arms to hit Megan's lightly to get her attention.
Baron: In the end, when you're in a fight, be a little more ferocious, ok?

-Cuts to Megan talking to Baron still in between takes-
Megan: But..Do you mean that you want me to push you down, that kind of feeling?
Baron: I just want you to...

Baron puts an arm on Megan's shoulder
Baron: This type of emotion

Baron: I'm the girl

Baron leans forward towards Megan, his face very close to hers

And then he lunges.

Looking like he's going to kiss her face and neck. He has both his arms around Megan's body.

It looks somewhat like a combination between passionate making out and playful wrestling, with Megan laughing and resisting his lunging, hugging moves.

Megan: This look...
Megan: This look won't do...
Megan: Director, do we have to be like this?
Baron to Megan, with a grin: No. You at least have to be a bit like that, right?

-Cuts to Baron sitting next to Megan on the floor-
Director: But I think just then Megan had her emotions stirred up (was touched)
Director [Green caption]: That take was very beautiful
Director: You have to be really slow
Baron: Oh. Is that so? Ok, I get it
Megan grinning because she’s right, the director wants them to slow it right down, not speed it up. Megan in English, laughing [Red caption]: Win again

-Cut to Baron and Megan sitting on the ground in between takes, Baron leaning on the bed and breaking out into song again-
Baron making up a song [Blue lyrics]: I just discovered, I have to give a feeling (Gei Yu) to attract...
Megan, who is probably thinking not again: Ahhh! You really… !(are something)
[Red and yellow caption: At this time, why would you sing a song?!]

-Cuts to both Baron and Megan looking up at an order given by the director-
Director: Come, get into your positions in the locations
Baron starts breaking out into song again, his hands out
[Black, yellow and aqua captions: !! Singing again!]
Baron making up more lyrics [Blue caption]: Just discovered that kissing is surprisingly hard

Baron does a kissing the hand movement as he sings
Megan puts her head to her hand, with exasperation, and they animate a sweat drop on her head.
Director: When you went down just then…
Director: That one (scene)…
Director: Just join on (from that scene) and continue one in your movements
Baron continues singing and making up lyrics Baron [Blue lyrics]: Maybe it’s because…
Megan is about to say something: So it’s…
Baron [Blue lyrics]: …I’m a virgin…

Baron has the most troll song actions too, as he points to himself and then wags his fingers to indicate ‘No, never done it before’

---Hahaha, making up lyrics and lies. God, although the make-out scenes scenes are probably choreographed to some degree, you can see what the actors bring to the table to make the scene come to life and from the make out scenes it is so so so clear that the man has some real experience in this department---
Megan starts laughing and making her ‘What a liar!!!’ face
Baron [Blue lyrics]:…So I really can’t make it come out…
---Hahaha! Make what exactly come out?! The snake?! Is it too late to slap an M rating on this translation?---

Baron shifts to get into position to lay down next to Megan
Megan, laughing: Hey, it rhymes! Very good
---It rhymes in Chinese---

-Cuts to the filming of the awkward make-out aftermath with Baron getting up and Megan still sitting on the ground crossed leg-
Director [aqua and green caption]: That hair on the back of Megan’s head…help her to fix it up! 
[Black yellow and aqua captions about Baron: Ding! Inspiration has struck again]
Megan laughing: Very real ---I think she means her hair is very realistic...after a make-out session on the floor, it would look like that---
Baron starts singing again [Blue lyrics]: Where am I sticking up?
Baron flicks at his hair
---Ah, all the dirty connotations---

-Cuts to Baron and Megan sitting on the ground talking to the director-
Director: Another stop after a take and then return again to this side
Baron: Then...
Baron: I'll say it out loud...
Baron: Most females here will get a type of (feeling of) guilt. Like they haven't given  you (what you want...) 
---This is for the scene after she stops Zifeng from getting any further---
Megan makes a guilty expression
Baron, happy with her expression: Right, right, right, right!
Director: Ok, ah! Ok, ah! Very good

Megan laughing: (Baron) Really understands!
---As in he really understands all these things about girls and what they'd be feeling---
Camera person: Really understands...No experience eh?...really understands...
Baron has a hand to his mouth and waving his hand in a 'No' 'No, I have no experience whatsoever'
[Aqua, yellow and red caption: Still wants to defend himself! Gay!]
---Ah, I have no idea what the two characters are before Gay, sorry. So I don't really understand what they're trying to say with this caption?---
Megan: Very good. You know a lot, bro

-Cuts to Megan and Baron laying on the ground next to each other holding hands-
---This is so sweet as it doesn't seem like the director has told them to do this...they're just holding hands on their own---

Baron has his eyes closed. 
Megan: Baron Chen sleeps too deeply
Director: Baron, let's have a look. Come!

