Monday, 29 February 2016

Jasper Liu 劉以豪 in an Oscars themed Photo Shoot for Overdope

Given that it was the Academy Awards (Oscars) Ceremony today, how appropriate that online fashion publication, Overdope, featured Jasper Liu in an Oscars themed photo shoot, exhibiting him in very regal, theatrical and masculine attire. To be honest, the man would look good in anything. But this shoot will raise your body temperature, so prepare yourself for a fever....

You can view the original article here, by the way.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Bromance 愛上哥們 Show Biz Episode 18 (Hotel Hallway Scene) Behind the Scenes Translations

Yessssss. Sexy hallway time. Translations are starting now...If you enjoy these translations, why not also check out the Men's Talk Episode 18 translations

1. Megan talking to the reporters

Reporter: So you've got to see how much hunger and thirst you have and then throw yourself at him (accordingly)...
Megan: We're going according to the Director's instructions
Megan [Black caption]: Waited 26 years already

Megan starts laughing sheepishly and puts her head into her hands looking shy. They animate pink cheeks on her.
Reporter, laughing: 26 years is really quite long
The reporters laugh and Megan smiles shyly, and withering in her spot, starts to get more shy.

She turns to face and lean against the wall
[Pink captions: Shy, shy, shy]
Megan laughs, covering her mouth.
Crew member: In Korean dramas, (you) don't have to speak regularly
Crew member [Purple and black caption]: Also don't have to be badddd...
[Bad ass Sanlih bear mascot pops up]
Everyone laughs

Commentator: That's right. It's with this type of 'can-do/enabling' mood that (Megan Lai) accomplishes Pi Yanuo's cherished desires. So this scene, the Easter egg that appears at the very end of the closing credits...

Commentator: Is also a fierce kissing war. It's with this type of atmosphere that we begin...

2. Megan and Baron run through the hallway scene, figuring out the moves and practicing them with the Director's instructions
Megan and Baron are stumbling about in the hallway in the run through of that scene.
Baron navigates both him and Megan down the hall together. He's holding her in his arms, one arm outstretched to pretend that he's searching the walls for the door to their room
Baron: Boom, boom, boom...

Baron and Megan put their faces very close together, as if kissing for the scene and then he pulls her away.

Director: Whatever you do, don't crash into the door

Commentator: Simply looking at the passionate (scenes), crashing here and crashing there, they still have to crash into fixed positions. If they're not careful, they will be unable to hold it in and start laughing.

-Cut to Megan and Baron following instructions about the points they have to crash into-
All throughout the commentary, these two have stumbled from the lattice to the opposite wall. Both have their arms wound around each other.
Director: This side, afterwards, the same. Walk.
Megan pretends to be making out with Baron as their characters against the wall.
The Director circles them picturing the scene.
Director: (Do) The same. Correct.
Megan continues fake kissing Baron against the wall
Director: Keep continuing and keep walking
Director: Good. Go, move.
Director: After you two have moved...
Baron holds Megan very closely and starts moving her away from the wall.
Baron: Right. All the way...
Director adds in something else: Around this time, you can start tearing at her clothes

Director: Right. You can tear at her clothes.
Baron and Megan, holding onto each other, start moving towards the opposite wall again.
Director: Right. Good, walk.
Director: Ok, both of you, (do it) two-sidedly
Megan and Baron turn so that they're both walking on the side, stumbling in an embrace towards their hotel room as their characters.
---For some weird reason I really like that he accidentally bumps himself on her neck/ shoulder area. He just looks comfortable just there...

Director: Right! Walking all the way.
Megan to Baron: You, go a bit slower...
Baron, in his usual style, doesn't listen, but grins cheekily and runs them both into a wall and spins Megan around, quickly. Megan starts laughing.
Director: And crash! You guys only need to have the crash to (look) good
Megan is laughing and makes a sound from being spun around too quickly: Argghh!
Director laughs at Baron's antics: Right!
Baron is holding onto Megan in a pretty tight embrace and he bumps into another wall, pushing off from it with his hands. Megan, unable to contain herself, bursts out laughing.

Director: Good. Up to here.
Baron continues to crash them into the opposite wall, his hand touching the wall, so as not to get them hurt. From his position, he looks like he's pinning Megan against the wall, one arms on the wall, the other around Megan's body.
Director: Good. Up to here.
Baron pulls Megan back along with him, though he's leaning towards her face, looking like he'd like to kiss her. Megan can't help but laugh, her arms around his neck. Baron continues to look like he's going in for kisses.

Director: Good. And then start to fish out that room card.

Megan pretends to gasp as Yanuo: Where's the room card?

