Saturday, 31 October 2015

Magazine Scans: Jasper Liu 劉以豪 for the October issue of Men's Uno 男人誌

Let's end the month with some beautiful Jasper photos. This is his shoot from Men's Uno Taiwan. Click for larger pictures...

Credits: Eelin Modeling Agency and Men's Uno Taiwan

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

What's New for These Dramatic Days? #5 Celebrating 100 Blog Posts...Win a SPOP Magazine!!!

Yay! 100 Blog posts in just over a year! I feel like I've done a lot as a fan and as a blogger. Well, since I've started this blog: I've been to 2 fan meets for Pleasantly Surprised and When I See You Again (I'm almost done writing part 3...), met Jasper Liu twice and handshaked and Hi-5'd him and gotten his autograph on a book and SPOP magazine, I've also met Puff Guo and Jet Chao. Jasper has also liked and shared one of my photos on Instagram and Jet Chao follows a fan account I (and a friend) created for I feel pretty happy and accomplished for a fan! 

If you're a reader, and a follower, of my blog, Instagram account or Facebook page, thank you very much for your support! I enjoy sharing content and fan commentary with you guys and I hope you enjoy everything I post! To show my thanks, I'll be running a competition where you can win a copy of an SPOP magazine....And you can choose which copy you want from the ones below...

Instagram Competition Time

Win an SPOP magazine - Choose 1 title from the 6 titles listed below!

Entry and Rules

There are 2 ways to enter. You don't have to do both, but if you do, you get more chances to win!

1. Follow me on Instagram: (predominantly about Jet Chao) and/or these.dramatic.days (predominantly about Jasper Liu)
  • Following = 4 entries into the draw to win a prize
  • If you choose to follow, you have to follow without deleting. If you follow just to enter the competition and delete me afterwards, I'll have to ban/ blacklist you from any future competitions (and I do plan to hold more competitions in the future). I  know not everyone is a Jasper Liu or Jet Chao fan, so if you don't want to follow, you're not being forced to...please just enter using the second method (below)

2. 'Like' any 2 photos on my Instagrams: and/or these.dramatic.days
  • Liking any 2 photos on Instagram = 1 entry into draw to win a prize
  • If you like more than 2 photos = 2 entries into draw to win a prize

I will draw the winner and announce it here on my Blog, but also on Instagram and Facebook on November 14th, 2015. 

If you have won, please email me telling me the SPOP magazine you want, your name and address: 

Please keep your eyes on my blog, Instagram or Facebook. If you win and don't respond within a week, I'll have to give the prize to another lucky person, so please respond as soon as you see your name as winner. I'll only ask for your address if you win so I can send your prize to you. I'm not a business, just a blogger who enjoys sharing and giving away prizes, so after the prize is sent, I'll delete your details for your privacy :)

Prizes...Winner gets to choose 1 out of these 6 titles!


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Magazine Scans: Morning Call 輕晨電 iWalker 愛玩客 October Magazine Photos

These are the Morning Call photos that came out from this SPOP/ iWalker photo shoot video for the iWalker Magazine. I don't often write about iWalker, but it's my other favourite magazine and sister magazine to SPOP. It's more of an eat and travel magazine, but often features celebrities. They're both SETTV/ Sanlih publications, so they often share the same channels.

Anyway enjoy the beauty that is Morning Call...eating late night snacks in Taipei! I just love their visual aesthetic as a band. They're all so beautiful and casual. (Click for bigger photos.)

Credits: Eelin Management and iWalker Magazine :)

Morning Call 輕晨電 iWalker 愛玩客 October Photoshoot Behind the Scenes translations

It's been a long time coming for me, waiting for magazines to do a Morning Call photo shoot. And now it's here. I love the photos. Anyway, they made a behind the scenes video with the band while they were doing the photo shoot.

I love seeing Morning Call outside of their performing selves and I hope you do too. I'll be translating this video from 5:45 - 13:02 (the end). Keep your eyes out for this one!

Commentator: We'll shift the camera lens to the second scene's Jasper Liu. Let's see continuing on, where we still need to go to eat till we're full!

-Cuts to Jasper jumping out of the van, holding out his arms as if for applause-
SPOP staff members laugh and clap.
Jasper [Black, red, yellow, green and white captions]: This superstar just wants to pass through the crowds to appear (to you all)
SPOP staff member: We're actually here to welcome Shai Da Kai! ---The drummer of Morning Call---
The camera shifts to see Da Kai behind Jasper
Jasper moves in front of the camera
Jasper jokingly: Film me! Film me!
SPOP staff member jokingly: Don't want to!
Camera shifts back to Da Kai who is doing a jump.
SPOP staff members do a cheer.