Baron struggled to get up [Black caption]: Oh
He lets go of Megan's hand and crawls over and on top of her for the scene
Megan [White and grey captions]: There's a type of bored feeling (from Baron)
Megan [Red caption]: What kind of attitude is that from you?
---Haha, in case you worry, she's joking because she knows he's probably tired. Sometimes night time scenes take a long time to shoot and they might even be shooting at 3am in the morning---
Baron [Aqua, white and yellow captions]: There isn't, there isn't, there isn't!
Baron: There isn't

His body is over hers and he lifts her arm and pins it to the ground above her.
[Red and yellow caption: Domineering]
Megan who had had her head turned for a moment turns back to look at him and there's a smile sort of playing on her lips.

-Cuts to the filming of the making out scene-
Baron is on his side, holding Megan, one arm wrapped around her head, looking down at her face.

Megan is looking up at him, smiling, her arm reaching out towards his neck because they're about the film the make out scene again.
Baron using English [Blue caption with hearts]: Don't worry

Baron using English [Blue caption with hearts]: Be Happy
Baron using English [Blue caption with hearts]: Come on baby
----Megan doesn't look worried at all, actually. She seems ready to be in character----

---Hahaha, Baron has this strange habit of suddenly breaking out into English, as well as singing. His English makes me laugh, since I come from an English speaking country. But it's cute. All part of his spontaneous 4D-ness---
Megan, as Yanuo, and Baron, as Zifeng, start kissing...and for some reason, I'm just guessing by mistake...Baron pulls her hand down away from his neck as he moves his own hand onto her leg. Megan reaches out anyway, arms around his neck and runs her hands through his hair.

Baron, as Zifeng, kisses Megan, as Yanuo, continuously and his hand is sort of resting awkwardly on her leg.

-Cuts to the director correcting Baron's hand position-
Baron and Megan are still making out, Megan's arms curled around Baron's neck, pulling him down onto her and Baron's arm on her upper leg, waist, kind of resting there.
Director [green caption]: Come on!

[Rainbow captions: ?????]
Baron looks up and Megan turns her head to look at the director
[Purple and white caption: Huh?]
Director: It's not ok
Director: You have to move a bit
Director: Squirm a bit
---Squirm?! This director is all for the X rated scenes in an idol drama---
Baron, trying to clarify: Oh, I see, I see...Our legs have to move a bit, right?
Megan is grinning and I think trying not to laugh at the whole ordeal.
Director: No, la! That hand is not right, la!
Director: Megan, see, that hand is meant to be like this

The director shows what he means, sliding his hand in an upward direction, without touching Megan
Director: And then this way, going up
Director: How is there that type...this type of timidness!
Megan and Baron are watching. Megan starts grinning and then she falls back on the ground laughing. She probably realizes how awkward it is for Baron to have to grope her.

Baron: Oh, I see. Ok.
Director, fake hitting Baron on the back: This is not ok.
Director: Use some energy! Do you know how to or not?!
Baron [Aqua and yellow caption]: I don't have any experience (in these things)
[Red caption: Ha??]

Megan is laughing pretty hard here on the floor at Baron's antics
----Hahaha. Oh dear Baron. No one believes you. Least of all Megan---
Baron: What is squirming?!

He grabs Megan's arm and pulls it back towards his neck.
Crew member: Ok. Good. Another take.

-Cuts to Megan and Baron making out intensely as Zifeng and Yanuo. This sequence turns into an alternative way they could have ended the making-out scene-

Baron, as Zifeng, and Megan, as Yanuo, are kissing intensely with Baron on his side, leaning over Megan, who is laying under him on the floor. He has one arm around her head, pushing her towards him and the other groping at her waist.
---Who thought making out in tracksuits could be so damn hot?---

Megan, on the other hand, has her arms around his head. Baron, as Zifeng, moves his hand to grope Megan, or rather, Yanuo's, waist more energetically.