Baron, pretends as Zifeng, to feel for the door while Megan pats down his chest.
Baron: Where is it?
Megan pretends to be a desperate Yanuo, mock yelling: Where is it?!
Baron: I'm touching the door first
He's holding Megan lightly as he gives his suggestions for the scene.
Baron: When I get here, I'll touch the door first

Baron, grins at Megan: We're about to arrive...

He starts laughing and reaches out to brush her fringe. Megan laughs.

Baron, laughing: Your hair is already...messed up

Megan retorts jokingly: Have you become blind?
Baron: And I'll just be this way...

He leans in and pretends to be very immersed in kissing her
Baron pretending to be Zifeng: Yanuo

Baron: I feel like...
They look like they're busy kissing by the door frame. Baron, as Zifeng, reaches into his pocket.
Baron: ...I need to get the room card

He holds her close and mutters
Baron: Where's the room card?
Director: Right, right, right
Megan, leans in and once again pretends to be a desperate Yanuo, mock yelling: Hurry up!
Baron laughs and so does Megan
---Hahaha, real words of desperation, there, huuhhhh :P----
Both of them are laughing

Director gets them to focus again: Ok. Ok
Baron runs his lines as Zifeng again: Yanuo
He leans in close to her cheek, but then pulls back to say something.
Baron, grabbing Megan's arm: No. I won't speak
Baron: I'll touch the door and I'll know that I've arrived
He goes back to leaning against Megan's head. She's there, as Yanuo, leaning against his forehead, hand on his chest.

Baron, digging into his pockets: And then, I'll look for it for a bit...Not there...

As he talks, Megan is just leaning on him, in character, looking like she's really about to kiss him, her hand laying on her chest.

Baron continues talking, leaning his head on hers and pushing her hand up his chest. Megan continues on like this
Baron: No, no, no...I'll look for it...

Then he suddenly pulls Megan, as Yanuo, off from him by the shoulders.
Baron, as Zifeng: Where's the room card?
Megan, pretending to be worried Yanuo: Isn't it with you?
Baron: No, no, no, no...After we say "Room card"...
Baron: Then (we'll) continue kissing again
---Hahaha, I know Baron is a very focused actor and very good about thinking about how to enhance the aesthetics of a love scene...but hey, you just want to continue kissing her, right? :D---
Baron: And continue looking for the room card again...

Baron leans in, pretending to kiss her, making Megan laugh as she complies.

Baron's face is pretty much on Megan's and he continues to instruct her.

Baron: And then start frisking me (grabbing at me)...

Megan, pats Baron down hard, fishing for that room card: Fishing, fishing, fishing, fishing...!
Megan, pretends to be Yanuo, frisking her hands over all over Baron, or Zifeng, pretending to look for the room card. Baron, pretending to be Zifeng. pulls her off, just a little so he can search himself.
---Hahaha, again, it's probably purely because he's working on figuring out the details for the scene...but still the first thought in my gutter mind was...feeling a bit sensitive, Baron?!---

Baron shoves a hand into his pockets: I'll look for it...
Megan laughs

-Cuts to the two of them in the same location still practicing-
Baron to Megan: You have to grab me back…right…
Megan reaches out and grabs him by the neck pulling his head towards hers and makes a pretend frustrated growl. Holding him in place, she bursts out laughing.
Megan laughing: This is really funny
Director: When this shot is finished, it’s up to “I found it” (scene)
Megan laughs
Director: Then immediately jump up (on him)
Director: Right, immediately jump up (on him)
Director: Snatch the room card and then jump up (on him)
Director: And then you go and swipe that room card
Baron: Ahh Ahh…I’ll look first (for the room card)
Baron to Megan: And then you still won’t let go (of me)

Megan growls and puts a hand to his neck, moving his face towards her to pretend kiss while they run the scene.

Baron leans forward pretend kissing her back. Megan makes growling sounds as she ruffles his hair all the while as they pretend kiss. All of a sudden, Baron pulls back.
---Don't you like how the director's hand is here, visualizing how everything should be...And Megan and Baron are just fake kissing away casually...They are really into their fake kissing. I mean I've watched a lot of BTS videos in my life including some where they have to run through the kiss scenes before they do them...but the actors were always careful to keep their distance in run-throughs...But these two? They can't really help themselves...This is just teasing us bad!---

Director: And then, your hand pushes him
Baron holds up an invisible room card, making Megan laughs.
Director: Found the room card…

Director laughs: Right

Baron pretends to be breathless and excited: I found it…
Baron, pretending to get even more excited, gasps: I found it!
Baron to Megan: And then..wait..I don’t want to be this…
He leans back in to pretend kiss Megan, explaining his idea all the while.

