Thursday, 7 July 2016

Jasper Liu 劉以豪 for the July issue of Men's Uno 男人誌

Jasper has the prize shoot for Men's Uno this July in what appears to be a darker and sexier look. Can't wait to see the complete magazine shoot soon! In the meantime, you can read the first article regarding this shoot here.

Edits: This behind the scenes video also came out today. It makes those stills look even more amazing. So much sex sppeal. Not to mention that Jasper is such an animated guy - you can't help but take to him when he starts talking and smiling.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Instagram Updates: Show Biz to show Marcus Chang 張立昂 and Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 interactions at the 1989一念間 Back to 1989 Good Bye Party

Show Biz is totally the best source of drama support. They just posted this teaser on Instagram about up-coming, never-before-seen footage to be released of the Back to 1989 Good Bye/ Wrap Up Party.  They'll be showing the footage this Friday 8th of July. This teaser picture, from when Marcus and Ivy re-created the prawn scene at the wrap up party, looks to be super hot! And what with all those rumours about Marcus and Ivy dating in real life, I, for one, am totally looking forward to reading between the lines and seeing what was really going on between those two that night!

Jasper Liu 劉以豪 to star in new 2016 web drama 迷徒Chloe

Just when I thought I could take a drama break, a press conference broke out the other day with Jasper announced as staring in web series 迷徒Chloe with  Nana Lee, Chris Wu, Enson Chang, William Hsieh, Crystal Mu and Emily. The series is like a second series, or an unrelated follow-up to another series called 迷徒Claire featuring Tia Lee and Xiu Jie Kai. I must admit I'm so relieved that they didn't pair up Jasper with Tia. That is perhaps my worst nightmare pairing. To be fair, I probably will be on a drama break as the official Facebook page for the series says it's to air in November.

Anyway, the story will follow a 30 year old woman, Chloe, who is strongly devoted to her job in the media, but is unable to move forward in her own love life. After working hard for 5 years, she is achieving her dream of creating her own program - a program purely dedicated to giving musical artists the space to perform and do live broadcasts. But just when things seem to be progressing smoothly, she is suddenly forced to encounter the person she wants to encounter the least - her ex-boyfriend from 5 years ago Wang Shi Qi. He has brought his only daughter home to settle back in Taiwan. Despite hoping to get rid of her past connections, she ends up befriending her ex. Chloe is also being pursued warmly by another guys such as, Luo Shao Yang. What will she choose for her life and her happiness?

Jasper will be starring as Luo Shao Yang (who appears to have the English name, Rex). Filming has already started with Jasper looking like his suave musician, Morning Call self! You can check out filming stills below...

To be honest, the drama's story line doesn't sound too different from the typical mid-life crisis female dramas, but I'm looking forward to a new Jasper project, with a nice looking cast...And Jasper also has to sing, which he has always been nervous about doing...Haha, you should have seen him at the Morning Call concert this year when he and Sui Ling had to perform French Film live! So nervous, but so cute! What do you guys think of this new Jasper project?

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Jasper Liu 劉以豪 shares 花 Flower, by Taiwanese Indie band, Hello Nico (My current favourite!)

Ah, Jasper is pretty much my musical soulmate. The man has wonderful taste in music and a strong sense of justice and support for the LGBT community, which he often makes social media post about.

I found this beautiful song, 花 Flower, perhaps 2-3 weeks ago by a Taiwanese indie band called Hello Nico and have had it on repeat since. I was literally listening to it a few hours ago on my way home from work. It's a love song by a girl to another girl, which is probably controversial in the mainstream music scene, but is totally accepted by the laidback Taiwanese indie scene to which Jasper belongs. He obviously really likes the song because he shared it on social media just a few minutes ago :)

I don't know why this is news worthy except that I love the fact that Jasper loves the exact same song that I have been obsessed with most recently. Between Hello Nico and Morning Call, Jasper you are totally my music soulmate :D Also, I just wanted to share this beautiful Hello Nico song here. The Taiwanese have the greatest indie music scene, so if you share the same taste in the ethereal, indie, dream-pop genre of music, do check them out!

Jasper's caption: Flower (Dear). Please listen to me.

*This is a lyric in the song. Also the word flower can also be used as a pet name to mean 'dear'

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Instagram Updates: Ivy Shao 邵雨薇 and Marcus Chang 張立昂 both post cute Social Media posts about each other and the drama

Wondering if the stars of Back to 1989 are missing each other? Well, they definitely look like they are! The special for Back to 1989 aired on Friday night which means that both Ivy and Marcus are official free from their duties to promote the show...Of course, the actors never really leave their drama....or maybe even each other...

