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Magazine Scans: Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡·一個人 iWalker 愛玩客 August Magazine Photos

Ahhhhh! I love Jasper and Puff!!! Why are they so cute?! I couldn't find this magazine for the longest time. But then I realised that Jasper's Agency had the scans. The only thing is they have a few pages with Puff's single photos missing (As they only put up photos of the stars they manage...Only Jasper is with Eelin. Puff is with Dorian.) but I'll try and get them only day soon.

Anyway, iWalker is a wonderful Taiwanese eat and travel magazine, so the theme of the photo shoot related to just that - Night Markets and Midnight snacks. The concept? Puff and Jasper on a date to a night market for Taiwanese midnight snacks. Anyway, enjoy these cute photos! 

Oh yeah, the magazine came with a free gift - one of 4 collector's mug coasters with pictures from Puff and Jasper's photo shoot. I really wish I had gotten a copy of this magazine!

An Introduction to Morning Call 輕晨電 with lyrics to Fine

Are you guys familiar with a band called Morning Call ( 輕晨電)?

For those that aren't, Jasper Liu is the guitarist for this dreamy alternative band from Taiwan. At the moment, they are my favourite musical group...And no, it's not just because Jasper is in it. I've always been a big fan of alternative/ dream-pop/ shoegaze/ indie rock and electronic music...Looking at the Asian end of my musical tastes, I love the beautiful and moody sounds of Donawhale, Tearliner (both from Korea and on the Coffee Prince Soundtrack), as well as Beijing garage band, Hedgehog (刺猬) and the light and bittersweet tunes by Taiwanese alternative bands Autumn Tea (秋水茶) and Echo (回聲樂團)....So naturally, I've been drawn to the ambient sounds of Morning Call ( 輕晨電).

I think it's not that I like Morning Call because Jasper's in it, it's more like I've become even more of a Jasper fan because he's in such an awesome band! In fact, I was thrilled about this because it's rare that a drama actor plays in an indie band...most of the time they're in Chinese-pop boy bands (e.g. Aaron Yan) or are solo artists, again performing pop or rap (e.g. Will Pan), and there's nothing wrong with that, I think it's pretty cool that they can entertain in popular music, as well as on TV and movie screens. But being in a great indie band certainly makes Jasper cooler as an artist and more suave in my eyes because it shows that he does his own thing, and can move away from mainstream media rather than stay safely by it...

A direct translation of Morning Call's Chinese band name is 輕 (qīng) light, 晨 (chén) morning or daybreak, 電 (diàn) electricity. In a more coherent translation, the band's name is 'the electric light of the morning' or 'the light electricity of the morning.' It's a beautiful name that describes their delicate and dreamy sound perfectly. The band consists of Sui Ling (隋玲) singing the lovely vocal component of the songs, Jasper (以豪) on guitar, Xiao Ying (小英) on synths, Meng Shu (孟書) on Bass and Da Kai (大開) on drums (I've given their Romanised Ping Ying names as I'm unsure if they have other English names they go by), and they're signed by Eeelin, which is Jasper's modelling/ talent agency. As far as I know (from their reply to a question I asked on Facebook) they don't have an official album out yet (though they are working on one!), but they do have 13 songs which you can listen to on StreetVoice.

Their music belongs to the dream-pop genre, though they do experiment with quite a few different, edgier rap sounds in songs such as 'Harmony Searcher'...However, I definately prefer the softer, dreamier songs like 'Silent Poem' (無聲之詩), 'Hopscotch' (跳房子), 'Everything is asleep' (一切都沉睡了). I'll translate their lyrics each week...but I'll start with one of their English songs. This lovely little number is called 'Fine.'