Baron, leaning in to pretend kiss Megan more: I am that type of (person who) can’t-bear-to-leave-you

Megan makes fake pretend growls of desperation and Baron makes a loud kissing sound as he pulls away from her.

From his pocket, he whips out the invisible room card and holds it up to Megan looking meaningfully excited. Megan looks at the invisible room card and laughs. Baron’s eyes widen in fake excitement, and he starts to breath heavily
Baron: There’s no need to speak
Megan nods and laughs
Baron: (We) Just know that it (the room) can unlock
Baron: It can unlock…can unlock the second level

Megan leans on him and laughs
Director: At that time, jump onto him
Director: Really jump on him
Megan: Ok
She grabs onto Baron’s neck and shoulders and jumps onto him. He grabs onto her, putting his arms around her as she latches onto him.
Director: Right
Baron complains, jokingly: You have to jump a bit higher!
Megan laughs

Director: You have to jump a bit higher
Director reaches forward and pulls Megan away: Be careful not to hit the door (frame)
Director: You, la
Baron: We have to look at it (the room card) together when it comes out
Baron makes a silly wide-eyed look of awe at an invisible room card in his hand.
Baron: Then we’ll know we have to battle (make out ferociously)
Director: Right
Megan looks at the invisible room card too

They both growl and Megan jumps onto Baron, who catches her.

Megan can’t help but laugh as she clings onto Baron.
Baron laughs and says to Megan: Good. Be good…
Director: Good. Grabbed on.

Baron pats her on her lower back: Continue on…!
---Or is that her ass?!---

Director: Ok…continue on!
Director: Good. Kiss

They pretend to kiss with Megan tilting her head down to Baron and Baron rocking Megan around as if holding her in a passionate air-kiss.

Director: Correct. Good. Open the door
Baron is holding her, so his line of sight is blocked by her body. But he manages to get them both through the door.
Megan to Baron laughing, horrified: Can you see like this?!
---Hahaha, she's probably thinking...please don't drop me!---
Director to crew members, looking down the ground: Is that mine?
Baron dumps a laughing Megan onto the bed inside the room.
Megan, laughing, high pitched: Wait a moment!
Megan, laughing, pointing: It’s broken, it’s broken

Baron turns and sees it too and starts laughing and pointing too: It’s missing 1 and 4! They’re pointing to the room numbers which have been accidentally pushed the wrong way.
Director: Fix it
[Yellow and black caption with horrified Sanlih bear mascot: 1314 only has 31 left, la!]

Commentator: (They) adopted the technique of a single shoot for the final scene, so before they got down to business, they first had to discuss the battle positions clearly, as well as the strength used for pushing and pressing-up against (each other). It had to be ok in one take. But what exact degree of brutality would (they need to) make up? Really (they) can only rely on the very experienced bro, la!

-Cuts to Megan leaning against the wall with the lattice her hands around Baron’s neck, grinning at him, while he instructs her on what he thinks she should do-
Baron to Megan: Hey, you just slap (me) directly and then kiss (me)
Megan is grinning unsure how to respond to the idea of slapping him. She hits him on the neck very, very softly.
Baron laughs: You really have to slap!

He leans in to pretend kiss her.
Megan defensively: I will slap!

She slaps him in a slightly harder way so that he turns to face her more and they put a sound effect on it in the video.
[Red captions: Slap impact symbol]

Baron, feeling it, laughs and nods. Megan laughs sheepishly.

Director laughing: Right! It has to have a bit of this type of flavour

Baron laughing: Needs more power
---Hahaha, he really knows a lot about what’s needed…does someone have a secret preference?! In any case, he’s really asking to be slapped! Hahaha----
Baron, laughing: It needs to have a little more power than this
Megan in a girly protest: Noooo, I don’t want to, la!

-Cuts to Megan and Baron running through the scene, Megan’s hands on Baron’s face, pulling him towards her-
Baron pulls one of her hands away, leaving the other side.
Baron: No. One hand.
Megan has one arm around his head
Baron leans in and says to her: SM
---Hahahaha. I can’t even deal with this---

Megan, laughs in a bit of a high pitch tone: I’m afraid I’ll…
Baron, laughs: You won’t, la!
He wants her to yank him away, pulling the back of his head.
---I like this conversation because she’s very afraid to actually hurt him and he’s very sure she won’t. And he’s ok with her roughing him up, really…---
Baron: At most, (I’ll) loose a couple of hairs, that’s all
Megan starts laughing and gets back into position, grinning into his face, with one hand placed on the back of his head.