Just today, Ivy Shao posted a phone video showing the photo wall that created the backdrop for her character Ye Zhen Zhen's room. The photos are all of her and her co-star Marcus Chang (Or Chen Che in the show) on dates as their characters. In the drama, these photos are taken in the last days they have together.

Ivy's caption: Every year, (I) won't forget 1989 :(

She also posted a picture of Ye Zhen Zhen's room with the famous Nicky Wu poster that is referenced constantly on the show...with a caption quoting Zhen Zhen's words.

Ivy's caption: You must, happy and often have a laughing mouth/ smile

Marcus also posted a picture of both him and Ivy as their characters...

Marcus' caption: I'm in your 1989, where are you?

Pretty damn cute right? All those 1989 feels.

Magazine Scans: Megan Lai 賴雅妍 graces the June - July issue of M'INT Magazine 明潮

Can't get over how she versatile she can be...Megan, such a stunner always. These are the scans from Mint Magazine courtesy to fans from the Soompi forums (If you want a specific name credit, please email me). For the official magazine pictures released by Mint, just look over here :)

Megan Lai 賴雅妍 graces the June - July issue of M'INT Magazine 明潮

I think no one is ever going to get over Megan Lai's ability to be both devastatingly beautiful and suave at the same time. Mint Magazine gave Megan Lai the cover both in her feminine form and her more androgynous form. You can read the article for the pictures over here. And you can also view the official Magazine scans here.

What's New for These Dramatic Days? #8 Just Checking In...And My Newest Obsessions...

Hi! I took a long drama break and now I'm back! But maybe things have been a bit's a Q and A with me to answer all your questions :)

Why has there been no Bromance posts? Don't you care about Megan and Baron anymore?

I can just hear my Bromance online family crying. Sorry for the lack of posts! I do care and am still interested! And I still want to complete more Bromance translations and posts etc...But I will also admit that I'm fickle and I'm not just a fan of one star (except Jasper always seems to have my attention...), so it takes time to balance my posts between everyone. Also, I'm more of a drama fan than the fan of single stars...If I'm hooked on a drama then I tend to post about it. At the moment, having just completed Back to 1989 and going through the real-life dating rumours of the 2 main stars, Ivy Shao and Marcus Chang...I'm addicted! Along with this, Megan and Baron are both on drama breaks and I'm not a big fan of musicals (Sorry Megan!) ...But I have seen some pretty photos and interesting news floating around, so look out for some Bromance related posts soon!

So...There will be more Back to 1989 posts even though the drama is now officially finished?

Yes definitely! I regret not following this show in real time when it was airing, but I was so busy...also the temptation to attend those fan meets would have been huge....haha. But since I'm not interested in any of the dramas to air soon, I'll have time to finish translations for Back to 1989, Bromance and even old Pleasantly Surprised ones that I never got around to...

What do you mean you're not interested in any of the dramas on TV? What will you watch?

For what feels like (but probably isn't) the first time in my life, I'm not even remotely interested in any of the dramas that are currently airing or about to air. Back to 1989 was the last drama I wanted to watch and now that I've finished it, there's a little hole in my heart and I don't care for anything that's on. Although Eddison Chen and Amanda Chou (of Bromance) are both in Love @ Seventeen, and I don't have any problems with Lego Li, I'm just not very interested in the series. Same goes for Better Man with Jolin Chien. I have a very strong dislike of both Yao Yao and Roy Qiu, so that definitely rules out Golden Darling.

As for the dramas that are about to air, I have no interest in Prince of Wolf, which takes over from the time slot of Back to 1989. First of all, it should be Prince of Wolves to be grammatically correct...And secondly, I just don't care for the 'beast and creatures/ Tarzan' genre of Asian dramas. I also don't really care for 'Sports' genre Asian dramas, which rules out Swimming Battle, the drama taking over from Refresh Man. To top it all off, I'm still not a huge fan of Mandy Wei or Kingone Wang, I dislike Amber An and don't know anything about Derek Zhang. The only thing that might have tempted me is that Dewi from Our Times and Ba Yu from Pleasantly Surprised make a return to dramas in Swimming Battle...but I really don't think that that temptation is strong enough. So my guess is that I'll be off dramas until at least September or October, when some of these shows start to wrap up and new ones pop up.

What I will watch is probably a series of 20 different one-episode stories called Rock Records in Love. The show aired in April this year, but I've only just heard about it recentlyI'll blog more about it later, but the show featured a number of my favourite stars including Puff Kuo, Rainie Yang, Dino Lee and Annie Chen, just to name a few! So get ready to hear about that in the coming weeks too!