Live performance of Fine in 2015

An early accoustic and live performance at 25 x 40 藝文空間Cafe in 2011

Fine (Unofficial/ fan-made) video clips

'Fine' lyrics

It's fine...
Breathing by myself

It's fine...
Waving by myself

For more information on the band, check out...
Morning Call's facebook page:
Morning Call's StreetVoice page:

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Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡·一個人 SPOP 華流 August Photoshoot Behind the Scenes translations

Ah, SPOP, I love that magazine...I fully thank them for adding to all the beautiful media for Pleasantly Surprised, and especially for Puff and Jasper. For those who are new to the Pleasantly Surprised drama series, or new to SPOP (華流), this is a magazine (related to SETTV dramas), that focuses on idol news and photoshoots.

Pleasantly Surprised featured as the main photoshoot for both the July and August editions of the magazine, with Puff and Jasper doing a cute "dating themed" shoot for July and Puff, Jasper and Jolin doing a "Summer themed" shoot for August...and they're also on one of the covers for the October issue this month, though it looks like they've just used a photo from the collection of shots they use to advertise the series.

Aside from the magazine photos, SPOP have also released two Behind the Scenes videos for both the July and August photoshoots. The announcement of an October SPOP yesterday meant that I ended up watching an screen-capping the August SPOP photoshoot. Read all the funny moments translated below...

Commentator: The August SPOP is extremely fruity. The people opposite (from us), respectively, play different roles. 

Commentator: (Cuts to Puff's individual photoshoot). Puff Kuo plays a hip-hop pineapple girl. She's so sweet that even ants can't stand it. They are attracted (and must get close to her) (Zooms onto the fake ants on her shoulder before cutting to Jolin bowling with Watermelons). Permeated with Watermelons, youthfulness and freshness, Jolin Chien, plays (someone who is) completely in his element, smooth and easy-going. 

Commentator: (Cuts to Jasper playing with ruby grapefruits). Fruit-growing, young master, Jasper Liu, is leading the grapefruit market. A tranformed man, personally endorsing the fresh (fruit juice...)

Jasper: Everyone can try it and see! Actually, if you push (the straw) in this way it's extremely amazing (Holds up his grapefruit with a straw sticking out of he's been drinking grapefruit juice straight from the grapefruit!). It's extremely juicy. Never thought that a straw could allow all of the juice to be siphoned up into your mouth. Extremely amazing (goes back to sipping his grapefruit). How could it be? (haha, he's so amazed at this!)

-Cuts to Jasper checking out his hair in the mirror and then talking to SPOP staff-
Commentator: From listening to this confident manner of speaking, last month's turning-manly, Jasper Liu, has seemingly made some changes. 
SPOP staff member: Today, are you going to play like a man?
Jasper: I've always been man(ly), so I feel like I don't need to play/act it too much (Jasper starting laughing quite a bit.)
SPOP staff member: True or false? We need to make fun of last time's cover shoot

-Cuts to back the July SPOP BTS shoot with Puff, where he's holding her hand and walking-
SPOP staff member: Jasper, you need to give off a sweet feeling, your girlfriend is by your don't be nervous! (Puff is grinning, knowing how Jasper is with couple shots and kissing scenes) 
SPOP staff member: Pull her a bit closer! You must show her that you have that wanting to pull her closer that type of feeling. 

-Cuts to another shot where Jasper is meant to cup Puff's chin with his hand, but he's sort of going near her face, but not actually touching it-

SPOP staff members (two people in a chorus): Don't be shy...just touch down! (Both Puff and Jasper burst out laughing at the unified chorus of the SPOP photographers and editors cheering/urging Jasper on)

-Cuts to another Puff and Jasper photo shoot for last month, Puff is laughing hard-
Puff: (laughing alot) He's at a loss (at his wit's end)
Puff is laughing so hard that she bumps Jasper
Jasper, kidding: Why do you guys have to keep watching me, so much drama!
-Cuts to Puff putting her arm around Jasper-
Puff, teasing: Is this way ok?
SPOP staff member: The guy has to take more initiative. 
Jasper, jokingly annoyed: Okkkk! Okkkk! (Puff laughing a lot at his tone of voice)

-Cuts to Jasper in the current photo shoot-
Jasper: Today I'm going to take the initiative
Puff: So Jasper Ge (Ge = term of respect like Oppa), so how am I suppose to pose-pose-pose?
Jasper: Following me is the right move
SPOP staff member: Hurry up, lead our Puff Jie (Jie = term of respect like Noona)
Jasper looks at Puff and then strikes a pose where he opens his mouth slightly and puts a finger under his chin to "look cool."