She yanks him, making a growly sound.

Megan can’t help but laugh.

Baron, grins at her: Correct!
Megan laughs so much that she doubles up a little onto Baron from laughing about doing the scene.

Baron loudly: It’s a battle!
Megan matching him in loudness: Does it have to be like this?!
Baron: Isn’t this good?
Megan puts her hands on his shoulders and leans in to pretend kiss him: This is good
She starts pushing him slowly onto the wall behind.

Baron, who was not expecting that, put his hand to his mouth and starts laughing: Wait a moment.

Baron, surprised and laughing: What are you doing?!

---I can’t help but feel like they’re both really enjoying this. Is it weird because I feel like he’s laughing very sincerely here? Like the laugh is one of genuine pleasure seeing that Megan is backing him into a wall?---

Baron laughs and pushes Megan back against the wall, into their original position: Do it again. Do it again. A bit more fiercer.
Megan tilts her head in reluctance: I don’t…
Baron has her backed up against the wall, in their original position, and her one arm on his shoulder. 
Megan: I don’t know how to do it

She yanks his head back, pulling from the hair at the back of his head and making a fierce expression, and then proceeds to push him back onto the wall behind him in the hallway.

Baron goes backwards with her guidance, flailing his arms a little, and trying not to laugh as he fake slams into the wall with Megan pretty much on top of him.

They both burst out laughing though looking at each other.

Director: Don’t deliberately open your arms
Director: It really is that your whole body is being smashed over into that wall
Baron to Megan: You can use a bit of strength, it’s not a problem
Director: Right. You still grab onto his shoulders
Director: Be careful of the back of your head
Baron to Megan: You turn me into…
Baron flails his arms into circles making Megan laugh
Director: You should have your head towards the front
Director: Don’t smash the back of your head, that would be good
Director [Red and grey caption]: Smashing your body won’t kill you
The reporters laugh as Megan and Baron run through the actions for the scene once again. She makes funny growls of frustration sounds, pulling Baron’s head back by the hair. Making the same sounds she proceeds to drive him back into the wall.

Baron starts laughing: This is like sumo wrestling style. Bulldozer style

Megan bursts out laughing because it’s clear that’s how she feels about it too

tDirector: Megan you need to use some strength
Baron teases: Bulldozer style
Reporter: Why don’t you teach her, for a bit, how to push?
Baron: Me?
He contemplates this for a moment and then then decides he will.
Baron to Megan: I will
He grabs Megan by the shoulders and she lets him change places with her.
So Baron acts out how Yanuo should act.

Megan leans a little forward to pretend kiss him and he yanks her away, so that she jerks back a bit...

Though he pulls the back of her collar rather than her hair.

Baron, instructing: Push for a moment…And then…
He pushes Megan gently and Megan flails back a bit, laughing. Then hands on her shoulders, he drives her forcefully onto the back wall and then pins her there real close.

---That is one sexy pin-up-against-the-wall. And he is mighty close!---

Megan, laughs: This is you!

Megan laughs in his face, making him laugh too.

Reporter: Then would a girl (really) be like this?

Baron: They could
Reporter: (You) Really have experience…
They go back to their original positions and Megan bows to Baron.
Megan, jokingly: Sorry to trouble you, handsome bro
---‘Sorry to trouble you’ is also like ‘troubling you to help me, so thank you’----
[Red and white caption pointing to Baron: The handsome bro with experience here]

Megan runs through the sequence again with Baron. She yanks his head back by the hair.

Megan: First, pull
She laughs
Director: Use your left hand to push him. Right! Good.
Megan pushes him, so he flails back a bit. Then she drives him to the back wall, using her hands, guiding him on the shoulders and chest. All the time, Baron is pretending to look shocked.

Director: Right. Go over there.

Megan has Baron pinned on the wall and is leaning really close to him, one hand on the wall and the other on his chest. They’re both grinning.

---Good position, there…----

Director: After you go over there…
Megan to Baron, having moved off him: This is ok?
Director: …Baron will have been shocked/ scared
Director: After Baron has been scared…
At this point Megan goes back to pinning him and leaning her body against his, her hand on his chest, posing for a pretend kiss.
Director: And then after looking at her…
Director: Immediately start kissing (her) again
Megan and Baron are looking at each other like they’re about to kiss again. She puts her arms on his shoulders. And then Baron jokingly grabs her around the waist.
Baron, in troll mode: Good!
He grabs her around the waist and pretends to lift her and starts making silly kissing faces, which is the next part in the sequence. Megan laughs at his joking version of the events.

