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Bromance 愛上哥們 SPOP 華流 December Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes Translations

SPOP made 3 behind the scenes videos with the Megan and Baron...was going to do 2 translations, but then realized that the first video doesn't have any dialogue and the second and third video overlaps a I'll just translate the third video then! This clip is reasonably long, so please be patient while I get around to the translations. Thanks!

First Video

Second Video

Third Video

Fan recording with uncensored content

Commentator: The December SPOP issue has finally come around again. We've found and assembled Bromance's Du-Pi pairing to do the cover shoot.

Commentator: Regardless of if you want a girl-boy pairing or a boy-boy couple, everything that should be here is here.

Commentator: Just with Megan Lai already, (she's transforming into both) a boy and a girl, change, change, change!

Commentator: Acting as Yanuo for 1/2 of it, she creates a climatic rise in the photo shoot. On the day of the shoot, (we) compiled three types of styles for each body. Which three? Let's sample layer by layer.

-Cuts to Megan Lai sitting on a stool in a spotty suit-

Female SPOP staff member squeals [Red caption]: Pi Yanuo!
Female SPOP staff members collectively squeal and scream: Wowww
Megan is laughing and blushing
Female SPOP staff member [Yellow caption]: Pi Yanuo is very handsome!
Another Female SPOP staff member [Green and red caption]: I'm going to have a nosebleed!
Megan is laughing.

-Cuts to Megan done with the photos and walking away-
Female SPOP staff member [Little girl figure with white and red caption]: Just then, when I went to the cafe on the 5th floor, they said...So it's Megan? She's so handsome! Pi Yanuo!
-Cuts to Megan doing a shoot where she's leaning against a wall-
Female SPOP staff member [pink and aqua caption]: Pi Yanuo, so handsome!
Another Female SPOP staff member [Blue, yellow and red caption]: Pi Yanuo, today is (looking) really very Milan! ---Fashionable, like the city---
Another Female SPOP staff member [Yellow, grey and red caption]: Wherever Megan  goes, it only requires her to be there to become France.  
Another Female SPOP staff member [Pink caption]: Her legs are so long!
Another Female SPOP staff member [Red caption]: So hot!

-Cuts to Megan in a different outfit, a long white coat and pant shirt and pants-
Female SPOP staff member: Feels like she needs a gun
Megan pretends to reach into her coat and pull out and aim a gun, like a secret agent.

Female SPOP staff member: She's like 4 cowboys
Megan: And I'm still wearing high heels!
Female SPOP staff member [Blue, yellow and green caption]: If she went to the East side, no one would dare to walk by her side. 
Another SPOP staff member: No one dares to be by her side, eh!
Female SPOP staff member: You see anyone beside her? 
Female SPOP staff member: Everyone has avoided her
[Red and white caption]: Hides!

-Cuts to photos being taken of Megan with her more boyish looks, sitting in an armchair-
SPOP staff member: (Her) smirking smile is really hot
They got to the monitor showing the photo just taken.
SPOP staff member: This one really is very hot!

-Cuts to Megan standing up in the shadowy room-
The SPOP ladies are still cooing over the photos.
SPOP staff member: This one is really very hot! Help me!
2 SPOP staff members [Blue and green captions]: You've fallen for your bro! You've fallen for your bro! ---Bro as in male friend or mate, by the way---
Megan [red caption]: You've fallen for your bro!

-Cuts to an SPOP staff member walking over to Megan who's still standing-
SPOP staff member: Are you tired from standing continuously
SPOP staff member, indicates for Megan to sit on the bed: Your majesty!
Other SPOP staff members are laughing at her eagerness to please.
[White, red and black caption: Eagerly attentive]
SPOP staff member to Megan: Are you feeling hot? ---Like overly heated---
SPOP staff member, announces to everyone [Yellow, red and black captions]: His majesty is feeling hot!
Another SPOP staff member, rushes to help [Green and blue captions]: The electric fan, the electric fan!

Commentator: You have a look at the arrival of Pi Yanuo and how strong the force of his (her) handsomeness is. Barely spoken a few of her own words, and the workers at the scene are fiercely fighting to be praised. Even so regardless of everything, incarnating into a fan princess in order to help fan Yanuo. ---Hahaha, the eagerness of all the fangirl SPOP ladies, one holding an electric fan and the other holding a giant fan!---

-Cuts to Megan sitting there holding a mini electric fan in her hand-
SPOP staff member: Why does Pi Yanuo need to carry an electric fan on himself?