Puff takes one look and bursts out laughing really, really hard. All the SPOP members are laughing and Jasper is laughing too.

-Cuts to Puff and Jasper again-
Puff: How are you going to lead me? Hurry up! (She's grinning and bobbing up and down)
SPOP staff members: Hurry up! We're all anticipating (your moves)
Jasper gets an idea, pointing: (The) "Mummy and baby" (pose) looks like this
Jasper wraps his arms around Puff's waist and stomach area, grinning a cheesey grin like a proud father in an advertisement

Puff laughs, making a semi-since-when-am-I-having-a-baby?! expression, and wraps her arms around his.

SPOP staff members laugh.

-Cuts to Jasper and Puff still deciding poses-
Jasper: I'll lead you, I'll lead you...

He puts his arm around Puff's shoulder, moves slightly closer

...and the Puff and him burst out laughing (at his "intimate posing")

-Cuts to a new scene where Jasper is "teaching" Puff how to pose-
Jasper: In a moment, you have to pose in this way... (leans a little, with elbow sticking out and hand indicating towards his own face)
Puff imitates him.
Jasper: Twirl
Puff: (laughing) Like this? (Copying his move)
Jasper: Right, right, right, right!
Puff, laughing some more, repeating: Like this way?
Jasper: What I can teach you is limited...

-Cuts to Jasper, Puff and Jolin figuring out a pose for all 3 of them and getting ready to take a photo-
SPOP staff member: The girl's hand can go up a bit
Puff puts one hand to Jasper's chin and he puts an arm around her waist. Jolin is awkwardly waving his hand around Puff, not sure where to hold her.

Puff: Then what about him? (makes a thumb at Jolin)
SPOP staff member to another person, then to Jolin: He touches her face. You touch h-
Jolin, interrupts: I'll touch myself...(slides his hands down his chest)

Puff bursts out laughing, so does Jasper and everyone else.

-Cuts to a new 3 person shot where Jasper and Jolin both have an arm around Puff's waist-

Puff: What exactly is this?
Jasper: This has has a "to-be-pregnant-with-new-life" (type of feeling)! (Backing away and pointing to Puff's stomach, where he just had his arm.)
Puff, laughing really hard [Pink caption]: "Mummy and baby!!!"

-Cuts to a photo of Jolin touching Puff's face and Jasper still arm around waist-
SPOP staff member: Ok
Puff: Sorry, I need to laugh a bit...I'm in the wrong!

-Cuts to Jasper reaching out both hands to cup Puff's face-

Jasper: We can do it this way
Jasper caresses her face with one hand and looks down on her mouth like he's going to kiss it or something, before the stylist comes over to fix up something on Puff.

Puff: Your hands have to look prettier
Puff reaches her hand out to Jasper's cheek, to show him what she means. Then she does it to Jolin again to demonstrate. 
Puff: This type of feeling

Then she reaches out to do it to the Stylist guy. 
Puff to Stylist guy: You look this way
Puff to Jasper: This way
The stylist dude shivers and backs away laughing.
Stylist: How creepy!
Puff is laughing a lot as he swots her hand away. She laughs and swots back at his hand and they have a hand swotting fight :D

-Cuts to Jasper walking around-
SPOP staff member to Jasper: Talk to him quietly...
Camera shows where Jasper has stopped in front of a big, red balloon. He bends down and starts carressing it, as if it was someone's head.
SPOP staff member: This is practice

SPOP staff member: Must he find a balloon to practice with?!
Jasper, after one practice, walking away with dead serious face: Ok. I've practiced so that I know it...