Director: Good! Correct!
Director to Baron: She’s being so ferocious…you’ll be aroused by it…

Director: Do you understand my meaning?
Baron and Megan nod
Director: Good
Baron: Experience it for a moment…

Commentator: Like we said, this handsome bro is not crying wolf (or telling lies), but we when arrive at the actual time for live filming, Chu Chu’s (Baron’s) fighting power…

Commentator: Why does it not seem that strong?

All while the commentary has been running they cut to the camera people filming when Megan, as Yanuo, jumps onto Baron, as Zifeng and they're kissing passionately in front of their room. Megan, as Yanuo, has her arms around his neck and her legs wrapped around his body. Her hand is placed tenderly around his face and neck and she buries her face into his, kissing him intensely. Baron, on the other hand, has his arms around her body and is holding her up, while kissing her back. Baron, as Zifeng, swings her around as he reaches to tap the room key.

---This just looks so hot. I wish they could have somehow worked this full shot into the kissing sequence...but since they didn't, I'm glad we got to see it here!---

-Cuts to Baron walking down the dark hall with his eyes wide open, hand on his head, looking anxious-
Baron notices the reporters and leans against the wall looking scared
Reporter to Megan, who is off-screen: You’ve turned him into this (mess)!
[White, yellow and red thinking bubble caption on Baron: What is it?]
He’s leaning against the wall behind, his hands supporting him, eyes darting side-to-side and looking jokingly nervous and panting. He sees Megan coming and stumbles off-screen.

Megan comes on-screen looking smug. She wipes her lips with her thumb, casually with an amused smirk that says: Mission achieved/ This is how you ravish them/ I’m just too hot for you all. 
Reporter to Megan: (His) Lips have even turned white
[Red and white caption: The arrogant older guy who has successfully picked up]
Crew member: Mouth is already numb

Commentator: Because they were afraid of bloopers, those at the scene of the filming, crew members, all hid in another corner of the hallway, waiting for the Du-Pi couple to kiss whilst smashing into the room 1314. When the Director just yelled out “Cut!” The Behind the Scenes team immediately operated, crashing into the front door of room 1314, curious about whether or not behind the door of 1314, Du-Pi have already created a baby...
 ---You dirty, dirty reporters. I love it though. Everyone just wants these two to get it on, huh?---

3. Inside Room 1314 with Megan and Baron as they film the scene where Zifeng and Yanuo make-out and finally get inside their room
The reporters are knocking on the door of room 1314 laughing
Megan opens the door, fixing her hair.
Reporters: Don’t you need to…
Megan slams the door open with one hand, like a hot guy would and looks into the room.
Megan: He’s bleeding
Reporters: Why?!
Reporters: …Where?
Megan grins at the cameras
 ---Hahaha… I’m sure he did bleed as a result of a small accident…But am I suppose to get dirty connotation vibes here?!---

-Cuts to Baron talking to the camera inside the room-
Baron: This is the first time I’ve bleed because Megan…

Reporter: Where?
Baron: She says it's on my face
Megan reaches out and wipes his face.
Megan: (You) Got a line of it (on your face)

Baron: For real?
Megan: You wiped it off
Megan: Wiped it off
Megan: (You) Can’t tell
Baron: Doesn’t matter
Baron: Forget about it
Megan is exercising her lips: There’s the taste of blood…
---Hahaha, she's such a vamp ;)---
Megan laughs, joking: There isn’t, la!
The reporters laugh
Reporter: Does it hurt?
Baron laughs, sounding a little fazed out
Reporter: How does it feel?
[Pink and grey caption: Cute daze]

Baron: I don’t know
Baron: Lifeless
---Ahaha. Dying from a loss of blood, no doubt---

-Cuts to the camera filming from the room waiting to capture the moment that Baron and Megan crash into the room onto the bed-
[Red and white captions from the door: Beep-beep-beep beep!]

-Cuts to Megan and Baron kissing outside the room door-
It’s up to the part where Megan has jumped up onto Baron and he’s hoisted her up and they’re kissing while he’s opening the door with the room card. Only he can’t seem to get the door open. 
[Red and white caption: Second time swiping the room card]
They’re still continuing to kiss in the air as Baron tries really hard to swipe the card and open the door simultaneously. Megan is slipping a bit on his body, so he hoists her up a bit more, still kissing her and swipes the card once more. 
[Red and white caption: Third time swiping the room card]
He opens the door and walks in, still carrying Megan.

Both of them still kissing quite heavily as heard through their breathing.

He leaves the door to shut and spins them both towards the bed, putting a hand on Megan’s leg to support her before he tips her onto the bed, kneeling over her.

