Thursday, 14 January 2016

Facebook Updates: The Bromance 愛上哥們 Cast attend Johnny Gy (Yang Ming Wei) and Beatrice Fang's Wedding

Ah, the SETTV wedding of the year took place yesterday between two very popular supporting cast members who met on the set of Dear Mom, Johnny and Beatrice. The two broke the news they were a couple last year when it was announced that Beatrice was expecting a baby. I'm not too familiar with both the cast members, expect that Johnny has grown on me since I started watching Bromance.

Which leads me to the important part...The Bromance cast was there! Everyone except Bii, that is. Here are some Media pictures and celebrity Facebook pictures. Baron, Katie (who plays Nana) and Amanda (who plays Xiao Jing) posted a few pictures on their Facebook pages.

First Video

Second Video

Professional Pictures

Facebook Pictures

You know, I just realised that they left out Sean Lee (who plays ZheRui Ge) in the group picture! Maybe he's the one doing the happy snap? However, the main concern many fans had was whether or not Amanda Chou was getting too close to Baron Chen. A bit of a joke I think if you consider two things. One, Baron was totally putting his arms around Megan for photos the whole night, not Amanda Chou. Heh. Have a look at Lego Li's photo and the group photo.

Two, Katie Chen's Facebook Live video caught Baron burying his face into Megan Lai's neck whilst they were both drunk and having a conversation. Or a moment. Who knows? It's clear they were laughing and embracing together at one point though. 


The video has since been removed, but celebrity gossip columns haven't let it slip. They've included screenshots of the moment in their articles. Many fans have also captured the whole incident for Instagram. I'm not one for gossip personally, but I feel these cozy pictures of Megan and Baron having a good time together should hopefully comfort the fears of frenzied fans.


  1. I love them, I ship them, I'm blissfully happy with any video where they appear. I love Baron's smile, look, acting, flirting around, jokes etc...etc... but gosh, this Jacquard suit at the wedding ! And those shoes ! Seriously ?

    1. All I can say is Baron, so fine <3 I feel like he wasn't in the mood to humour fans at this wedding via Facebook, but I totally understand after having to face the media. Also, if I was at this wedding, all I'd want to do is have fun and get drunk with Megan Lai.

  2. Agreed. It's their colleague's wedding and they are not the star of the wedding so being low key is necessary. Also i think their agencies wouldn't want any shenanigans either.

    1. Yep, I think they were relieved almost to duck away from the attention and to give the happy couple their well deserved spotlight. As for the shenanigans, they tried...but er, may have failed in avoiding them. Mind you, everyone loves it when they're acting this way together, so it's not exactly anything new.

    2. Let them be!!!they're humans after all..thanks, ms Jen L for the enlightenment :-))

  3. Thank you for the news recap! River and Megan were gorgeous as always <3

    I watched Katie's clip before it was removed from her facebook and I thought it's a normal thing between them since River has been putting his face on/near Megan's neck/shoulder all the time in Bromance's BTSes, so I was like, oh, they did that at the wedding too, lol, sweet! so I kinda wonder why the clip gotta be removed, it only makes things even more ambiguous :P I saw River and Sean drink some wine on Mandy Tao's clip but I don't think that would make anybody drunk, they didn't look drunk to me :D

    btw, love the pic of River/Megan/Lego, Because of You cast reunited! ^_^

  4. Isn't Lego with Megan and Baron reunited from Because of you (fairy tale under starlight)? <3