-Cuts to photo shoot of just Jasper and Puff-
Commentator: Jasper Liu has turned man(ly), in order to take revenge (for last time) and has come fully prepared, (having been) continuously on the SPOP Cover page for the past two months.
Here they show Puff and Jasper posing...

And then both accidentally turn in the same direction and almost look like they're about to kiss....

Makes for a sexy photo, but after the shot, they both laugh a bit embarrassed and turn away...
And do some other shots...

-Cuts to photo shoot of Jasper, hand on Puff's chin, Puff sexily gazing at Jasper, then turning to do the same gaze at Jolin, who is also doing a bit of a sexy gaze back-

Commentator: Tough guy training, nothing in film-acting is hard (funny sentence not sure if the meaning is correct there).

They finish shooting the photos and Jasper drops his hand, moves back a little and says to Puff...

Jasper [Blue and Yellow captions]: I'm holding you, and you're looking at some other man?!

Puff and Jasper burst out laughing.

-Cuts to Puff and Jolin doing a shoot on a yellow backdrop. The two of them are doing a fun handshake and fist pump-
The photos being taken are of Jolin wrapping his arm around Puff.

Commentator: The August cover page has added Jolin, who is (full of) character and easy to fall-in-love with ---I have to add....This is so true. I think I've grown to love Jolin from watching all these BTS clips!---
Commentator: In this war sequence of "two guys fighting over one girl," Who will win? Who will lose?

-Cuts to a scene where Jolin and Jasper are walking back to where the photo shoots are taking place and where Puff is standing-
Jolin runs up to Puff and pulls on her arm as if in a pretend tug of war.
SPOP staff member: Fighting for the girl
SPOP staff member: Rampage!
Jasper just walks straight up to Puff and puts his arm around her, folding her in his arms with a hug.

Puff is grinning from behind Jasper
Jolin: He just goes directly...

SPOP staff members: Jolin's lost this one!
Puff, laughing, pointing to Jolin: You've lost this one!
Jasper grinning to the Camera, one finger up: 1 point!

-Cuts to a photo pose, where Jolin is pulling one of Puff's arms and Jasper has a hold of the other-
SPOP staff member: Jasper, you need to be more left?
SPOP staff member: Jasper, your left side...just move over a little bit more
SPOP staff member: Jolin, you lead the way
The three of them in their tug-of-war pose shuffle over a little to the left
SPOP staff member: Correct! Hold it like this.
Puff lifts her leg off the ground so both Jolin and Jasper are tugging on her, but also holding her.
Puff to Jasper: Support me
SPOP staff member: OK

They take the shot, all making exciting noises, like yayyyy!!! and let go of Puff
Puff: (jumping up and down a little) Why did you two have to shriek at the same time?! I want to maintain (my position) too, ok?!
Jasper and Jolin walk off laughing

-Cuts to a new 3 person shot of the 3. Jolin and Jasper have their back turned to Puff. Puff has one arm around Jasper and the other holding onto Jolin's hand-
SPOP staff member: Correct!
Jasper to Puff: Give me your hand
Puff positions herself for another photo. Then realises what Jasper has said
Puff: Giving you my hand (reaches around till Jasper takes hold of it)
Photo is taken and Puff laughs.
Puff: What type of position is this?!
Jasper and Jolin are laughing too.

-Cuts to a shot taken on the yellow background with the 3 where they have to lift Puff onto their shoulders-
SPOP staff member to the boys: You must support well!
Puff shrieking, and everyone ooohhhing and cheering.
SPOP staff member: Ok good!
Close up of Puff on the guy's shoulders, one hand holding Jasper's hand, one hand holding Jolin's hand-
Puff: I (think I ) should be shoved to death, I feel
SPOP staff member: Why?
SPOP staff member: (unsure of the meaning of this sentence, will get back to it)
Puff makes a face and nods
The guys who have her on their shoulders, so a bit of a turn. Puff, Jasper and Jolin are laughing.
Jasper [Pink and blue caption]: Are we going on a pilgrimage?! (He refers to the Taiwanese religious celebrations of the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage)

-Cuts to Jasper walking back towards the photoshoot area-
SPOP staff member: Local wealthy landlord is here!
Seems like this is when Jasper gets his first costume change. All the SPOP staff are laughing alot and Puff is laughing so hard that she's clapping. Jasper does a turns around to show everyone his overall pants.
Puff: I feel that his backside is just too classic! (Puff grabs onto Jasper's wrist and spins him around)
Puff: Should take some photos!