-Cuts to Jasper talking to the camera close up-
Jasper: Hi, today I'm the (?) ok?
Jasper, turning the camera to look at the band: It can turn around you know?
Camera person to Jasper: It (filming style) just has a bit of selfie feeling
Female camera person: Right, right, right!
Jasper: Eh?
He pretends to fix the camera and they just put a border around the scene, so it looks like he's recording live.
Jasper: Today it's me as the (?)
Jasper: If there's any flashing at the scene, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Jasper grins: Everyone's giving me a tired look. Sorry!
SPOP staff member: Your band members don't care about you and have left you behind...
Jasper shifts the camera so that it shows the band members shuffling into the restaurant.
Jasper: Ah, these are my band members

-Cuts to band in the restaurant-
Camera person: What did you just introduce (to the camera)
Jasper, laughing: Actually, I didn't introduce anything!
Male camera person, who has sat down: That's ok. Sorry, are you exhausted?
Jasper going up to the camera person, saying their name: Xiao Zhu, Xiao Zhu...
Female camera person: Let them sit down!
Female camera person: What are you doing sitting down here?
Camera shits towards Jasper again.
Jasper, still standing: Hi! These are my band mates
Female camera person: Have you just finished practicing for your tour?
Jasper: Just finished shooting for SPOP magazine
Jasper: And then they felt...
Male Camera person: They hadn't taken enough photos (of you)
Jasper: They were tired of taking photos of me. 
Jasper laughs and so do the Camera people.
Someone in the background, probably a SPOP staff member, says something.
SPOP staff member jokingly [Blue, red and green caption]: We're not tired, we're bored!
Jasper, biting his lip jokingly: Oh! It's boredom!

Up to 6:48 on the video

Morning Call 輕晨電 The Unsual Extension of Dreams Tour「夢的不正常延伸」巡迴演唱會 Announced for December

Believe it or not, out of all Jasper's projects, the one I connect with the most and keeps Jasper in the No.1 spot in my heart is Morning Call. I've been a fan of two of his big dramas, but it's really the fact that Jasper is in an alternative, dream-pop band that plays such beautiful, ambient music that really stands out the most to me in terms of his projects. In the past it's been rare to find a star who dabbles outside of the pop genre or who isn't the lead singer of a boy band....but Jasper is both. He's sung on a Morning Call track before for French Film, but is otherwise just the guitar-player making some beautifully haunting sounds.

So the one consolation when drama season ends for Jasper is that he's back with his band making music and touring! Yes. Morning Call are back on the road in December, touring around Taiwan, much like last year. They're visiting 5 different cities.  The tour dates are as follows:

The Abnormal Extension of Dreams Tour「夢的不正常延伸」巡迴演唱會 

Tour date #1 - Taichung
Date: Friday 18th December, 2015
Venue: 台中 Legacy 傳 音樂展演空間 (Legacy Taipei Music Performing Space)
Address: 台中市西屯區安和路117號 (No. 117, Anhe Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407)
Tickets/ More Information:

Tour Date #2 - Yilan
Date: Saturday 19th December, 2015
Venue: 宜蘭 賣捌所 (The WALL)
Address: 宜蘭縣宜蘭市康樂路38號, Ilan, Taiwan 260 (No. 38, Kangle Rd, Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan 260)
Tickets/ More Information:

Tour Date #3 - Kaohsiung
Date: Friday 25th December, 2015 (Yay, Christmas!)
Address: 803, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, 高雄市 Dayi St, 93-2號大義 街 2 之 5 號 駁 二 藝術 特區 C10 倉庫 (803, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung City Dayi St, No. 93-2, 5th Street 2 split 2 Art C10 Warehouse)
Tickets/ More Information:

Tour Date #4 - Tainan
Date: Saturday 26th December, 2015
Venue: 台南 Room335 (Room2335 Live Music Bar)
Address: 台南市中西區康樂街47號B1(近府前路), Tainan, Taiwan 703 (Tainan Western Leisure Street 47 B1 ( front near House Road ), Tainan, Taiwan 703)
Tickets/ More Information: Facebook Room335

