Wednesday, 16 December 2015

2015 Sanlih Drama Awards 華劇大賞 Behind the Scenes Translations

Okay, I must admit I have a huge crush on Megan Lai at the moment. Huge. And I'm not the only one either. If you look at all the girls at the Sanlih drama awards, you can see that everyone wants a piece of Megan... Anyway, this crush has motivated me to do the old line-by-line translation for this video.  But I'm only going to be focusing on the parts featuring my favorites: Jasper, Megan and Baron.

I can't wait to see all of the Megan - Baron photos by the way. I suspect they might feature in the January SPOP magazine.

Jasper Parts

1. Jasper being asked to pin up someone against the wall [6:10-7:44]
Will come back to this!

Megan and Baron Parts

1. Megan and Baron are rehearsing their lines in a small green room [4:16 -4:35]
Megan is talking to Baron and showing him something on her phone.
Baron, sees the camera person and points: Hey, hey, hey!

Female Camera person: Close the door, quickly!
Megan: Don't close the door!

Megan, pleads jokingly: If you close the door, some incidents will occur...please don't let it be this way!

--- Haha, she's jokingly suggesting Baron will corner her and do bad things---

Megan laughs and plays with her collar
---Haha, just what incidents are you thinking of?!---

-Cuts to later on in the same conversation-
Megan: Wait a moment and you can just watch the live broadcast.
Megan: Please look forward to it!
She waves at the camera person to go away.
Female Camera person: Ok, ok, you guys go rehearse, go rehearse...
Megan is still standing in the door frame reading her lines from her phone when Baron sticks a hand out and pulls her head in, making it look like he's pulling her into the room to make out.

Megan screams, jokingly.

2. Baron Chen is being interviewed by the camera person [5:40-6:04]
Female Camera person: Everyone says you have electrifying eyes.
Female Camera person: Once you give that electric gaze, how long does it take you to recharge?

Baron, laughs: Recharge? I don't know...Probably the same as everyone else. That is, 7 hours of sufficient sleep
-Cuts to later on in the same conversation-
Female Camera person: The fans really want to know...

Female Camera person: The first two numbers of your mobile phone number!
Baron looks weirded out probably because all mobile phone numbers start out with the same generic numbers in Taiwan.

Baron, laughs: 09
Female Camera person: You're really great to just give it out when you say you'll give it out (the mobile number)

Female Camera person: One more number? One more number?
Baron: 7
Female Camera person: 097
Female Camera person: Can you give us one last one?
Baron: Must be...3?
---Hahaha, I don't think it was the fans that wanted to know...I think it was the female camera person---

3. Megan Lai getting all the Ladies [7:58-8:57]
Female Camera person, swooning: Pi Yanuo! Pi Yanuo!

Megan comes out, smirking, a hand tugging on her collar and leaning forward in a way so that you can almost look into her open-collared shirt.

Female Camera person: Woooowwwww!
Megan starts laughing.

-Cuts to Megan talking to the camera-
Female Camera person: Fans are curious as to whether you're using a female or male style?

Megan: A male-female style!
Female Camera person: Right, today, you mixed it up so well.
Megan: (Pointing to her hair) Boy, (face) Girl, (shoulders) Boy, (chest) Girl
Esther Liu who is walking past, leans in really close to Megan to tell her this...
Esther: You're really so hot (today) to the point that I would want to date you.

Megan squeals and leans again the wall.
Camera person: The mother wants in on it too...
Camera pans to Beatrice Fang who has come in.
Megan and Beatrice: Oh my God. Oh my God.
Beatrice: Can I?!
Megan: Doesn't your daughter already have the last name 'Lai' already?
----Hahaha, Megan's implying that they don't have to change surnames if they get together!---
Beatrice: Yep! She's named Lai Mia 
---Or in English Mia Lai---

-Cuts to Megan modelling, leaning against a red box, looking handsome---

Female Camera person: So hot! So hot!
Female Camera person: Really can't resist or hold in, have to squeal and call out!
Female Camera person: Wooowww
Megan turns this way and that, each time looking really suave and cool.

Another Female Camera person: My God. I really...(can't even)

-Cuts to Megan with her arms around Lulu-
Female Camera person: Lulu
Female Camera person: You have to choose a second person. Jasper Liu and...
Lulu, turns to Megan grinning: Megan Lai
Lulu: Hey! Right now, we're being bros, buddy-buddy (Or body-to-body) ---Not sure which she means---
Lulu: I can also do 'a frog crashing into milk' ---I think, from her action, she means to do a chest bump-
Female Camera person: What is this?!
Megan, intrigued: A frog...huh, what do you mean?
Lulu, laughing: 'A frog crashing into milk'

Commentator: Megan Lai's ingenious, deep V-neck, Western suit mix is sexy and handsome.