Jolin also joins in on the fun.

SPOP staff member: OK!
Puff is apologizing for something, maybe her movement hitting someone: Sorry, sorry
Jasper: Thank you...(you guys) Don't need to act so seriously in taking pictures (of my backside)...
Everyone laughs, especially Puff, who is clapping again.

-Cuts to the 3 posing for a different photo-
Jasper: I feel like Fu Zhou Bo (name of a comedian)
Before another photo shoot, Puff is being playful and teasing Jasper
Puff instructing Jolin, poking Jasper's face: Bother him, bother him, bother him
Jasper is using his hands to defend himself and wave her off.
Puff to Jolin: Hands like this (is sticking a finger out ready to poke Jasper)
Puff pokes the top of Jasper's ear
Jolin: Really going to do it, right?
Jolin sticks his finger into Jasper's ear. Jasper reacts very quickly moving away and putting his hand to cover his ear. Puff and Jolin and SPOP crew are laughing alot.

Commentator: A sight rare to come by of two guys and one girl on the cover page, the setting up of the photoshoot was rather uneasy. Positions moving around and around. Trying a thousand times, trying a hundred times. Made the 3 actors very tired. In actual fact, they had a difficult time!

Puff to camera: Actually, I, by myself, am a bit stuck...I don't know. Do I turn to my right side or to my left side? That is, afterwards, if I'm not careful, there is a type of when-guys-are-nervous, and if the girl is also nervous (type of feeling), (there's a sense of) uncertainty about what to shoot a photo of...So I feel I have to be like the same as the guy. Maybe in real life, I'm normally too boy-ish, So...currently I'm changing this problem, you know? Because sometimes I'm too boy-ish...I can't get a boyfriend (Puff laughs).

Commentator: The group photo (session) finished smoothly, but Jasper Liu was still holding onto his man(ly) attitude/ demeanor. This SPOP team, particularly, gave different instructions...

-Cuts to Jasper doing a solo shot against an orange backdrop-
SPOP staff member: In a moment, you just... you just (act like) there is extremely bright sunlight...
Jasper jokingly looks up, squinting his eyes and wrinkling his nose, before breaking into a grin.
New shot where Jasper is pushing sunglasses up his nose.
Jasper: Did you say, wear them fully, or...?
SPOP staff member: You just half wear them...revealing eyes
SPOP staff member: Take your hand away
Jasper poses for a few shots
SPOP staff member [Red and yellow caption]: Poke out your tongue!
Jasper bursts out laughing so that he doubles over to the side and paces back to the middle laughing
Jasper: Poking out my tongue is hard  (laughing) (I think he means, doing so in a 'sexy way')
Jasper: I've never poked out my tongue before (laughs)
Jasper is sticking his tongue out slightly in a 'cool/sexy' manner for the camera.
Jasper: I've done it. How sickening! (laughs)
Jasper: (laughs a lot) Gives me a sickening feeling! (laughs more)

-Cuts to a photoshoot of Jasper and Puff holding a slice of orange between their lips-

Jasper: I can't see the lens.
SPOP staff member: Correct
SPOP staff member: You're frowning a bit
Jasper, still talking with orange slice in mouth, pointing: Because the lens is on this side of me
Jasper points to a different side.
Jasper: If the lens was on this side of me, (Jasper moving his pointing finger, Puff laughing at this pointing and orange-in-mouth talking), I could look at the lens...