Megan [Purple, white and black caption]: Because I want to be handsome/hot

She's holding up her mini fan
Megan: It's like a superstar's wind

-Cuts to Megan talking closer up-
Megan: ...All the time, incessantly...
Megan turns her gaze to the camera in a handsome way.
SPOP staff member: Wooow...
Megan, with her cool, handsome demeanor: What's up?

-Cuts to Megan holding up her scarf and brush-
SPOP staff member: The air from this fan seems to be a bit weak
Megan, agreeing : Weak..right

SPOP staff member: This moves a little bit.

SPOP staff member: Wooww...
Megan who has been pretending to look cool for awhile bursts out laughing

[Red,white and black caption: Blooper/ laughing sequence]

SPOP staff member: This is too magical!

Commentator: Pi Yanuo has taught everyone that if you want to be handsome, the most important thing is to have wind (blowing at you). The electric fan must not leave your side.

Commentator: Good. It was not accidental that Pi Yanuo's hotness has been rooted into people's hearts. More astonishing is that she's about to transform into a sexy female goddess.

-Cuts to Megan standing in a long tailcoat and short shorts in the middle of a packed room-
SPOP staff member [Pink caption]: Sexy/Beautiful Lady!
Megan is bending over and laughing.

-Cuts to camera people questioning Megan about Pi Yanuo's whereabouts-
Camera person: Has Pi Yanuo left already?
Megan in a cutesy, girly voice [white flowery caption]: Huh?

Camera person: Has Pi Yanuo left already?
Megan in a cutesy, girly voice: Uh-ha. My older brother has left already.
[White, black and red captions: Dolly voice] ---As in cutesy voice---

-Cuts to Megan acting very womanly-
Megan is practicing posing and leans very seductively across the kitchen bench, her ass out.
SPOP staff members start laughing.

SPOP staff member [Red and black caption]: Sex nymph explosion
Megan, talking about herself: What are you thinking about...this girl....

-Cuts to Megan sitting front on to a chair, her long legs sticking out around it-
SPOP staff member: Wooowww...
Megan [green, red and silver captions]: I'm wearing too much clothes, sorry...
---She says this about her short-shorts. God, no wonder Baron flirts with her so much---

Megan makes a seductive leaning pose.
SPOP staff members [White and yellow captions]: Wow! Wow!

SPOP staff member [Red caption]: WOOWWW!

Commentator: Megan Lai's beautiful, long, snowy white legs, as soon as they're on display, in a flash, you forget that just then she was the high-ranking handsome guy? Oh right, she's the same person.

-Cuts to Megan with sparkles surrounding her-
SPOP staff member: New pose?
SPOP staff member: New pose?
SPOP staff member: New pose?
Megan's at a loss for what to do. She puts both hands to her cheeks
SPOP staff member: Apple?
Megan: Very cutesy

SPOP staff member: Cute. This is called selling cuteness.

-Cuts to Megan talking about her worst pose-
Megan: There's one I really don't know (how to do)
Megan: It's this one
Megan is trying to wink, but looks like she's blinking. She also looks like she's trying to do a pop-eye look.
SPOP staff member: A wink?
[Red,white and black caption: Kind of strange]
Megan laughs.

-Cuts to Megan lounging on the sofa-
Megan: I've always wanted to try pufferfish lips because I don't know how to do it.
Camera person: Puff..what?
Megan: Pufferfish
Megan [Blue caption]: Pufferfish lips!

She tries it a few times and although cute, she doesn't think it's right.

Megan [red and blue captions]: Not right, not right!
Megan traces a specific shape onto her lips with her fingers: Their mouths will turn like this.

Commentator: When Megan Lai was taking pictures, she needed to keep changing between cutesy, sexy, and handsomeness...three types of feelings.

Commentator: If just a little bit careless, it's inevitable to make mistakes.

-Cuts to Megan in a suit leaning on Baron's shoulder for a shot-
SPOP staff member [Green and red caption]: Megan, you need to be a bit more manlier...
Megan [red caption]: Sorry!
She's been acting girly. SPOP staff members laugh.
She leans forward onto Baron's shoulder, but still looks like a girl.
SPOP staff member [Pink and blue caption]: You've turned into a girl!