A reporter comes out to take a photo. Megan is just flopped on the bed, breathless and Baron is kneeling over her, casually looking over at the reporter, then looking down at Megan who is stifling a laugh and trying to get her breathing underway.

Both of them look like they can’t be bothered moving 
[Black and yellow caption: The two of them hugged for too long that they both don’t have any strength anymore…]
---I like that he remains kneeling over her in this position for awhile. I have no opinions either way about whether something is happening in real life, so I would love it if it was. But regardless of this, they're just so comfortable with each other no matter how compromising the position is...---

Baron eventually gets up to adjust his shirt
---Again with the shirt adjustment, eh? Just like after the episode 15 floor scene---
Megan rolls over to the side and gets up reluctantly
Reporter to Baron: Just then, why did you beep for so long?
Baron: Nooo…I don’t know why…
Baron: I suddenly (just) wasn’t skilled (enough)
Reporter: Just then, I wanted to say “What should be do?”
Baron, jokingly blaming the reporters: Clearly it was you guys over there (by the door)
Baron goes over to the door and leans on it pretending to listen: You guys kept standing there eavesdropping
Baron, laughs: You hindered me from opening the door!
Baron, points jokingly mad: It was you, la!

Reporter laughs, retorting: You’re talking nonsense!
Baron pretends to be the reporters fangirling over hearing Megan and Baron making out. He makes silly exaggerated faces of swooning, putting his hands over his chest and heart, squirming this way and that out of happiness. 
Baron: You were over here (acting) like this
Baron, joking blames the reporters: And then you hindered me from opening the door!
Reporter laughs

 -Cuts to another take of Megan latched onto Baron, and Baron carrying her, both of them kissing and stumbling into the room onto the bed-
[Black and white caption: Take 4]

They’re both kissing quite intensely.

Megan has her arms around his neck and Baron is carrying Megan with a hand on her back and another on her leg.

He spins them both a little into the room, so that they’re in the direction of the bed. They're still kissing at this point.
---Was this even a requirement?! They never talked about showing the kissing from inside the room with the Director? ...Are they just making sure the Director would everything he wanted to film...? Or is it just hard to stop? ;) ---

When he's sure that they’re in front of the bed, he tilts down and drops her lightly onto it, leaning over her just a little. Megan lands on the bed, with a huge bounce, laughing and breathless, her hands still on his face and her legs still wrapped around his body…Baron is also still kneeling on the bed, over her body, caught in between her legs. It's a totally compromising position that they look totally comfortable in together...

Baron, like Megan, is laughing. He looks down at her briefly and then turns to look at the door...

Then he quickly untangles himself from her and runs away quickly…to close the door. Megan is laying on the bed laughing. She clamps her legs together and is fixing her hair when Baron runs back on-screen and quickly rolls Megan onto her side...

He then jumps onto the bed...

Gets down on her...

And wraps himself around her body, pretty much pressing his body all over her back.
[Red and white caption: Bro is very desperate/ wants it urgently]

Baron spoons her, pinning her body between his body and the bed with his arms and putting one leg over her as they lay on the bed.

He's not only holding her, but pretty much locking himself on her.

She uses her hands to motion as she speaks, but Baron still has his arms over hers.

Megan is shaking as she can't stop laughing. Neither can the reporters.

Megan laughing: Why did you close the door?

Megan, laughing: There are more people inside than outside…
The reporter laughs

Megan remains in the spooning position with Baron until he untangles himself from her and flops down on the bed next to her.

Reporter laughs: (They all) jogged over
Baron lays on the bed looking exhausted while Megan sits up

Megan: I feel this...
Megan a little breathless: ...Hair...don't know how many times it can be used
Besides her on the bed, Baron pretends to be waking up in the morning.
Baron, sprawled across the bed, pretends to wake up groggily: Is it daybreak already?

He stares up, brushing away his fringe
---Hahaha, for those who wanted a “morning after” scene, Baron is giving you his version…---
Reporter cheekily: You can’t do it too many times in one day
Megan, who is sitting on the bed, gets the dirty joke and laughs covering her mouth.

