Saturday, 26 September 2015

50th Golden Bell Awards 金鐘獎 with Rainie Yang 杨丞琳 and Will Pan 潘瑋柏

The Golden Bell Awards have rolled around again and this year some of the big names to hit the red carpet include Rainie Yang and long-time friend Will Pan. I've always loved Rainie and Will (and Dean Fujioka) since watching the drama, Miss No Good. They were so ship-worthy back in the day. Although they're not a couple in real life, they've had such a wonderful long-standing friendship that it makes me very happy to see them together. And they run into each other fairly often too at music awards and industry events. Rainie has included him in her concerts, and Will got Rainie to play his fed-up lover in a music video last year for his song 打呼 (Snoring. Haha, which I still haven't seen yet, but have heard about!)

The talk of this award show was Rainie's sexy plunging V neck dress (which she picked because it was the prettiest of what she had). Everyone joked that her fellow presenting friend, Will Pan was checking out her plunging neckline, which he did do as a joke...Of course, Rainie hit him for that! He also pretended to get out his phone to take a picture of it while Rainie was talking, because he said he had the best angle! There were also questions about where Rainie's rumoured (apparently indirectly confirmed) boyfriend Chinese Mando-pop singer, Li Ronghao was which Rainie avoided answering by asking people not to ask about it (in a friendly way). There was one interviewer (above) who tried to push his luck but Rainie made the interview awkward for him by saying that the should focus on the 50th anniversary of the awards instead of her personal life. Go Rainie!

Anyway, aren't these two lovely? I really loved Rainie's dress. Very classy and beautiful...and with Will Pan by her side, she also had herself some cute grunge arm-candy!


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