Megan, as Yanuo, turns her body into his, but then sways back a little from him as her hand moves quickly to stop his.

They're both still kissing, and breathing somewhat heavily as they pulls apart slowly.

Their faces are literally just apart, with Megan practically talking onto Baron's mouth.
Megan, as Yanuo, in a sort of breathless voice: I'm sorry
Baron, as Zifeng, is already pressing his mouth back against hers as she's whispering the rest of her apology

Megan, as Yanuo: I'm not ready yet
Baron, as Zifeng, kisses the corner of her mouth

Baron, as Zifeng, talking onto Megan's lips in a raw voice: It doesn't matter

He presses his face against her cheek, still holding her.
Baron, as Zifeng: It was me that was being too impulsive

He nuzzles his face against hers.

---I have to say the first time I saw this version of the end, I felt disappointed that we didn't get this!!! It's so damn beautiful and a part of me thinks this is the way Zifeng would have handled the rejection. But then...I also like the awkwardness of the end of that scene because it showed a kind of disappointment for the both of them which I think shows how much both of them want this moment. It also highlights the big sacrifice Yanuo has had to make her whole life. Even when she wants something bad, she can't have it because of her stupid secret.---
I don't hear a 'cut', but they must have been given the all clear because Baron rolls over Megan and gets up off the floor with a grunt before extending a hand to pull Megan up. Baron is grinning, looking a little flushed.

Director: Very amazing
Megan sits up with very strangely messy hair
---By the way, I was never sure about Megan's hair, because I've seen her do endorsements with her short hair over the course of this year and last year and I've always thought it looked kind of real. But when I saw this awkward hair I'm sure I'm 100% right in saying that it's a very nice wig, isn't it?---
[Aqua and yellow caption pointing Megan: This hair...]
Crew member, laughing: Her hair!
The camera kind of goes to Baron, who's pulling his jumper down and stretching...
---Haha, I question whether his movements are to, er, hide any excitement he may have felt from filming that scene. If you get my drift---
The camera shifts to Megan crouching on the ground with her hands to her hair laughing.
Megan [Aqua and red caption]: I just...kissed until my hair has gone off (is not accurately placed)
Megan: Even my hair has gone crooked

4. Talking with the director about playing out the scene with the fireworks on the bridge and Megan and Baron jokingly make up a story about if Zifeng was a tsundere guy
Baron: Covering sack
Baron: Today there's no covering sack
---As in a sack to cover Yanuo so she doesn't look at her surprise---
Megan: Today there's no kissing
Megan: And then when (I) open (my) eyes...
Megan: Ha! I've been taken back home
Megan and Baron laugh

-Cut to Megan and Baron talking to the camera-
Baron: Director, do I have to go light it?
Director: No, no, no, no....
Baron: Or do I....Use cues?
Director: You only organised it
Baron is pretending to be boss and clicking his fingers
Director: Organised it so there are people below so...

Director: The fireworks will just set off...
Megan makes an excited face at the pretend fireworks
Director:...Normally at this time
Baron: Do I secretly have to press my mobile phone?
Baron: And tell little brother (Yanuo), we're here, we're here, almost time...

-Cuts to the curtains opening up in a little theatre with Megan and Baron standing together, Baron making up a silly scene with Yanuo and Zifeng if Zifeng was a Tsundere guy-
Baron: This is where it's (the fireworks) going to be constructed.
Baron: (Yanuo) is there on that side coughing, already having a hard time
Baron: (She says) Zifeng, I want to go home
Baron: (Zifeng says) Why would we go home?
Baron, turning into tsundere Zifeng: I prepared so much!

Baron [Red caption]: You watch!
Baron [Aqua and yellow]: You watch for my sake!
Baron: You watch for my sake

Megan joins in the fun by playing Yanuo.
Megan as Yanuo being picked on by tsundere Zifeng: But I really feel very cold
Megan pretends to look cold and pull up her coat.
Baron [Aqua caption]: Just endure it for a bit!
Baron [Yellow caption]: Watch attentively!
Baron [Black, yellow and white captions]: I spent a lot of money!
Baron: Hurry up and watch!
Megan looks up sulking a little: Ok
They both pretend to look at the fireworks
Megan not impressed [Black caption]: Wow
Megan: Then can we go home now?