Jasper is pointing directly at the camera, Puff is laughing a lot now.
Jasper: And then if the lens came to be on this side of me, I wouldn't be able to see it...
Puff: Then we'll incline this way a bit
Puff is holding onto Jasper, pushing him to face the camera, laughing because she wants the photographer to take these pictures.
Puff: Sorry!
SPOP staff member: Very last picture. Look at the lens!

Puff is laughing very loudly and pointing to the projection of the photos on screen
Puff: He has a cocked eye expression again! He has a cocked eye expression again! (laughing)

Camera shows the pictures taken of Jasper where he's looking to the side, orange in mouth and pointing. Hilarious!

Jasper, jokingly: So forceful! (to the camera people and Puff)
SPOP Staff member: Turn a bit

Commentator: Very good. (He) understands how to strike back! No longer the novice Jasper Liu!

Commentator: The behind the scenes team watched on extremely satisfied...(Puff and Jasper are biting onto a slice of orange, but then it drops out of both their mouths and they can't stop laughing...they laugh so much it looks like Jasper is toppling over and they're holding each other.)

Commentator: (But just) When you want to praise the positive, how is it that he's changed again?
Jasper and Jolin are posing together for photos and Jasper is doing girly hand gestures and laughing.
SPOP Staff member: How is it that you naturally just become the girl?
Jasper shakes his head...
Jasper: Nooo...not me...

-Cuts to Jolin and Jasper doing another pose for photos-
SPOP staff members: (Yours) limbs, can they have a bit of interaction please? (laughs)
Jolin puts his arm around Jasper
SPOP staff members: Gooood
Jasper is trying to figure out a new pose
SPOP staff members: (Pose like) Good brothers! Good brothers!
SPOP staff members: (Look like you're going to) Say cheers! (with their prop drinks)
SPOP staff members: Your feet are also touching!

SPOP staff members: (in a tone that is like "how cute!") Oh my god, your feet are also touching!
Jasper: Yep!
Jasper: Feeling a bit disdainful for saying "Cheers" with the "wine" (it's fruit juice in the shot)
SPOP staff member: Cheers for the "wine" (laughs)

-Cuts to another pose for Jasper and Jolin photos where they're sitting together-
SPOP staff member: Jasper Ge, can you touch his head?
SPOP staff member: Your own hair (I think she made a mistake with her words)
Jasper was moving his hand and then stops
Jasper, laughing: Touch his hair?
Jasper: Almost was going to touch it! (Jasper laughing, Jolin laughing)
SPOP staff member, laughing: (Touch) Your own!

-Cuts to Jolin talking to the camera with Jasper next to him and he's drawing a line with his finger between them-
Jolin: Evidently I like him, but still have to draw a line and tell him he can't go past it.
Jasper: Then (acting like) a rubber bombing (you) over there
Jasper reaches clearly over Jolin into Jolin's side of the table.
Jasper: Sorry! (Jolin laughs)
Jolin quickly reaches out into Jasper's side of the table and pulls back.
Jolin: You just didn't see...
Jolin keeps reaching his arm in quickly and then pulling out, laughing.
Jasper: Getting in between doesn't count
Jolin, grinning: Right, getting in between doesn't count

-Cuts to Jasper and Jolin on a stool moving about for poses-
Jasper is acting playfully silly.

SPOP staff member teasing: Jasper, it wouldn't be because the person next to you isn't Puff that you naturally become this way?
Jasper has put his head on Jolin's shoulder as if leaning/ sleeping on it...but when the SPOP person says this he starts laughing. I feel like Puff is laughing in the background, because Jasper is laughing at points.
Male SPOP staff member: Lean on him (Jolin) again
SPOP staff member: He's stealing a smile

Jasper is laughing so hard he's slapping his thigh.

Jasper leans back on Jolin's shoulder and closes his eyes...some shots are taken...and then Jolin moves his other arm around him almost in ab about to hold him look.

