Saturday, 26 September 2015

Instagram Updates: 50th Golden Bell selfies with Rainie Yang 楊丞琳, Will Pan 潘瑋柏, Melvin Sia 謝佳見, Jolin Chien 簡宏霖, Bolin Chen 陳柏霖 and more

There were some great A-list celebrity selfies going around for the 50th Golden Bell Awards. The favourite of the night would have to be Bolin Chen's selfie with Rainie Yang, Ariel Lin, Zai Zai and Will Pan....A shot with all the industry heavy-weights!

Another favourite of the night was the boy's shot! Both Bolin Chen and Will Pan posted this same picture on their Instagram accounts.

The guys from 4Ever (and from Pleasantly Surprised) also attended the grand event. 4Ever is signed onto Avex, the same company as Ariel Lin, so they often do projects and hang with Ariel. I've never been an Ariel fan (Why?! No reason. I just never got into her work) but she looked nice for the event. They also took some cute photos with their manager, Polina.

Melvin Sia's Instagram account had some cute group shots. His red carpet photo date was Tiffany Hsu and they both looked stylish the whole night. Good to see Tiffany having fun after her very public break up with Ethan Ruan at the start of the year.

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