Baron gets up off the bed and walks off: I need to call Feng Jie (Zifeng’s mum, Baron’s on-screen mum). Tell her that I’m ok.
Reporter laughs and says to Megan: You really are fierce
Megan laughs. Her hair is pretty messy at this point.
---Hahaha, the just-had-sex look---
Reporter: Do you want to take a look at yourself?
Reporter: Take a look at yourself!
Megan walks over to the bathroom mirror and peers in, fixing her hair
Megan: Oh my god! How scary
Reporter laughs repeating her: How scary
Megan walks out rubbing her lips, joking: I feel like if we continue to keep kissing, I’ll bleed

Commentator: The place where it bleeds may not be the mouth…

Commentator: This little reporter is talking about elbows and knees. Don’t get the wrong ideas…

As they’re showing the scene when Baron, as Zifeng, pins Megan, as Yanuo up against the wall roughly and kisses her there. ---Hahaha even the commentary is dirty. Everyone is wayyy too excited by these two---

Commentator: Yes. The Du-Pi couple have gotten married and gotten into bed...

Commentator: Rolling into Room 1314/ spending a lifetime together ---It’s a play on words that can and does mean both here---

I like that they’re showing Megan and Baron filming the part where they’re stumbling, kissing towards their room.

They kiss very intensely, both Megan’s hands around his neck, Baron’s hands grabbing Megan’s shoulders.

But as they get close to the camera, and they pull apart from the kiss, Baron turns to kiss the camera, making Megan laugh. 

Commentator: This is just about all there is of the beautiful view behind the (hotel) room door. But for the finale of this finale, why do these two, Du-Pi , have an argument again?

5. Baron praising Megan’s wedding dress photo

Baron is sitting staring at his phone when he starts to make a highly awed sound.

Baron, looking exaggeratedly amazed: Whhhhooooaaaaaaa

He zooms in on the photo he’s looking at, shows it to Megan a bit, before turning it towards the camera and showing everyone.

He starts making a silly, impressed face and sticks his thumb out

Baron: Like! ---This is the Taiwanese word for a Facebook like. But it also means ‘praise’---
Besides him, Megan is sitting there grinning and kind of glowing in a pleased way.
---Just look at her expression!!! She's glowing because Baron thinks she's pretty---
When he starts to make his ‘like’ sign, she bursts out laughing and covers her face
Baron collapses onto the table into his folded arms, laughing at his own silliness.
[Green captions: Embarrassed, embarrassed]
[Pink caption: Shy]

He sits up again and smiles

Then he starts talking nonsense as usual to Megan

Baron: I see other people’s Behind-the-Scenes videos and they’re all very sensible

Baron: Can we have a sensible one?
---Hahaha. I love it when Baron talks shit. It’s just hilarious considering the only really not sensible one is him!---
[Red and white caption pointing to Baron: The most insensible one is you]
Megan points at herself: I’m clearly sitting beside you
Megan: Why would you need to do that sort of thing with my photo?

Baron laughs: I’m sorry

Baron looks over at Megan’s chest

Baron with a laugh: You don’t have anything right now (Boobs)

Baron goes back looking at his phone, grinning: So it’s inside this photo…

They animate Megan’s head so that it’s magnified with angry symbols around
Megan, looks down her own chest and points to it: Grandma, where are your golden assets?
---I think she says something like this? I'm not sure what she says exactly here, sorry!---
Baron is looking at his phone, but hiding an amused smile.
Reporter to Baron: Do you want to sing a song again?
Megan laughs: Letting him sing continuously is not a solution
Megan: Right?
Megan: I always wanted to sing a bit
Megan: Some genuinely sellable stuff

Megan: Right?
This gets Baron’s interest and he puts down his phone, which he’d been looking at, on the table and challenges Megan.
Baron: You sing

Megan sings and claps in a daggy way [Pink and blue lyrics]: Dearest friend…I have come here… Megan laughs embarrassed and stop abruptly, especially as Baron has a jokingly blank look that doesn’t seem too impressed.

Megan stops and looks down...with a look that says...ah, forget it!
[Black and white thinking bubble captions on Megan: Embarrassed lines]
Baron mockingly: Well, continue on…

Reporter to Baron: (We'll) Give you back (the role of singing), la!
Megan breaks out into song again in her daggy singing voice [Green and pink captions]: I have come here…because you’re thinking of me…

Baron is grinning and stifling a laugh by coughing into his hands on the table.

Baron grins, joking: She doesn't have any talent. I can confirmed this.

Megan is grinning, given the irony ----Megan is a singer as well in real life, for those who are not aware of her album, Face---

---I like how Megan is competitive and likes to win, but she'll tend to admit defeat to Baron at times...And even if it's just because it's a joke, I feel like that's a sign of affection on her part...---

Megan grins, nodding: I don't have any talent
Baron laughs: It's true

Commentator: On this last wrap up day, to confirm this matter is, er...very good. But what's even better is that Show Biz Behind the Scenes team also have a hidden Easter Egg waiting for Bromance fans.

