Thursday, 10 December 2015

Instagram Updates: Rainie 楊丞琳 and Will 潘瑋柏 go to Dinner and do a Facebook Live together

I don't know if it's news or gossip, but I'm posting this because it's cute. Rainie and Will caught up for dinner along with some of their other famous friends and agents and it was selfies galore. They also did a Facebook Live, with Rainie and Will trying to work out if anyone was watching them. 

Rainie has many high profile friends which she hangs out with and Will is definitely one that tops the list. They probably see each other every few months at Concerts, Award shows or star-studded catch-ups. Both Rainie and Will always said that it felt weird to be making out when they were filming Miss No Good because they were really close friends in real life. Many actors say that, but don't really make the time to hang out after they finish filming together. So I'm glad it's true that Rainie and Will have a real friendship and even find time to hang out together outside of running into each other at Award shows.

潘瑋柏 Will Pan
Posted by 楊丞琳 Rainie Yang on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

From Rainie's Facebook...

Caption: My first Facebook Live experience was very interesting! If I wasn't hanging out with Will, I really wouldn't touch it! Hope that it wasn't too boring watching us eat ...when will I hold the next Facebook Live session? Well, we'll have to see, depends on my mood!

From Will's Instagram...

Caption: Quarrelsome Lovers

Caption: Good Gathering

From a fan account...


  1. How cute! :)

    (Came here because someone posted at Koala's Playground about Rainie and Will's hanging out)

    1. Thanks Mary! Glad you liked the post and good to know where my readers come from :)