SPOP staff member: Bros...right now, (the look is) bros

-Cuts to Megan playing with her clothes in a girly manner-
SPOP staff member [blue, red, yellow, pink captions]: Bro, when you're worried, why do you turn into a girl?!

-Cuts to Megan laying on the bed they're going to take photos on, Baron getting clothes and make-up sorted besides her-

SPOP staff member [Green, blue and silver caption]: Bro, are you a boy?
Megan: I am
SPOP staff member [Blue, red and Pink captions]: You just can't hold in your sexiness
SPOP staff member: [red and blue caption]: Even on a bed, you're like this.
Megan laughs
SPOP staff member: My god
Megan: Just turning into a girl languidly

Commentator: Oh, comparatively Megan Lai, has been neglecting to a boy or a girl. Almost had a mental/ emotional mix up. By the side, Baron Chen was quite calm and collected. 

Commentator: Holding his domineering demeanor for the whole day.

Commentator: So fixed, la!

-Cuts to Baron putting on socks-
Baron: When wearing socks, you need to use slow and deliberate, methodical steps
Baron: What shoes I (choose) to wear each day, then I'll also match it separately with that sock's colour and also design.
[Red, black and white caption: Extremely Serious]
Baron: You also need to look at the socks. Inside the shoes, if the insole is a deep colour, you need to match it with a deep colour.
Baron: If it's white, you need to match it with white (socks)
SPOP staff member teasing [aqua, white, black and red caption]: Then your insoles must be a few centimeters high
Baron [red caption]: Nooo!

Commentator: Ok. So this little reporter knows that by talking about socks too seriously, we will definitely be unable to resist and be taken further and further away (from the key topic). Straight after this, we chat about and ask a question regarding obsessions with cleanliness and the topic got out of hand.

-Cuts to Baron sitting on the bed looking cool-
SPOP staff member [yellow, aqua, red caption]: Baron Chen, Don't fart!

Baron: How could that be possible?
Baron: I regard my crap like how I treat my oral cavities. With a lot of self confidence.
---I think. This was a confusing sentence for me---

SPOP staff member: When you take a dump, do you wipe your ass?
Baron [Yellow caption]: I don't wipe.
SPOP staff member: You don't wipe?!
Baron: Everyone knows that I use the wash,
SPOP staff member: Is that normal?!
Baron: That's correct. I must wash.
SPOP staff member: You wash?!
Baron, sarcastically: No kidding.
SPOP staff member [Pink, green and black caption]: Do you use your hand to wash or...machine wash?
Baron stops to give the question-asker a look. Like a really-are-we-going-to-talk-about-this look. But he's still giving off a faint smile.
[Red,black,white caption: Glares]

SPOP staff member: No! But some people use machines...
Baron [Aqua, yellow and red caption with elephant]: Do you think I'm an elephant? And I can just use my nose or something? That I can use other parts (of my body). That is, that I can turn around and wash?!

Commentator: This topic of conversation about washing your ass has really been taken too far! For a short period of time, (we) forgot that he is a bro and almost got more and more into it as (we) talked. It's good that there's some stage props at the scene to pull us back into the drama.

-Cuts to a scene in Bromance where Yanuo drops her lolly tin with the flower clip inside-
Baron, as Zifeng: Be careful!
Megan, as Yanuo gasping and watching the tin drop: I'm done for!

-Cuts to the SPOP staff members looking at a lolly tin-
SPOP staff member: Glucose drops?!
Another SPOP staff member: Do you want to eat it?
SPOP staff member [Blue and yellow caption]: No, perhaps Pi Yanuo's hair clip is inside!
Other SPOP staff member: Open it up to see if it is or isn't Pi Yanuo's hair clip!
They open it up, but it's not a container for a hair clip like in the drama.
SPOP staff member: What a pity. This isn't Pi Yanuo's
[Red and what caption with little Pi Yanuo face: Where is my hairclip?]
Other SPOP staff member: Pi Yanuo's dropped down into the mountain valley!
SPOP staff member: Hey, what if we throw this for a bit...Throw it to the first floor. See if Zifeng will go collect it.
The SPOP staff members are laughing.
SPOP staff member: Hey, if Zifeng saw this, would he go get it?
[Red captions coming from cartoon Baron's face with doggy animation: Woof, woof!]

Commentator: OMG. Too into the drama, lah! Behind the Scenes staff members are unexpectedly also passionate and devoted Bromance fans. Seeing drama related stage props, can't help but crazily make associations. (We) Can only say that the drama has left too much of a deep impression.

