Monday, 12 August 2019

Happy Birthday Jasper Liu 劉以豪! Single & MV for A Kind of Sorrow 有一種悲傷 is now released

Happy Birthday to the adorable Jasper Liu, who has been working tirelessly over his birthday weekend! Having recently embarked on a solo singing career, Jasper has released his single (and MV), A Kind of Sorrow, today - check it out below! The song can be purchased at Line Music..

This is Jasper's first time as a solo artist. He was previously the guitarist for the indie band, Morning Call for many years until they broke up in 2017 (It was called as an indefinite hiatus.) During that time, he sung a duet called French Film with band mate Sui Ling, but he still felt rather shy about it. While I miss those band days (I was lucky enough to see Jasper perform with them on tour in 2016!) I'm looking forward to Jasper's new projects.

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