-Cuts to a picture of a pretend door to Room 1314-
The camera then moves into the editing room where one of the editors press a button and the screen fades into the inside of the hotel room.

 -Cuts to a strange cut where Megan has her arms around Baron’s neck but she lets go just as the shot is coming in. Either she’s letting go of him after he’s put her back on the ground…or they were embracing for some reasons of their own beforehand…-

[Red and white caption pointing to Baron: Chu Chu (Baron), asking for sugar]
---He’s asking for some sweet nothings….sweet words….hahaha---
Baron: How did you feel about my hugging you?
---By hugging, he means holding up and air-lifting. This is what I mean by the word hugging in the following context. The words are pretty interchangeable here---

Megan grins and doesn’t answer. She puts a finger to her lips.

Baron: Then I’ll hug (you) with one arm
He grabs Megan by the arm

Baron: I’ll demonstrate for a moment
Reporter: One arm hug?
But Baron changes his mind
Baron: …No, no, no, forget it…
Reporter: Ok, la! This is the last one!
Reporter: Baron Chen has exhausted his strength

-Cuts to Baron turning around to Megan and making another suggestion-
Baron to Megan [Pink heart caption]: Then (how about) you hug me?

Megan rolls up her sleeves
Reporter: Can she do it?
Megan looks at Baron, a little concerned: I don’t think I could hug and lift you up

Baron walks away, sounding a little disappointed: That’s fine. Don’t worry about it
But Megan’s said this not because she’s not game, or because she doesn’t want to play. It seems more that she’s concerned about accidentally hurting him. Though hearing his tone, she seems to want to make amends and figure out a way to do it. That and her competitive spirit usually compels her to take on Baron’s challenges, especially when they’re particularly weird or difficult.
Megan laughs and tries to get Baron's attention: Unless if…if you don’t mind…I can (try) on the bed… 
Megan is pointing to towards the bed…

-Cuts to Megan and Baron standing with their arms around each other, Baron’s back towards the bed-

Megan half laughing and half panicky: Wait a moment! I’m very nervous…

Megan holds him a little tighter so that she can lift, but isn’t sure how to do it

Baron: You can really do it…

Reporter: What to do now? 
Megan: I’ll stand with a horse stance 
---Horse stance is that famous basic martial arts stance--- 
Megan laughs and exclaims: I’ll stand with a horse stance 
Reporters laugh 
The camera zooms to Megan's legs, in somewhat of a horse stance, with a leg between Baron’s legs.
[Red and white caption pointing to Baron’s legs: Wedged in the middle, is that right?] 
Baron to Megan: No! You just relax! 
Reporter, laughing: Baron Chen, what other methods is there?

Baron, half laughing and half exasperated: You don’t need to (do that)!

Baron, half laughing and half exasperated: You just stand properly!

Megan panicky: No, no, no..! 
Baron grabs Megan by the shoulders and ignores her protests. 
Baron smoothly: I’m coming

Baron squeals [Pink heart shaped caption]: Yanuo!

He then leaps onto Megan, laughing , but doesn’t get on properly and slides off her.

Both Baron and Megan are laughing.

It seems that he’s also afraid to hurt her and doesn’t go for it for real.

Baron flops onto the bed rolling his eyes. 
[Red and white caption: Sneakily rolls his eyes]
But Megan sees his expression
Megan: Hey! Hey! I felt that I could do it!
Megan has picked up the room card and jacket from the bed, but since she's protested Baron's gonig to hold her to her words.
He grabs at her arm again.
Baron: Ok...come, come, come...

-Cuts to Megan and Baron's legs back in the position they were in before with Baron making the pose where he's ready to leap onto Megan-

Baron: I'm coming now...

He actually leaps onto her body, clutching onto her shoulders, while Megan is holding him.

Baron, half laughing, half shaky: Whoaaa...

Baron can't stop laughing.

---Must be fun as the guy always has to lift the why not try it when the girl has to play a guy, eh?----

Megan is laughing quite a bit in a really pleasant girly way.

She slowly drops Baron onto the bed, pleased with herself.

Baron is grinning a fair bit as he lands on the bed.

----Why are they so damn cute together T^T?!---

He's please to have convinced her, as usual, to play along with his game :D

Megan taps herself on her chest proudly: I can (do it)! I can (do it)!

End of Translations. Ah I love this hot hotel hallway sequence. I love the run-through practice scenes they had as well. Even when they're just practicing for these scenes, they take fake kissing to a whole new level. All this pressing up against each other and putting their lips close together....regardless of what their real relationship status is, it's clear that there's no awkwardness in the slightest and they both have fun filming these sequences...