-Cuts to a scene in Bromance (one of my least favourites) where Zifeng leaps over the rooftop of one building to another to save Yanuo from getting more ill-
Megan, as Yanuo screaming and crying: Nooooooooo, dooooonnn'ttttt!!!!
Baron, as Zifeng, jumps over, rolls and smashes his arm into a pane of glass.

-Cuts to Megan sitting on a rooftop in the spotty suit, next to a view of old Taiwanese apartments-
Female SPOP staff member: Wait a moment and Baron Chen will jump over from there to here.
---This is a joke made from one of the episodes - a really stupid one- where he jumps over a building to rescue her---
Megan bursts out laughing. 
A little cartoon of Baron Chen leaps over from one of the buildings.
Another Female SPOP staff member, laughing: This would really cause death! This would cause death.

-Cuts to Megan standing over the balcony looking across to the other buildings-

[White thinking bubble on Megan's head with white and red caption: This place...]
Megan calls out jokingly over the balcony: Baron!

She pretends to look out at the building across, making a joke about the same scene.
SPOP staff members laugh.
Female SPOP staff member: Right, shouldn't he be in the tall building across?
Megan, pointing to the building across: I'd like to say, would he be over there extending his head, searching?
Female SPOP staff member: That's you see him?
They've stuck a photo of Baron in the building across as a joke on the video.

-Cuts to Megan back on the stool in her spotty outfit-
Megan jokingly: Ok, I'm ready to accept the rain
---The rooftop rescue scene happened in the rain---
Megan, still joking: You can turn on the water machine now.

Female SPOP staff member: The sprinklers!
Female SPOP staff member: The first one (photo shoot) under the sprinklers is coming!
Megan: Are you kidding or for real?!
Megan looks down at the buildings...---haha as if deciding whether or not to jump---
[Red caption]: Scared!

Commentator: Bromance's Du-Pi pairing has too many classical scenes. To not enter into a drama scene is too hard.

Commentator: When taking photos, both of them, Megan Lai and Baron Chen, have a type of peaceful mutual understanding.

Commentator: Granted that there are sweet couple interactions that need to be shown, there is a tempo that belongs to just the two of them.

Commentator: They don't need too many directions.

Commentator: And very rarely make mistakes. Except for when they have to follow this command...

-Cuts to Megan sitting on the bed where the photos are going to be taken. Baron is standing close by getting his make up done-
Megan to SPOP staff members: To cause havoc take off? ---Do you mean 'take off clothing'?! :o---
Female SPOP staff member [Green and red caption]: Bros must cause havoc!
Megan: Bros must wreck havoc...
Megan is clarifying something again [Pink and blue captions]: Bros being cute is what you want, right?

-Cuts to Megan and Baron sitting on the bed with Megan's arm around Baron's shoulders, and Baron grabbing hold of her hand-

They're both posing for photos and making faces as, supposedly, boys would do.

SPOP staff members: That's good!

SPOP staff members: That's the way we want it!

One Female SPOP staff member: Pull at his clothes! Beat him!
Megan is making 'boy' faces, but Baron  starts kissing and sucking on Megan's finger
[Kissy lips caption over Baron's lips]
Female SPOP staff member: Hey! Ok, la!
Female SPOP staff member: My Godddd, Baaaron!!! What is this?!

Megan is grinning and laughing.

Female SPOP staff member: My Godddd!
---If you want pictures of the uncensored finger-sucking/kissing scene...I screen-capped it from another fan-recorded video, the last video on the top of this post. But it really is, er, very sensual. Are you very sure you guys aren't together, Baron and Megan?!---

-Cuts to Megan changing positions for the shoot. She's crawled to face Baron who is giving her some instructions-
Baron, motions for Megan to come onto him: First, let's do the straddling pose (sitting-on-and-facing-each-other pose)

Megan, exclaims, surprised [Red captions: !!!]: The straddling pose?!
-Cuts to Megan getting into a straddling position on Baron-

Baron: Should I sit cross-legged?
Megan straddles Baron and slides down so that she's actually sitting on him. He doesn't cross his legs but has them out and under her. She's put her arms around his neck while he's put his arms around her back to hold her. They look entangled together. It's a sexy bed pose and all the SPOP staff members are excitedly screaming like fan girls, Megan is screaming along with them over how sexy this pose is and Baron is just grinning in a collected manner. There's a lot of fan girl screaming from the SPOP ladies and Megan as she looks into Baron's face, her arms around his neck.