Megan: Have they finished setting off?
Baron, as tsundere Zifeng, taps her roughly on the arm. She looks at him and he swings an arm to point behind.
Megan starts laughing, which sets Baron off laughing as well.

Megan still playing Yanuo, laughing [Red and black caption]: There's still more!!

Baron laughs so hard he's covering his mouth

-Cuts to Baron and Megan standing next to each other further on in the same conversation-
Baron, still being tsundere Zifeng: I've said it before...
Baron: Where are you going?!
Megan, still being Yanuo: We should go home!
Megan laughs out loud. 
Baron, says his lines: The memories between us will slowly...
Baron: And then you even...
Baron [Aqua caption]: Droop your head

Baron and Megan do it simultaneously, making Baron laugh.

Megan: I was just very tired

Megan: And I also worked a whole day...
Megan: I really am...
Megan closes her eyes and pretends to sleep.
[Black and yellow captions: Zzzzzzz....]

5. Filming the Fireworks scene on the Bridge [From 7:44-9:12]
The fireworks are going off and sparks are going off everywhere. Baron turns and huddles to avoid the sparks. Megan watches for awhile before turning to huddle away from the sparks herself.
[Aqua and yellow captions pointing to Megan: Being attacked by fireworks]
Director rushes over to them.
Megan [Pink captions]: Very scary!
Megan is laughing nervously.

-Cuts to Baron coming over to hang with Megan-

Megan jokingly to Baron [Aqua and red caption]: Do you want to kill me with explosives?
Baron: Don't be afraid, Yanuo
Baron, starts laughing: We'll go
Baron and Megan pretend to leave while shielding their faces, laughing.

-Cuts to Baron and Megan talking on the bridge-
Baron: All the hair has even become curly
Baron: That sort of African-American person's hair
---He means an Afro from being in an explosion due to the fireworks---
Megan starts laughing again.
Director: I'm just thinking again that sequence delivering (you guys) from the factory to the hospital
Director: If it was like this, it would be very good
Director: That is, the whole thing is round
Megan and Baron burst out laughing at the Director's joking suggestion

Director: All of it is black
Baron: Mushroom head...
Baron: Miss Pi
Baron: Two guys (being together) is not really something/ is all right
Baron laughing [Red, yellow and aqua captions with Afro pictures]: But their hair styles have turned into some different styles
Director to Megan: You still look distracted for a moment...

-Cuts to Baron still joking on with Megan-
Baron in a funny accent, pretending to be Zifeng with an Afro: Yanuo
Megan starts laughing
Baron: I am Zifeng
Baron: Don't you recognise me?
Megan, laughing: You got pushed in (to the fireworks)
---Chinese subs are a bit funny here. I don't think they're right. I think they also accidentally subbed some crew members talking---
Baron, laughing: Who? (I've) Walked away

-Cuts to all the crew members lighting the fireworks and then running away-
Baron and Megan are standing in the middle of it all as all the fireworks go off, sparks flying everywhere.

----It actually looks pretty terrifying to have to stand in the middle of all that!----

-Cuts to the director walking out after the fireworks to direct them-
[Yellow and pink caption pointing to Megan: Extremely excited kid]
Director: Walk to the middle a bit more...
Megan is bopping up and down and laughing

-Cuts to Megan and Baron standing on the bridge joking around about the scene-
Crew member says something: that right?
Baron [Pink caption]: The eruption of a teenage girl's heart
Megan laughs
Megan: It's too cute

Crew member: Furthermore, (you even) do this one by one...
Megan: Hey, Furthermore... you... you walking across (the bridge) like this, did you know that the view of your back is very cool?
Megan: Even gave me a slow walk
Megan imitates him, walking slowly and coolly
Baron: Excuse me, what are you doing?

Megan: I'm learning from you ---Or I'm imitating you---
Megan is laughing

-Cuts to Baron talking to Megan now that she's back in the same position-
Baron: If we followed how you walked (just now), it wouldn't be a bit cool at all, ok? I'll show you the style you were walking with just then for you to see.
Baron smirks at Megan and then walks out all exaggerated, swinging out his arms.

Megan, mock outraged, laughing: How was I like that?! I wasn't like that at all!
Megan: Bullshit
Baron, laughing: This way is the best way to look cool.

End of translations. Ah. I can't get enough of these two when they're together. Especially on the floor.