Jasper sudden springs up...not sure if he felt Jolin doing something cheeky or if he suddely realised that these photos will go onto a magazine.
Jasper, yelps, laughing: It's been taken a photo of!!!
Everyone is laughing a lot.

SPOP staff members: Did your heart beat quicker? (meaning, were you feeling nervous that you were doing a lover's shot with Jolin)
Jasper, making a face laughing and talking loudly: No!!! My heart didn't beat quicker!
Jasper, loudly, still laughing: Why would my heart beat quicker?!

-Cuts to a montage of shots taken of the boys-
Commentator: Ok, the guys photoshoot very truely and easily became just a tease. Amongst all that was worth praising, Jasper Liu has finally became "a mini Puff" in the world of Magazine photoshoots. In front of Jolin Chien, who hasn't taken magazine photoshoots in a long time, Jasper became a little pose-guidance teacher.

-Cuts to Jasper and Jolin next to each other putting their arms near their heads-
SPOP staff member: Now, we're not taking beauty-praiseworthy shots...
Jasper props his face onto his hands, elbow on table and looks at the camera. Jolin takes cue from Jasper's pose and follows suit.
SPOP staff member: Very cool! Very cool! Very cool!

-Cuts to standing shots being taken of Jasper and Jolin, Jasper with arm around Jolin-
Jasper: We have a type of feeling of "about-to-walk-over-there-and-pick-up-girls-(that)-type-of-feeling"
Jolin: Ok, let's go
SPOP staff member: The feeling you just mentioned...
Another SPOP staff member: Is that a feeling?
Jasper: It's a picking up girls type of feeling
SPOP staff members: Feeling!
Jolin poses in a walking manner and Jasper too...and then topple back when the shot has been taken.
Jasper: Blacked out

SPOP staff member: Puff is on the side.
SPOP staff member: You two are waiting for her
SPOP staff member: Both of you guys are looking at her
SPOP staff member: Both of you guys are looking at her...both want to pick her up.... (Jolin is reaching out his arms jokingly)

SPOP staff member: ...Hurry up, she's coming over....
Jasper: (reaching out his arms, with Jolin just in front of him doing the same) Piiiccckkk heeeer uup!!!
SPOP staff members laugh

SPOP staff member: You sure she'll like you guys this way?
Jasper and Jolin are leaning on each other
SPOP staff member, teasing: She's not very happy...
SPOP staff members laughing, Jasper and Jolin are laughing, Jasper pointing at SPOP staff
SPOP staff member, teasing: A little more seriously, ok?
SPOP staff member: You guys very seriously want to pick up pick girls
Jasper: Seriously want to pick up girls?
SPOP staff member: Correct
Jasper: (If we were) Seriously going to pick up girls...we wouldn't say it out loud!
SPOP staff member: It's (already) this you both need to project your coolness/handsomeness

-Cuts to Jasper, arm around Jolin, dancing-
SPOP staff member, laughing: Hurry up and quickly shoot a picture of him
Another SPOP staff member: What is this?!
Jasper and Jolin still dancing...

SPOP staff member: This is those moves...
Jasper and Jolin dancing from another angle
SPOP staff member: You guys really have an understanding, eh?
Jasper: This way we wouldn't kill it...(their chances of picking up girls)
Jasper: I, myself, am having a music festival
Jasper and Jolin pulling some more dance moves.
Another SPOP staff member: What is this?!
SPOP staff member: Or is this place actually a nightclub?

Jasper: Nightclub? (grinning)
SPOP staff member: Yep!
Another SPOP staff member: Juice bar is more like it
Another SPOP staff member: Juice bar!

Commentator: Watching Jasper Liu interact as he takes photos for the magazine, gradually growing, getting more and more flexible, can graduate from the "Big boy's univeristy," to formally become Man(ly) Jasper...Congratulations! Congratulations!

(Not sure what she's saying at the last little bit...sounds like something about him daydreaming still, maybe?)

End of translation. What's your favourite part of the SPOP shoot...Puff and Jasper, all 3 of them...or the Jasper and Jolin combination?! ;)