Female SPOP staff member: My God!
Another Female SPOP staff member: My God!

Female SPOP staff member: We even have shrill fan girl screams

-Cuts to Megan and Baron still in that position-

Megan [Red and green caption]: Is this even a guy-guy thing?!

Megan: It should be a girl-boy thing, right?
Baron doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he looks into her face, amused as he puts his arms around her and she's contemplating what gender this pose should show.
Female SPOP staff member eagerly: It's boy-boy!
Megan looks into his face and curls her hands around his head.

[Black, white and red caption: Deep love]

Female SPOP staff member, amongst the excited laughing and screaming: Is this bromance between two boys?!

-Cuts to a front on shot with Megan and Baron looking deeply into each other's eyes, laughing, her hands buried in his hair and his arms around her, still in the same pose-

Another Female SPOP staff member Is this bromance between two boys?!

---I like that everyone is questioning the validity of this happening between two bros, but no one is going to stop it. Because everyone wants to see these two entwined together....---

---And they seem happy enough to stay that way...---

Another Female SPOP staff member: It's like two boys who are having a bit of an ambiguous, secretive, illicit affair.

Female SPOP staff member: It's (like a love) sprouted from the heart of a teenage girl
Female SPOP staff member: Beautiful aesthetics.
Another Female SPOP staff member, agreeing: Beautiful aesthetics. My God!

-Cuts to a close up with Megan and Baron still arms around each other looking into each other's eyes-

Female SPOP staff member: Good! Ok!

Either Megan is slipping, or he just feels like boosting her up a little...

But Baron lifts her up just a little by the waist, making all the SPOP ladies squeal again.
Female SPOP staff member [Black and yellow caption]: This waist strength is not bad!

-Cuts to Megan and Baron, same position, faces next to each other looking at the camera-

Baron is holding Megan's hand.

Female SPOP staff member: Ok!
They've snapped the last photo

Megan to someone in the background: Socks...
Female SPOP staff member: This position...

Megan has been grinning since the photo shoot ended and can't stop.

SPOP staff member: You can relax now...

Another Female SPOP staff member: You can split apart from each other now
Baron: Ok
---Is it just me, or does he seem a little reluctant to split apart....---

Megan looks highly amused as she looks into the camera.

Megan cheekily says to the camera...
Megan [Red caption]: Will be pregnant now!
---Hahahaha, I bet she was thinking it the whole time!It's not just the sitting position she's referring to, although that's definitely part of it. It's also the whole staring-into-each-other's eyes. Baron's gaze has been called the gaze that can impregnate people----

Commentator: Too shy! This little reporter who heard these words now doesn't have the means to continue reporting on. Must wait for myself to cool down a bit first!

Commentator: SPOP is on the verge of striding towards it's fourth year, and in the future, as before, we will continue to constantly give readers the content that they love the most.

Commentator: A big thanks to the friends who have supported SPOP all along. Of course, to finish amusing the behind the scenes group, we will also continue to service you.

Commentator: The part with the fingers you'll have to wait a little bit for and heart-beating, reporting from Show Biz!

End of translations. Was that not the hottest SPOP shoot you've seen so far?! I can't deny that I watch these two with a stupid smile on my face because they're just so comfortable with each other....just so hands on. Really toeing the line with all these sensual actions...


  1. Thank you for the Sanlih Award translations. I go around searching for bts videos but I can't understand a thing! so thank you. And I love this drama, their chemistry is just off the charts! looking forward for the photoshoot translation :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Be sure to check back I'll have this one done hopefully soon!

  2. JenL thank you for the translation and lending me it. Thanks to you I'm able to understand what they were saying. This means a lot to me, thank you again.
    @aymisskorea from soompi

    1. Thanks for your nice comment ^^ And thanks for putting them up as subs and for crediting my blog.

  3. Thank you so much for your translations!!! It is so kind of you to do this for the fans who can't understand. I really appreciate that you take time to do all this. THANK YOU!!! /Scroll from Soompis Bromance thread.

    1. I'm not sure it's kindness or just more of an unhealthy obsessive compulsive behaviour to watch and capture every cute Bromance/ Megan and Baron moment...but I'll happily take the compliment :D You're welcome.