Commentator: This popular drama's big reward is it's female star magnet. This is the precious treasure that everyone is fighting to have. 

4. Megan jokes with Joanne Tseng and Esther Liu about her type [9:20-9:34]
Male Camera person to Megan Lai: Which one (of these girls) is Pi Yanuo's type?
Megan: Out of these two?
Male Camera person: Out of these two
Joanna, grinning: But wait, her type is what's-his-name? Baron Chen!
Megan, Esther and Joanna laugh.

5. Megan pins Baron against the wall and Baron jokes about helping to rip apart Megan's shirt [10:04-11:10]
Female Camera person [yellow and red caption]: Megan, can you pin Baron against the wall?
Megan to Baron: Is that ok?
Baron: It's fine
Female Camera person: Yes!

-Cuts to Megan with her arms on Baron's chest walking him backwards so that he's standing back against the wall-
Megan: One-punch Man ---Thanks to Kiraning on Soompi who mentioned that Megan said this in referrence to a comic book that Baron currently likes---

Camera person says something about posing.
Megan, laughs: You're right. But today, I'm not too suited for opening my arms wide
She leans in close to Baron, one arm over him, kind of tilted towards the camera, but not touching him.

Baron grabs her hand and pulls it towards his chest, placing it there.

Baron: I feel that the feeling just then (when he was being walked into the wall) wasn't too bad.
Baron: That is, the body is about to be pressed against (by your body). 
She places both her hands on his chest.
Baron: Right.

Then she puts one back on the wall.
Baron: One hand can be against the wall...right...
Female Camera person: Oh My God, Oh My God
Female Camera person: The fans are about to squeal!
Megan is laughing and checking her collar with the hand that is not on the wall.

Baron's gaze is looking downwards.
Female Camera person to Baron: Hey, your line of sight...your line of sight...
At this point, Megan has turned around to fix her collar.
Female Camera person to Baron: Your line of sight is very good!!!
---As in, from his position, his line of sight allows him to look down Megan's collar!!---
Baron grins: It's her back view (at the moment)...I don't even get to see anything!

Megan, in a flirty voice, laughing: You can see!!!

She's back to pinning him against the wall.
Baron looking down at her collar, grinning: I can't see...

Megan is laughing and hits him playfully on the chest.
Baron, reassures her jokingly: I can't see....I can't see...

-Cuts to Megan and Baron hanging around where they just took the photos-
Female Camera person: In the future of the drama, will Pi Yanuo be like this?
Female Camera person: That is, more and more liberated....---In terms of fashion and open collars--
Megan: The buttons are more and more...(loose)
Female Camera person: Right

Megan, points to her belly button: The collar will be open down to the centre...
Baron, interrupts Megan:  She won't (get to do it)
Female Camera Person: Why not?
Baron: Because I'm going to help her to rip it open

Megan turns around and looks at Baron, semi-laughing, semi-speechless-and-in-mock-shock. She feigns stumbling around and looks like she wants to laugh. She also looks like she can't believe what Baron just said.
Baron, grins: She's going to be bitten by a snake.
Baron: Because sometimes we'll have some camping scenes...
Baron: She'll be bitten by a snake on her chest, and I'll have to help her to rip it open
---Hahaha, but you already had the camping scene. Are you trying to give the script-writers some ideas on how you can undress Megan Lai?!---
Megan, laughingly: Excuse me, how does the snake get up there?

Female Camera person: Maybe it's hungry!
Baron: Ah Chao set it loose inside, etc.

Commentator: Bitten to death. Baron Chen's sentence was just too fatal!

-Cuts to the replay of that scene-
Baron, interrupts Megan:  She won't (get to do it)
Female Camera Person: Why not?
Baron: Because I'm going to help her to rip it open

Commentator: Megan Lai just couldn't return his gaze for the longest time!


  1. {{Baron: It's extremely loose, etc.}}
    The Chinese sub was wrong. Baron said: "A-Chao (Liao Guang Chao) put it (snake) in. Something like that."

    1. Hey, hey thanks for the correction! The sound drops out on my laptop sometimes so I'm forced to rely on Chinese subs. Thanks though...It makes a lot more sense now!

  2. thank you for the translation.
    really loves their interaction off screen <3

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting ^^ Glad you enjoyed the translation!

  3. Thank you so much! Their chemistry together is just so good! even off screen!
    I would like to know if you have come across the BTS with eng sub? so much happening there but i can't understand :(

    1. You're welcome! Do you mean the Men's Talk BTS videos (the general end-of-episode BTS)? I think someone translated a few on their blog in the Soompi forums...but I haven't heard of any being subbed for the Men's talk yet...sorry!

  4. I love this couple, their chemistry is awesome!

    1. I know, right? Ah, they're just killing me.