Tour Date #5 -Taipei
Date: Friday 8th January, 2016
Venue: 台中 Legacy 傳 音樂展演空間 (Legacy Taipei Music Performing Space)
Address: 100台北市中正區八德路一段一號/華山1914創意文化園區/中5A館 (100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Bade Rd, No.1, 中五館
Tickets/ More Information:

Lawrence Liu 劉書宏 posts some cute photos of days after When I see You Again 他看她的第2眼

I rather liked Lawrence Liu, though I never really wrote much about him. He had a funny and rather sweet disposition as Ya Lu in When I See You Again and I'm excited that he's already been given another drama just weeks after When I See You Again tied up (He's going to be in the drama, Love or Spend 戀愛鄰距離 with Kingone Wang as lead and Jolin Chien as supporting (English title to be confirmed). Yep, another Pleasantly Surprised connection with Jolin :D)

I also really like his connection to Zooey, who played his little sister on When I See You Again. You could tell that they really got along quite well at the final fan meet. Anyway, they ran into each other coincidentally the other day and took a selfie on the streets, which was cute.

Caption: On a rainy day, Ya Lu and Ya En's East district coincidental meeting...
(Sneaking off to Taipei to play ~ I've caught you ( ̄ー ̄) Have to come back with me to Lunar Maria! I mean, really...)

And a few days after the screening of the final episode, Lawrence posted this beautiful picture...I love how everyone looks in their own clothing, especially Zooey. She's such a cool gal off-screen, but totally sweet on-screen. Hehe and there's something about Jet using her as a head-rest that makes me smile. In fact, fans were asking Lawrence, "By posting this picture are you secretly telling us these two are together in real life?" Hehe. Actually, Jet responded to Lawrence's comment by saying "Brother-in-Law's words, I have to listen to them carefully!" Which was cute...but it disappeared because then he shared the picture with a troll comment about feeling like he was in a relationship with Lawrence....Haha... let's just stick to the first comment he made for fan purposes. 

Caption: Although it's been 3 days, still really miss everyone. (Directed to the character Yan Ze) You have to take really good care of my little sister, Otherwise I won't let you off! miss you~

Friday, 23 October 2015

First Fan Meet for Bromance 愛上哥們 with Megan Lai 賴雅妍, Baron Chen 陳楚河 and the entire cast

There are so many fan meets and so little time for translations! This was the first fan meet for Bromance with the whole cast. I'm thinking of translating it...but I would also love to take a blogging break at some point. I'll translate, if there is popular demand perhaps...leave a comment on this post if you'd love the translations for this!

The First Video

The Second Video

Cast Instagrams

Professional Photos

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fan Meet announced for Bromance 愛上哥們

Bromance fan meet with Megan Lai, Baron Chen and presumably Bii and Sean Lee, who are the main cast for this drama. If you're in Taipei and interested in going, the details are as follows:

Date: Friday, 23rd October, 2015
Time: 1:00pm
Time when you get your number: 10:45am (For a 1:00pm fan meet, you should honestly start queuing at 7:00am if you want a decent seat)
Address: 三立電視文創劇場(台北市內湖區舊宗路一段159) Sanlih Cultural and Creative Theatre, Neihu Section. Jiu Zhong Lu / Old Zhong Road, Section 1, No. 159
Limit: First 100 people

Instagram Updates: Jet Chao 趙杰 posts the cutest character couple pictures of him and Zooey Tseng 曾允柔 even after the end of When I See You Again 他看她的第2眼

Remember how I started a collection of cute Instagram pictures that Jet Chao had on his Instagram of him and Zooey (from the start of the series playing out their characters Yan Ze and Ya En in When I See You Again? Click on the link for more picture of Jet and Zooey). Well, he's kind of killing his fans with happiness from more cute shots of them both. Even after the drama ended on Sunday night.

That's what I like about Jet Chao, he has a really strong dedication in making things look beautiful for his fans. Yesterday he posted a picture of the final Yan Ze and Ya En scene in the drama with some really nice words. This is after he posted the picture they took at the fan meet holding hands, which he said would be their last time together (below the first picture). Quite a few fans joked that it was a wedding picture as they were matching in black and white...Although not standing together the whole time, they were quite cute whenever they were next too each other....Read my fan meet story to see what I mean

Look below to be so happy you might die from happiness...Also if you're a fan, make sure to support an awesome actor by following his Instagram: You can follow Jet Chao on Instagram here. Or Follow my fan account for him...Jet Chao himself followed it :)

Edit: Ok, Jet Chao. You can just let this shipping go on forever. He's still adding the occasional pic with him and Zooey. They're such nice pictures. Just keep going then...

Caption: Flipped through to find an old photo of an ambitious, striving-for-success, young man and a simple and honest young girl. 1930's Shanghai was a beautiful era. ---Haha, it really does sound like a story that would be set in 1930's Shanghai...I always like Jet Chao's captions. They're always quite funny or reflective----

Caption:Unconditional sacrifice, wholehearted support and faithThis type of character, whether it's him, or her, or oneself...In a moment, there are no other demands/requests (in life).

Caption: Come now! For the last time, we're together!

By the way, Zooey commented on this one. She tagged Jet and asked, "Together to do what?" (Because he says together, but in Chinese, his sentence could indicate coming together to do something specific, which is what she changed the meaning into, jokingly, as opposed to just being together, which is what he meant.) 

Just before the series concluded he posted these ones up. Although I'm sure Jet and Zooey are just good friends in real life and nothing is going on, I think he rather enjoyed this shipping with Zooey Tseng and their characters Yan Ze and Ya En :D I also think he knows his target audience too well...

Caption: Kiss night ~ Have a good dream, everyone~

Actually, one thing I noticed from the fan meet which relates to this post is that they both have a similar crosses. Zooey's is on her back and Jet's is on his arm. Haha, both so hardcore and cool in real life! I like Zooey's clothing style in real life.

Caption: This little girl is representing to help me hide my tattoos. Isn't her serious concentrating expression cute?

And as the drama was ending with the celebratory dinner and last fan meet, he posted these pictures. For the picture at the dinner, a lot of fans asked, "Are you holding up Zooey Tseng?!" Because they do look like they're hugging and she's his height for a change (They're in the centre of the top row) If you ask me, he's definitely holding her...Haha, in some ways they seem closer than Mandy and Jasper...or a lot more happy to fool around as their romantically-involved characters. They took a number of couple shots as a joke during the last dinner with their sibling characters who were also implied to be a couple, played by Ivy Shao and Lawrence Liu. In the photo with Jasper, Mandy and Ivy watching Jet and Zooey, the caption on the official Facebook said jokingly they were trying to re-create the kiss scene :D As a for Jasper and Mandy, they had fun with everyone, but didn't even have a last 'couple' photo. So I think I prefer the Jet and Zooey pairing for their off-screen antics!

One last thing. In the last picture at the fan meet....did I mention that I'm actually in it?! But I'm not going to circle myself. You can read about it in my fan meet story! That photo was posted on both Jasper's and Jet's instagram accounts. So I'm in their Instagram photos. Score!

Caption: Really love you guys!

Caption: Those who are in this picture...say I am!

Caption: I also really love you guys! I said, that day, although the drama is fast coming to an end...our friendship needs to continue on, ok? This Sunday night, 10 o'clock, the final episode, let us accompany one another for the last time. Thank you everyone for sticking with us on this journey!

If you can read Chinese, here's an article about how excitable fans have been over Jet Chao's social media posts regarding him and Zooey. Haha, it also talks about the two nicknames that have been coined for this pairing: 'The cutest height difference' and 'The big bad wolf and little fluffy lamb.' Hahaha, I think those are great nicknames.

I'm really going to miss these shipping shots of Jet and Zooey now that the drama has ended and it's inevitable that they'll all have to move on eventually. It's been sweet of him to put them up and although Zooey didn't put any up herself, it's been great of her to play along for these fan photos. I hope they both continue to meet up sometime in the drama business world though, whether it's joining the same drama crew in the future, attending the same events or doing the same model photo shoots.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Magazine Scans: Morning Call 輕晨電 SPOP 華流 October Magazine Photos

I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I love SPOP photo shoots. They don't always have the best costumes, but the shoots are great for showcasing the strong relationships between actors and creating beautiful themed imagery. 

I've been waiting for SPOP to do a Morning Call shot for ages. And now here it is. These photos are so dreamy, out of focus and soft. It's beautiful. I'm not terribly fond of Jasper's clothes, but together with the band, they look good. Also Jasper makes anything look wearable, right? Anyway, feel free to click on the pictures for larger images and enjoy this pretty ambient photo shoot!

Credits: Eelin Management and SPOP Magazine